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Elevate your photos with our free blur background tool, effortlessly highlighting your subject and adding stunning depth, all without the need for expensive cameras or editing software.

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Achieve a professional look by easily blurring your background. Our powerful AI Blur Background tool uses depth of field to remove distractions and enhance your virtual presence.





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How to blur the background of a photo online for free?

Step 1

Upload your image



Upload a JPG or PNG image you want to blur background online for free. We support images in all popular formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, HEIC and WEBP.
Step 2

Adjust blur



Once you're happy with the result, click download to save the blurred image to your computer or gallery on your phone, or continue editing the blur background with iFoto.
Step 3

Download blurred image



Download your freshly enhanced photo instantly for sharing, or continue HD photo editing within iFoto.

Focus on Your Product

With the Blur Background feature, you can easily highlight your product and make it the focal point of your images. By blurring the background, distractions are minimized, drawing the viewer's attention directly to what matters most – your product. This technique is especially effective for e-commerce sellers looking to create visually appealing product images that stand out from the competition.
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Improve Sales

Boost Sales with Better Images

High-quality images are essential for driving sales in e-commerce. By using the Blur Background tool to enhance your product images, you can make your products more visually appealing and increase the likelihood of conversions. Customers are more likely to purchase products that are presented in an attractive and professional manner, making image enhancement a valuable tool for boosting sales.
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Outstanding Commodity

Professional Looks, Trusted Brand

Transform your images into stunning backgrounds with iFoto's blur picture HD effects. Whether you're adding text or enhancing promotional messaging, blurred images create the perfect backdrop. Explore iFoto's online photo editor for seamless editing, including background changer and remover tools, object removal, and AI-based photo quality enhancement. Elevate your product photography and create captivating visuals effortlessly.
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