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Best AI Girl Generator Tools for Creating Hyper-realistic AI Girls

8 Best Online AI Girl Generator Tools for Creating Hyper-realistic AI Girls【FREE】

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The progress of artificial intelligence has undoubtedly changed the way we create art-especially the portrait of human beings. What would you do if I told you that you could make realistic male or female models without any Photoshop experience? Yes-all you need to do is to use a reliable AI Girl Generator tool to create super realistic images. Let’s explore the 8 best tools that can help you come up with AI – generated female models in seconds.

Best AI Girl Generator Tools

What is an AI Girl Generator?

These are AI-based tools, which can create virtual and real images of girls. Most of these tools have a list of existing fashion models from which you can choose to generate your images. If you like, you can also upload images and let these models generate other images based on the input provided.

These AI generated girls look quite real, and you can further customize their features, looks, backgrounds, props, and other details. In some tools, you can further select an art style – like anime, sketch, photorealistic, and so on. This can let you unleash your creativity and use the AI models for personal or professional applications.

What is an AI Girl Generator

These are some of the best AI-powered tools that are used by experts to create hyper-realistic images.

#1: iFoto Face Swap

iFoto Face Swap is an extremely popular AI app that can swap faces on photos. It uses a highly sophisticated AI algorithm that can detect human faces on media files and swap them with other faces.

All of this can be done in seconds without any design-related hassle. In this way, you can come up with funny photos and memes instantly. Apart from that, you can also use it to expand your photos.


  • iFoto provides realistic, instant output.
  • With its Pro plan, you can do unlimited face swaps.


  • iFoto’s free version will have a watermark on the output media file.

Pricing: $9.99 per month

#2: SoulGen

SoulGen is one of the most popular AI platforms for creating realistic and Anime portraits of females. You can just head to its website, enter your textual prompt, and let it generate realistic images.

With its premium version, you can download your AI photos in high-quality, remove blur from pictures, and even edit them easily. Furthermore, you can even chat with several AI characters hosted on SoulGen on a 1:1 basis.


  • SoulGen supports the processing of multiple tasks at the same time.
  • It hosts an extensive catalog of AI models to pick from with tons of customization available.
  • The HD images generated by SoulGen don’t have any watermarks.


  • Most of its features are reserved for paid users only.
  • Only 100 credits are available for paid users in a month (to generate more than 100 images a month, you need to top-up your account).

Pricing: Free trial only and $9.99 per month (100 credits in a month)


#3: GetimgAI

GetimgAI is based on a Stable Diffusion API that provides a user-friendly, instant solution to come up with fashion models of all kinds. You can either use its text-to-image or image-to-image feature to generate AI female models of your choice.

With the help of the GetimgAI suite, you can generate unique models, expand existing images, and even edit your photos. Presently, it hosts 60+ different AI models that you can pick and customize based on your requirements.


  • GetimgAI offers a resourceful, free plan to create 100 images per month.
  • It offers a wide range of AI-powered image editing features as well.
  • GetimgAI offers both text-to-image and image-to-image processing.


  • Sometimes, its generated models are not that accurate, and you have to edit the images later on.
  • Real-time processing is not supported in the free plan.

Pricing: Free (100 images a month) and $9 per month afterward


#4: WaifuLabs

WaifuLabs is one of the best AI girl generator platforms for anime lovers. You can just head to WaifuLabs, select the anime character of your choice, and further customize it to create the final avatar.

In this way, you can use the ai avatar in games, as social media displays, portraits, and so on. The AI tool can also help you come up with fan fiction artwork and other anime-inspired pieces.


  • WaifuLabs is available for free.
  • WaifuLabs provides a simple and straightforward process, making it quite user-friendly.


  • Limited characters to pick from
  • Only restricted to anime style (not suitable for realistic images)

Pricing: Free


#5: Fotor

Fotor can help you come up with hyper-realistic AI generated girls in seconds. You can input the description of the female model via text or upload an image as a source of inspiration to Fotor.

The web-based AI generator will present 4 different output options for each prompt. You can later use its inbuilt editor to fine-tune the AI output and get customized results.


  • Fotor provides multiple AI models that you can pick from.
  • Its results are quite realistic, and the processing time is fast as well.


  • Limited features for its free version

Pricing: Free (basic features) and premium starts from $3.33 per month


#6: Pisco AI

Pisco is another popular AI woman generator that you can use by simply providing text-based inputs. The AI platform also provides existing models that you can choose to get customized output.

Since you can use Pisco on web, iOS, or Android devices, you can sync your data and work on artwork whenever you like. Also, you can use its AI features to extend or edit your existing photos.


  • Pisco’s results are quite realistic.
  • It also offers a free trial version (with a watermark).


  • Sometimes, it can take a lot of fine-tuning to get the desired output.
  • Multitasking is restricted to premium users.

Pricing: $9.99 per month

Pisco AI

#7: Perchance

If you are looking for a free AI girl generator tool, then you must give Perchance a try. To generate any female AI portrait, just head to its website, and write the description of its choice (try to make it as accurate and simple as possible).

Apart from that, you can also enter negative words to get better results. There is also an option to select an art style from its extensive list, which includes oil painting, anime, realistic, concept art, etc.


  • Perchance is available for free with no restrictions.
  • It supports an extensive range of art styles.


  • Perchance’s outputs are not that accurate or realistic.
  • Limited AI options available

Pricing: Free


#8: Face Generator

As the name suggests, this AI-powered face generator can help you generate different faces in a few clicks. By following simple steps, you can customize the face of the AI model. This includes selecting the model’s gender, ethnicity, age, skin tone, and so much more.

One of the best things about the tool is that its sample set has been collected from its own library. This means you can easily use the AI generated model images however you like – without any licensing issues.


  • The interface is easy to use, and it provides realistic results.
  • There are tons of options to get customized, unique faces.


Pricing: Free trial (of 3 days) and $199 per year

Face Generator

The Benefits of Using an AI Girl Generator Tool

If you are still wondering whether you should use an AI woman generator tool or not, then consider the following benefits of such solutions:

Since these AI tools are super-easy to use, you can come up with unique female model designs without any technical skills.

These tools support near-infinite customization as well. This means you can come up with unique AI models and make as many changes as you like.

AI model generators can also help you create digital art while saving your time and resources.

Similarly, eCommerce store owners can also host an entire catalog of products on realistic models without spending too much money.

The Best AI Women Generator You Can Not Miss

iFoto Women Generator is a powerful AI female image generator, which can create a variety of female images according to your description. Whether you want a vibrant cartoon character or an enigmatic sci-fi character, iFoto Women Generator can provide you with high-quality images.

The functions of the tool include:

Various Styles: from realism to cartoon, from 3D to oil painting, and even Cyberpunk and black and white styles, you can create easily.

User-friendly Interface: the simple and intuitive operation interface enables you to get started quickly even if it is the first time you have used it.

Highly Customizable: You can adjust the details of the role, including hair style, clothes, accessories, etc., to meet your exact needs.

No Need to Register: You don’t need to create an account to start and enjoy creating it.

Completely Free: You can use all the functions for free, and the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are an artist, game designer or novel writer, iFoto Women Generator can be your right-hand man in the creative process. It can not only help you bring the imaginary characters into your life, but also stimulate your creativity and makes your works more colorful. Try it, you’ll love it!

Generate Realistic Fashion Models with the iFoto Studio

As you can see, with the help of AI, you can easily come up with realistic female model shots. Therefore, if you own an eCommerce store, then why not leverage it to generate AI models to showcase your products? You can easily do that with the help of iFoto AI Fashion Models.

Using iFoto, you can generate realistic shots of female and male models on any product of your choice.

You can just upload your product or mannequin images and iFoto can instantly place these products on multiple models.

iFoto also lets us select the model of our choice based on their gender, age, ethnicity, size, and so on.

The iFoto Studio offers other solutions as well like changing the background of your models, switching the color of your products, etc.

Using iFoto is extremely simple, you can get started for free, and use your images without any licensing issues.

Photography Black Models

How to Create your own AI Fashion Models or AI Girls with iFoto?

Creating your own AI Fashion Models and AI girl pictures with iFoto is a straightforward process that can bring a professional touch to your e-commerce platform. Here’s a general guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Go to iFoto and Upload Your Product Image

First, you can go to iFoto’s official website and enter the user interface, and find the “AI Fashion Model” button on the left. Then you simply upload a picture of the person’s portrait (keep it as clear as possible). Or you can drag and drop photos directly into iFoto’s interface.

upload your product image

Step 2: Generate AI Fashion Models or AI Girls Images

iFoto can quickly and automatically detect picture content and provide a wealth of related pictures of models or girls. On the left panel you can view a large number of images of AI models (male and female). You can select models based on age, race, body shape, etc., and let iFoto combine it with your own pictures to create the look they want.

There is an option to switch between multiple models here and you can even get their preview on the right.

Generate AI models

If you are satisfied with the results, then you can simply save the AI generated image. However, you can go to the “Models Background” section from the left to further customize your picture. Here you can select any appropriate background for the model image and apply it. You can select backgrounds of solid colors or global backgrounds like summer, winter, mountains, streets, etc.

AI Background for Models

Step 3: Download the AI-generated photo

Lastly, you can click on the “Download” button from the top-right corner of iFoto’s interface. This will let you save the AI-generated model image on your system in a JPEG format.


  1. How to create ai generated girls with iFoto AI Girl Generator?

Access iFoto: Navigate to the iFoto platform.

Select the Fashion Model Feature: Choose the AI fashion model feature within the tool.

Upload Your Product Images: Provide images of your products that you wish to showcase with the AI models.

Customize the Models: Use iFoto’s customization options to adjust the appearance of the AI models to match the style and context of your products.

Implement Model Dressing Changes: With iFoto, you can easily implement dressing changes on the models to fit various clothing items.

AI Background Feature: Utilize the AI Background feature to create stunning visuals for your products with appropriate backdrops.

  1. What Is the Best AI Girl Generator App?

The best AI girl generator app can vary based on your specific needs and preferences, but one highly recommended option is iFoto APP. It’s available on both iOS and Android and offers a variety of ways to create your AI girl image, including typing or drawing a prompt, choosing a cartoon or anime style, or generating an avatar for your profiles. It’s praised for its ease of use, diverse style options, and realistic results.

  1. Can the iFoto AI Girl Generator create realistic-looking characters?

Yes, iFoto AI Girl Generators are capable of creating highly realistic-looking characters. These tools use advanced algorithms to generate very realistic images, providing a series of styles that are stylized from real photos. They can make detailed portraits, full-body images and even specific styles such as anime, Disney, fantasy or fashion figures.

The degree of fidelity can usually be adjusted according to your preferences, and many generators allow you to customize functions such as hair style, skin color and clothing.

  1. Are there any limitations to the iFoto AI Girl Generator in terms of character creation?

While iFoto AI Girl Generator is a versatile tool that can be used to create a variety of female characters, like all AI generators, it may have certain limitations. These can include:

Variety of styles: While it offers a range of styles, it may be limited in how accurately it can replicate specific artistic styles or intricate details.

Originality: While AI can generate unique characters, it may be limited in its ability to create characters that are truly unique or possess certain trademark characteristics.

Resolution and Detail: The resolution of the resulting images may vary, and finer details may not always be as clear as desired.

It’s worth noting that these limitations are general to AI generators and are not necessarily specific to iFoto.

  1. Can the iFoto AI Girl Generator be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, iFoto AI Girl Generator can be used for commercial purposes. It is designed to help e-commerce sellers easily design product renderings and implement model changeovers for their online stores. This makes it a valuable tool for creating marketing materials, product presentations, and more.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, with the help of the right AI girl generator, you can easily come up with customized female model images. You can further select an art style (like anime or realistic) and even customize how you want the AI generated girls to look. Apart from that, you can also use a resourceful tool like iFoto to come up with stunning fashion models for showcasing your products in a visually stunning way.

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