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Watermarks can be removed easily without professional Photoshop skills. Instantly remove watermarks from images using our free online watermark remover. Clean up easily with just a click!

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How to remove watermark from photo?

Step 1

Upload Your Image



Start by accessing iFoto Watermark Remover and uploading the image from which you wish to remove the watermark.
iFoto supports various formats such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP, and more, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of image types.
Step 2

AI Processing



The advanced AI technology of iFoto watermark remover will start to process your image. It carefully analyzes the watermark and removes it while preserving the overall image quality.
The AI ensures that the removal process is seamless and effective.
Step 3

Download Your Image



Once the AI has finished processing your image, you can download the watermark-free version.
Simply click on the "Download" option, and your image will be ready to use without any unwanted watermarks.

Effortless AI Watermark Removal

Say goodbye to the era of manually editing watermarks from images with complex software. Now you can remove watermarks in seconds! Simply upload your image, select the unwanted watermark, and the free online watermark remover will automatically detect and remove the watermark area. Soon, you'll have a clean photo, which can be shared and printed at any time without any watermark.
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Ai Watermark Remover

Remove Watermarks without Losing Quality

iFoto Watermark Remover provides watermark solutions for images using powerful AI algorithms.It effortlessly removes watermarks while filling in the background where the watermark is located. Unlike traditional mosaic blurring of watermarks, iFoto Watermark Remover precisely repairs the image area where the watermark was removed to ensure the original quality of the image.
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Picture Quality

Effortless Remove Multiple Watermarks with AI

Remove all watermarks from your photos effortlessly with iFoto Watermark Remover's intelligent mode. Simply select the unwanted parts of the image and submit your selection. The eraser will automatically detect and delete the watermarks. Additionally, you can preview the results in real-time and continue removing other elements based on the updated photo.
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Remove Multiple Matermarks

Removes unwanted text, logos, people, objects and more

The use of AI makes iFoto an incredible tool for removing unwanted objects from images. It removes unwanted text, watermarks, images, or other overlays. iFoto enables you to erase multiple items in an image in one go. Simply brush over the areas with unwanted overlays. Cleanup pictures online has never been simpler!
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Erasing Function

Experience More with iFoto Watermark Removal

Explore a series of functions besides watermarking, including enhancing image quality, removing backgrounds, adding instant backgrounds and so on. Unleash your creativity and elevate your images to new heights effortlessly with the robust capabilities of the iFoto AI Photo Editor tool.
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