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More Than Just a Transparent Background Maker

Experience the next level of creative freedom with iFoto Transparent Background Maker. Instantly make background transparent and transform your images into works of art, captivating banners, compelling visual presentations, detailed product catalogs, and eye-catching graphics.





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How to Make an Image Transparent?

Step 1




Just upload the image or logo file with transparent background that you want to convert.
An image with well-defined edges is recommended.
Step 2

Remove Background



The transparent image maker removes background from your image, and automatically adds a transparent background.
Step 3




Download a transparent image in PNG format without a background.
Save, share, or continue editing within iFoto to change backgrounds or further enhance image quality.

Free Online Transparent Background Maker

Effortlessly integrate your image into any project using iFoto's Transparent Background Maker. Fueled by advanced AI technology, the background remover can ensure accuracy even in complex details such as hair or fur. Simply upload your image file, remove the background and make the image transparent with a single click, and instantly download it as a transparent PNG.
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Unlock Flexibility with Transparent Images

Elevate your designs by making your image background transparent with iFoto's Transparent PNG Maker. Whether you are curating a product picture, making a logo, designing a presentation, or developing a website, you can use transparent image backgrounds to create outstanding designs. Unlock unlimited creative possibilities, eliminate interference, emphasize key elements, and seamlessly layer images.
Make Background Transparent
Transparent Images

Elevate Your Product Photography

Removing background clutter in product photos can ensure that consumers pay more attention to products displayed on a clear and transparent background. Enhance the visual appeal, and draw your attention directly to your products, so as to obtain a more impactful display.
Make Background Transparent
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Take Your Transparent Photos to the Next Level

Unleash your unlimited creativity with the powerful photo editing function on iFoto. In addition to making your image transparent, you can also unlock a field full of creative possibilities in the AI photo studio. Edit further to craft stunning visuals-whether with solid backgrounds or custom AI backgrounds, our built-in background changer has you covered.
Make Background Transparent
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On the web or on the go, create wherever inspiration strikes. It’s flexibility and design power, always at your fingertips.

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