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Recolor Clothes and Products

Change color of clothes, or anything else, such as shirts, dresses, hijab, bags, home decor, cars, accessories or surrounding landscapes. Transform your products into the different colors you want.

Recolor Clothes AI
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How to Change Color of Object in Photo for Free?

Step 1

Upload your image



To change the color of an object in a photo online for free, simply upload your photo.
For best results, solid-colored clothes achieve better color-changing effects, whether you want to change the color of shirts or any other garment.
Step 2

Select clothes



Use the selection tool to carefully cutout the recolor area of the clothing that you want to apply new color changes to.
Make sure to be precise to avoid affecting other parts of the image.
Step 3

Replace color



Select your desiered color and apply it. Once you're satisfied with the clothes color change, save and share your color replacement result.
Or continue editing with our user-friendly photo editor online for free.

Photo Editor Changes Clothes Color Online for Free

Experience the magic of changing colors through our series of color-changing dresses and shirts. Step into the realm of iFoto's AI Clothes Color Changer, where magical hues effortlessly dance across your clothing items and accessories. Seamlessly adapt to trends by showing a series of color changes. Whether it's the vivacity of summer shades or the subtlety of winter tones, our tool ensures a captivating visual narrative. Change the color of shirts, change the color of dresses, change the color of any garment. Embrace the allure of personalized colors with AI Recolor, without needing Photoshop anymore.
Change Clothes Color Online
Color Changer

Precision in Multi-Object Recognition

Elevate your product visuals with iFoto's AI clothes color changer. Identify and apply color changes to shirts, jackets, jeans, suits, skirts, hijabs, or any attire. iFoto's picture color changer intelligently detects objects, allowing you to change clothes color in photo without Photoshop. Create the perfect shade for your product by changing image colors within specific regions using automatic masking. Enjoy this free online tool for a seamless e-commerce experience to easily showcase your product online. Try the color replacer and experience the power of cloth color changing AI technology!
Change Clothes Color Online
change color AI

AI Changes the Color of Clothes and More

Color Changer is a versatile photo editing tool that allows you to easily change the color of any object in your photos. Transform the color of clothing, accessories, bags, sofas, cars and home decor with just a few clicks. Our intuitive editor saves you time and effort to recolor image. You can also change or remove the background color with ease. Highlight reds for Valentine’s Day, add gold for elegance, or choose green for eco-friendly branding. iFoto's color replacement features help you recolor and create images that resonate with any audience.
Change Clothes Color Online
More Than Just Dress Color Change AI

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