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AI Clothes Changer

Upload your photo and swap clothes to change outfits in seconds with our AI clothes changer. Our advanced AI technology allows you to effortlessly experiment with different looks by changing the color of your clothing items.

Change Clothes AI
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Transform Your Look Instantly with AI Clothes Changer

Say goodbye to the hassle of trying on multiple outfits – with our AI clothes changer. You can visualize your new look in seconds.

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Change Clothes AI

How to change clothes in photo using AI

Step 1

Upload Your Photo



Upload the photo containing the person whose clothes you want to change. Ensure that the clothing items are visible and not obscured.
Step 2

Select Clothing Item



iFoto uses advanced algorithms to recognize and modify clothing items in images. You can also select the clothing item you want to change.
Step 3

Apply the Changes



Once you've selected the new color, apply the changes to see the modified image. You can save the modified AI outfits to your device.

AI Change Your Outfits Instantly

When it comes to style, the color of your clothes can make a big impact. With our AI cloth changer, transforming your outfit is a breeze. Simply upload a selfie, select the area of your clothes, choose the new color you want, and watch as your outfit changes before your eyes. Our cloth change AI tool makes it easy to swap colors in photos in just a few clicks.
Change Clothes AI
Color Changer

Enhance Your Photos with AI Clothes Editing

Edit clothes in photos by altering the colors of your clothes. Easily change the colors of your clothes in photos, giving your outfits a fresh new look. Whether you're updating the hue of a shirt or experimenting with vibrant shades, from trendy shirts and chic dresses to experimenting with fun colors, our AI clothes changer adds a new level of style to your images. Discover endless possibilities for your perfect wardrobe with just a tap.
Change Clothes AI
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