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Use AI to quickly clean up pictures online. Effortlessly remove unwanted objects, text, or people from photos with iFoto's photo eraser. Perfect for enhancing E-commerce visuals in seconds.

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How to remove an object from a photo free online?

Step 1

Upload Your Image



Open the iFoto Pictures Cleanup tool and upload the image from which you want to remove unwanted objects.
Acceptable image formats include PNG or JPG, and our magic eraser tool seamlessly accommodates images of varying dimensions.
Step 2

Remove Object



Use the "Remove" button to seamlessly brush over any unwanted object, characters, or text.
The magic eraser feature uses AI to automatically recognize and remove unwanted objects from your photo.
Step 3

Download Instantly



Save the enhanced image as a PNG file, and your task is completed!
For more convenient photo editing capabilities, consider creating an iFoto account to store your work.

Clean up Pictures for Business Use

iFoto's magic eraser tool effortlessly enhances your eCommerce or Instagram journey. Effortlessly eliminate distractions, ensuring pro-grade cleaning images for products or travel. Trust iFoto for a seamless image makeover.
Cleanup Pictures Now
Clean up pictures

Instant Object Removal for Stunning Images with AI

Say farewell to unwanted details with iFoto's AI-powered online photo eraser, equipped with advanced magic eraser technology. Enhance any image instantly by brushing over areas you want to clean up. Let AI handle the rest, whether it's unwanted objects, people, background distractions, or text. Effortless picture cleaning, even without editing skills.
Cleanup Pictures Now
Object Removal

Photobombs Begone with Magic Eraser

Elevate your image editing with photo eraser, designed for seamless distraction removal. The Magic Eraser feature in our tool intelligently identifies distractions in your photos, such as people in the background, power lines, and poles, offering insightful suggestions for removal. Transform your visuals effortlessly, whether it's for social media, product launches, or any eCommerce promotion. Enjoy a simple, hassle-free process for creating clean, professional images with iFoto.
Cleanup Pictures Now
Magic Eraser

Swift and Accurate Pictures Cleanup

Whether refining real estate visuals or professional portraits, let AI intelligently identify and remove objects from photos with a high level of precision. Simplify your workflow with our cleanup pictures tool, effortlessly removing people, details, text, and distractions. Brush over unwanted objects, and watch as AI recreates a flawless background, delivering precision that exceeds expectations in no time.
Cleanup Pictures Now
Pictures Cleanup

Perfect Your Photos with Precision

After utilizing iFoto's Cleanup Pictures to remove unwanted objects, elevate your images to perfection with our comprehensive suite of AI photo editing tools. Effortlessly remove unwanted objects from images, achieving a refined appearance. Alternatively, convey your message effectively by adding text with a font that complements your visual theme.
For a touch of creativity, explore special effects, ensuring your photos stand out in the online landscape. With iFoto, you have the power to effortlessly edit pictures online to meet your unique vision.
Cleanup Pictures Now
remove unwanted objects

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