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Best AI Email Writer

Find the Best AI Email Writer for Generating Emails

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Do you have a hard time composing emails? Though they are usually brief texts, writing an email can be one of the most nerve-wracking things. Whether you’re a writer, student, or marketer, there is a high chance you have run into the blank screen syndrome while trying to send or reply to an email.

What if there’s a way to automate email writing? 37% of businesses and organizations use AI to streamline processes and you should too. With an AI email writer, you can generate professional emails in a heartbeat and save creativity for other productive tasks.

What Is an AI Email Writer?

An AI Email Writer is a text generator that uses Artificial Intelligence to create ready-to-send emails. These tools are more than ready-made templates for mechanically responding to repetitive emails.

AI email generators have advanced natural language processing capabilities that allow them to understand the contexts of a message and send personalized emails to the recipient. In other words, think of your AI email writer as a virtual assistant dedicated to composing your emails.

How Do AI Email Writers Work?

AI email writers take your instructions and turn them into professional emails. Under the hood, LLM-powered email generators learn to understand human language by analyzing the relationship between a large set of emails.

Some email generators ask the user to provide additional input — like the tone and length of the email — so they have more control over the content of the email. That way, you can use the tool to create friendly, formal, or hateful emails.

The Best AI Email Writer in 2023

Several AI email writers have flooded the market. And so, finding an option that fits perfectly into your workflow can be time-consuming. Here is a review of the best AI email writers to help you make your decision easier.


YAMM is an intuitive AI email generator that allows you to compose anything from subject lines to email content. It also has tools like sentiment analyzers, Grammar fixers, and tone rewriters for editing drafts.

Additionally, YAMM lets you connect your Google Sheets and Gmail to the platform, enabling you to conveniently schedule outgoing mails and monitor clicks, responses, and unsubscribers.



  • Budget-friendly
  • Automates both the generation and delivery of personalized emails


  • Depends on third-party software such as Gmail and Google Sheets
  • There is a daily limit on the number of emails sent


Although YAMM is a paid service, you can always try the free plan before you decide to commit. All users are entitled to 50 free automated emails per day. If you enjoy using the product, you can upgrade to the personal plan for $25 monthly. Look here for more details about their pricing.

Copy AI

Copy AI is a generative AI platform that delivers top-notch email copies in a matter of seconds. Besides email writing, it is common to see people using this AI email generator to create long-form blog content. Copy AI’s pro version gives you multiple language options.



  • Multilingual: Several language options
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with pre-trained templates
  • Create human-sounding texts


  • May give inaccurate results and unnecessary facts


Like YAMM, Copy AI has a free plan. However, free users can’t access some advanced features and have a 2000-word limit. With $49/month, you can unlock full access. Yearly subscribers get a discount of $36. See the full subscription pricing here.


Rytr is a text generator you can leverage to write catch subject lines, personalized cold emails, follow-ups, and more. Its user-friendly interface makes it a good AI email writing option for non-tech-savvy users. People with zero writing experience can also benefit from its easy-to-use platform.

Rytr simplifies the process of editing, customizing, and generating compelling emails quickly. Furthermore, you can set the tone of your email so it properly conveys the intended meaning of your message.



  • Unique writing
  • Multilingual
  • Cheaper subscription plans


  • Generated content isn’t human-like


Rytr lets users have the first 10,000 words every month for free. After exhausting it, they must buy a plan to continue using the service. Users have access to unlimited words for as low as $9. Go here for more information on their subscription plans.

NanoNets AI Email Autoresponder

If you’re looking for an online AI email that’s hassle-free, you should give NanoNets a shot. Nanonets is a free AI email writer designed to automatically craft compelling email replies within minutes, With this tool, you can also set up automated email responses for customer support.

To add, NanoNets analyzes your inbox so it understands your writing style. That way, it learns how to create more personal responses. So you don’t have to worry about your messages sounding too robotic. As a generative tool powered by Artificial Intelligence, Nanonets uses feedback to improve its responses. Which means it will generate higher-quality email copies over time.



  • Free to use
  • Secure
  • Offers a suite of powerful features for no charge


  • It might need a learning cure: Doesn’t give the desired results right off the bat
  • Users can’t tweak the tone of email copies


  • Its features are available to all users at no cost.


For users with a busy schedule, WriteMail is a fast and easy way to ally generate email copies for free. With this online AI email writer, you don’t have to waste time creating an account. Jump straight to the action by submitting the recipient’s name, your name, and the purpose of the mail. Let the platform worry about generating the content.

Writemail sure accelerates your email writing process. WriteMail allows you to initiate the dialog with a new email and also keep the conversation going with automated email responses. And the best part is that you get full control of your email’s content. You can play with parameters like the length, tone, and type of email you wish to send.



  • Available in multiple languages
  • Virtual mail assistant for proofreading messages


  • Unlike most AI email writers, it doesn’t provide templates.
  • Prone to errors


  • It is free.

Google Workspace AI Email Writer

Powered by ChatGPT, this email writing app helps you save time by turning prompts into email drafts in seconds. ChatGPT uses your previous emails as training data to teach the online email writer how to generate email copies using machine learning. That way, your emails will always have your personal touch and reflect your brand’s tone.

For busy professionals who can’t spare hundreds of hours every year writing emails, AI email writer offers a quick solution. The app also breaks language barriers for non-English speakers who experience difficulty communicating via email. This tool is many things besides an email assistant. It also provides other advanced features like translation and summarization.



  • Easy to use
  • Free basic plan
  • ChatGPT offers assistance with prompt tone and accuracy
  • High accuracy


  • Users must pay a premium fee to access more powerful features.


Its basic features are readily available to users at no cost. However, unlocking premium functionalities requires a fee.  


Hubspot is a free AI email writing software that boosts your productivity by generating email copies in a fraction of a second. This way, you spend less time on emails, and focus more on what matters. Hubspot is marketed as an AI tool for automating email marketing.

You can integrate your email account with HubSpot, giving you access to the platform’s marketing and sales tools inside your inbox. HubSpot also offers email marketing tutorials and free templates to help you take your email campaign to the next level.



  • Offers other marketing aids in addition to AI email writing
  • User intuitive design
  • Free basic functionalities
  • Wide variety of integrable tools


  • Very expensive
  • All-in-one tool, not advisable for only AI email writing solutions


  • HubSpot subscriptions start at $400 per month.


This email generator leverages ChatGPT to compose, proofread, and edit email copies. With ChatGPTWriter, you can generate emails, reword texts, fix grammar errors, and change your writing tone. Available as a free Google Chrome Extension, you can access all these functions without leaving your email provider’s website. While it works with any email service, you’ll get the best performance with Gmail.

Powered by the most sophisticated text generative system in the market, ChatGPT, the online email writer delivers the highest quality responses. Aside from Google Chrome, it is also compatible with all Chromium-based browsers like Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.



  • Supports all languages
  • Free to use


  • It may plagiarize
  • Can outdated info


Users can enjoy the free version that offers basic functionalities without any cost. To unlock advanced features like priority support and sophisticated AI models, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $14.


Toolsday is the perfect email AI writer for people who lead busy life. Instead of dedicating precious time to sending and replying to messages, this app saves time by conceiving compelling email copies based on specific parameters provided by the user. With these parameters, you can shape the tone, length, and subject of the email while Toolsday takes care of the content.

You can select from five different AI models, each with a unique blend of characteristics. While the Cheetah’s swift performance makes it great for day-to-day tasks, the Puma takes a more thoughtful pace as it tackles problems that require creative depth. Your pick depends on the nature of the email you want to generate.



  • Easy to use
  • You don’t have to sign up
  • Free to use


  • Isn’t integrable with an email provider


  • It is a free AI email writer.


Flowrite is your go-to AI email writer for generating everyday emails. This tool reads and analyzes your favorite mailbox so it can pick up on your unique writing style. All you have to do is prompt the app with a few sentences and it jumps to action. In return, Flowrite presents three alternative email copies for you to choose from based on your initial instructions.

This email generator has an extensive AI template gallery for every possible email you intend to send out. It covers subjects like formal requests, cold sale emails, reference call requests, feedback on tasks, and others. In a nutshell, Flowrite helps you quickly put repetitive emails behind you while you maintain control of the email output.



  • Provides three versions of your email copy
  • It’s a free service


  • Limited to a select number of templates


  • It’s free to use

Comparison Table

NamePricingBest For
YAMM$25/monthAutomated emailing
Google AI Email WriterFree basic planNon-English speakers
Hubspot$400/monthEmail marketing
Copy AI$49/monthQuick email writing
NanonetsFree to useQuick email writing
WriteMailFree to useEditing and proofreading emails
ToolsdayFree to usePersonalized emails
ChatGPTWrtier$14/monthNon-English speakers
Rytr$9/monthQuick email writing
FlowriteFree to useGenerating repetitive emails

Other AI Email Writers to Watch


SaneBox is an email management tool that helps you organize your email. It cleans up inbox clutter so you don’t get overwhelmed by massive incoming emails. The inbox assistant sorts your emails, neatly arranging them into different folders. It also keeps posted on the most important ones.


Originally designed as an email collaboration and management tool, the developers later integrated OpenAI. Thanks to the integration, users can now make quick drafts, send email responses, and perform other tasks that require natural language processing. Thanks to the OpenAI integration, you can now spend more time outside your inbox and gets thing done.


Superhuman is a paid email app that promises the fastest and most productive email experience. In their own words, the email service will help you “Fly through your inbox,” enabling you to respond to messages twice as fast. All Superhuman needs is a short note and it springs a complete email to life.


Mailbutler is a smart, email plugin equipped with an AI-powered email assistant which writes, improves, and summarizes messages. It’s also packed with several other productivity-boosting features like email tracking, recipient-optimized scheduling, and smart send later. You can think of Mailbutler as a suped-up version of your traditional mail apps.


For business owners who want to optimize their email marketing strategy to close more deals, Inboxpro.io is a sure bet. Besides its online AI email writer, Inboxpro.io also has a suite of tools for automating email outreach, tracking sent emails, and organizing your inbox.

What Makes the Best AI Email Generator?

The best AI tool for writing emails should allow you to automatically generate personalized messages at scale and give you significant control over the outcome of your email copies. That said, YAMM appears to be our list’s only option that checks all the boxes.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Our list of the best AI Email Writers in the market. If you made it to this part of the article, you should have your eyes on one of the tools we reviewed (that’s assuming you haven’t made a choice already).

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