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Swap face in your existing photos instantly with AI. Elevate your brand effortlessly with seamless fashion model face replacement in e-Commerce image editing. No portrait rights worries.

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Swap Faces in a Snap

Swap faces in seconds using iFoto's AI Face Swapper, whether with preset photos or your own.

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How to swap face online for free?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo



Begin by uploading the photo you wish to edit as the source image. For optimal results, make sure the image is clear and well-lit.
Step 2

Swap Face with AI



Select an image to use for the face exchange. Pick from preset photos or upload any image to replace your face in the photo.
Step 3

Edit and Download



Generate and change the face online in seconds. Preview the result and save your face-swapped photo with ease.

Swap Faces Effortlessly with AI

Finding the ideal photo for your project can be challenging. If you're looking for a fresh face for your marketing assets, ditch the tedious search through overused photos. Instead, use the free AI face swap tool to seamlessly replace faces in just a few clicks. Upload your image, initiate the face swap, and witness your creative ideas come to life. Elevate your visual narrative with iFoto's AI face swap feature, creating captivating and realistic faces tailored to your unique vision.
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Unique Face Swapping for Distinctive Brand

Say goodbye to portrait rights worries and embrace the power of instant transformation with AI-powered face swapping. Elevate your brand effortlessly through seamless fashion model face replacement in e-commerce image editing. Embrace the future of photo editing, where every image is a unique work of art. Showcase your products with a fresh and dynamic appeal that not only stands out but also leaves a lasting impression. Stay ahead in the competitive world of e-commerce with the magic of AI-driven reface tools.
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Say Goodbye to Generic Stock Photos

Enhance your creativity with iFoto's AI face generator. Easily upload your image and experience the magic of generating new and unique faces. iFoto takes your content creation to the next level by offering a powerful face swap feature, perfect for customizing human images according to your specific requirements. Elevate your projects with iFoto's intuitive and efficient face swapping capabilities.
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Explore Limitless Faces, Styles, and Eras with Face Swap Magic

Unleash your creativity with face swapping! Replace your face with movie stars, superheroes or historical figures. Try new makeup, hairstyles, or outfits by putting your face on other characters. From yearbook photos in the 1990s to celebrity series, dive into infinite possibilities. With face swapper technology, revisit classic movie scenes, stepping into different roles. Immerse yourself in a world, and each exchange is a unique exploration of identity and style.
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Combine Multiple Features to Expand the Range of Scenarios

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