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AI Background Generator

iFoto AI Backgrounds tool swiftly crafts lifelike and studio-quality product image backgrounds. The tool excels in creating realistic backgrounds for your products in just a few seconds.

AI Background Generator
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How to Generate Various Styles of Backgrounds with AI?

Step 1

Upload Your Image



Access the iFoto Background Creation Tool and upload the image you want to replace the background.
Supported formats include PNG or JPG, and our background generator can handle images of different sizes effortlessly.
Step 2

Generate background



Choose one of the styles from our vast library of thousands of photo templates to auto-fill the new background, or customize a background as you wish for free.
Includes various styles of backgrounds, such as wallpapers, characters, products, photography, and more.
Step 3

Download Instantly



Click the "Download" button to save your image with a beautiful background with ease.
The picture will be saved in PNG format default.

Create High-Quality AI Art Backgrounds in Any Style You Can Think of

Boost your E-Commerce visuals with AI-generated backgrounds. Whether it's a space theme or a simple backdrop for your product, AI can make it happen in seconds. The options are endless, and we can keep going to find the perfect fit for you!
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AI generates multiple styles or festive backgrounds

Unique Brand Images: Transform Your Product Line with AI Backgrounds

Achieve a consistent and appealing style effortlessly across your entire product line. Our intelligent prompts and potent AI engine ensure product shots that are precisely tailored to meet your needs without sacrificing individuality. Enhance your campaign visuals with AI backgrounds changer. No matter how ambitious your vision is, AI can create it in seconds. Whether it's an interstellar setting or a minimalist backdrop with a perfectly sized pedestal for your product, the possibilities are truly endless.
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Consistent commercial photo background

Personalize Your Display with A Unique AI-generated Wallpaper

Upgrade your digital space with our special AI-made wallpapers. Our product range adds personality to your mobile phone, making it unique. Discover various styles and themes to suit different tastes. You can easily add your favorite quote, and our AI customization turns your screen into a canvas for self-expression, reflecting your personality. This is a simple way to personalize your device and show your unique style!
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Mobile phone wallpaper background generation

Generated Instant Background for Exceptional Product Photography

We created an AI background and focused on enhancing product photography. This ensures that the generated backgrounds match the angle, light, and even shadows of the original product photo seamlessly. Whether you own jewelry, sofas, tables, chairs, decorations, or any product on an e-commerce platform, we can generate high-definition and matching background images for you.
Change Background Online
Generate product multi-scene background

Create A Background for Your Profile Photos

Stand out online by changing your profile picture's background. Create captivating backdrops with AI for a stunning portrait setting. Combining it with features such as AI photo enhancement, color changing, or background removal, it can quickly and efficiently generate unique background images for your photos.
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Profile photo background changed

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On the web or on the go, create wherever inspiration strikes. It’s flexibility and design power, always at your fingertips.

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