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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography — Simplified For Beginners

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In this digital age, visual storytelling has become essential to every business. It is a crucial tool for online companies and technologies as they expand.

In commercial photography, images play an important role in selling products or services for any business.

A photographer should have the potential to navigate markets to generate more sales. They have creative skills which leads to achieving a bright future. The latest statistics of global commercial photography show an increase in the valuation of US$ 6.4 billion by the end of 2032.

Before you start your business, you must understand the types of photography you may need for your purposes.

Let’s begin.

What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial Photography tends to confuse even seasoned photographers. You may wonder what is the definition for CommerciaI Photography?

Simply put, it is the art of capturing and creating images for various objectives. Such as marketing campaigns, product displays, ads, and corporate communication materials.

Depending on the client and the product or service to sell. It can refer to product, lifestyle, or even fashion photography.

After creating engaging images, the final goal for a photographer is to promote a product, service, or brand. By doing so he can achieve high customer engagement and sales. He seeks to convey a message through visuals to the intended audience.

This proves effective in enhancing brand awareness and creating a better reputation; leading to a massive increase in returns.

Many social media platforms like Instagram, act as effective mediums for commercial photography. Business owners are selling their products by displaying attractive and eye-catching images.

Yet, there are several different types of commercial photography. Which one is right for you? . Let’s find out.

Top 10 Types of Commercial Photography With Examples

Here’s a list of 10 most sought after Commercial Photography types, read them all to get a better idea of which suits your needs.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography, as the name suggests, is all about capturing fashion-related items.

Like showcasing clothes worn by models or focusing on beautiful spots with the help of your lens. Such photographers help to show the latest fashion to the world. Magazines, social media, fashion accounts, runway displays, and brand promotions are the platforms.

This type of commercial photography provides a chance for creativity, flexibility, teamwork, and engagement with fashion influencers and businesses. But it is highly competitive and requires quick adaptability to the changing trends and styles.

For fashion photography, as a photographer, you must develop an outstanding portfolio, a website that showcases your photographic skills with aspiring models or a booklet.

As a business, this Industry is diverse and requires spending in premiums on models, equipment, and marketing.

Fashion Photography is the most costly form of commercial photography, given the models who become the face of your brand, are high-priced.

Food Photography

Food Photography is the type in which still photos of food are captured to entice towards luxury and essence of food.

The food is the main focus and these images can then be used in printing cookbooks, product packaging, and marketing material for billboard ads.

Photographers are able to promote artistic expression, with the end goal as the best representation of the food item in focus.

The food business is in high demand. Thus, taking breathtaking and mouth-watering images will always get the attention of people. The photographer achieves this by paying attention to minor details like the presentation of the food, the colour, the texture, and the light as well.

The better the item looks, the more people want to try it. However, food showcased is not usually the food in reality, tricks such as using glue to make items like Pizza seem more cheesy are a daily occurrence.

Product Photography

Commercial Product Photography capitalizes on showing details and irresistible images of products or services.

These pictures are used on different websites or social media platforms to bring about sales. For example, for photography of skincare products, choose good lightning, the best angle, and keep the makeup as the main focus in the frame.

This can be a relatively affordable form of commercial photography. You will need a camera with a high-aperture lens, good lighting, and a clear background. There are various lightning equipment and background drops available for Commercial Product Photography.

Pro-tip: Use a lightbox for a quick product photography session with amazing results.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is aimed at portraying several aspects of a subject’s personality. Such as emotions or a standout characteristic.

With only one click, it conveys not the image but the entire emotion by creating a complete visual tale. The goal is to capture the essence, identity, and personality of any subject. A photographer must use different photographic methods like composition, lighting, and posing for the best results.

All portraits may look similar, with a model up close, but they are definitely not the same. There are types of Portrait photography, namely, traditional, lifestyle, and glamour.

Traditional portraits are the classic looking straight into the camera, captured in a studio photos. In this, the goal is to capture the subject as their most authentic self.

Lifestyle portraits are taken outside studio, usually in a natural everyday environment. This form is usually used in advertising to increase relatibility with the audience and improve user engagement.

Lastly, glamour portraits are focused on highlighting the beauty of the model in the frame. Mostly used in the fashion industry, the goal is to bring into attention the most ideal or unqiue features of the model.

Lifestyle Photography

In Lifestyle photography, a photographer captures the fun and real moments of the family. His focus is to portray authentic and staged interaction. It helps store the nostalgic moment in the snaps, be a family photo with children or the places they go out to with them.

A lifestyle photographer must have a hunch for capturing moments, all smiles and loving moments are wholesome but as brief too.

Another example of lifestyle photography is showcasing teamwork in particular professions. Yet, photographers must try to balance between portraying genuine moments to ensure a visual appeal of the subject.

In addition, have you ever looked at an Instagram model and wondered how does his life look so serene, and in place?

Well, he probably has a great lifestyle photographer at his disposal, who captures all his moments.

Pro Tip: Engage the subjects in fun activities to capture compelling and most authentic visuals.  

Headshot Photography

Headshot photography grabs an individual’s essence and professional side within a single frame. It centres on the face and emphasizes facial expressions, eyes, or even the smile.

Headshot photography is essential for corporate professionals who are looking to apply to jobs.

This type of photography helps to build a professional portfolio. It is a powerful tool for making lasting impressions on executives, actors, or entrepreneurs.

Pro Tip: Use online editing software to create professional snaps with plain backgrounds and interactive designs.

Real Estate Photography

In short, capturing eye-catching visuals of properties and interiors is Real Estate Photography. Taking photos of real estate is challenging, however, with trial and error, you may be able to produce stunning visuals that attract customers and boost sales.

A real estate photographer deals with the intricacies of lighting, composition, and architectural design to capture housing or real estate property.

In this line of work, the photographer must capture positive and breathtaking viewpoints. Those viewpoints should draw buyers’ attention, telling them a captivating story. For example, having a great time together in the backyard with the grill on.

REP aims to make the pictures as close to the real life as possible, with little to no edits. This is to maintain credibility and to not let someone be falsely attracted to a property they would reject outright in person.

Moving on, Real estate is high in demand and an evergrowing business. Hiring a professional real estate photographer must be on the business owner’s priority list.

A professional real estate photographer must have a 360 camera to capture the whole view of the interior or you might be compromising on a viewful house tour.

Event Photography

You must have seen photographer on different events, wedding, concerts, etc. Event Photography is all about capturing high-quality candid images on a given occasions.

More examples include a business meeting, a Christmas Party, college farewell, a birthday party, etc.

A good event photographer quickly catches some unexpected moments or conversations, saving them forever.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is the genre that focuses on capturing the beauty and designs of buildings and structures. It involves taking pictures of bridges, cityscapes, and the exterior and interiors of buildings.

It differs from real estate photography which is aimed at selling a house/commercial building. Meanwhile, architectural photography aims to capture a place’s essence, telling its story and evoking an emotional response in viewers.

The photographer should ideally use an ultra-wide angle lens to show as much space as possible. He requires an artistic approach to capture a building from different angles.

A downside to Architectural photography is that it is expensive to travel to areas with the building that are aesthetically pleasing. Hence, you end up clicking fewer photographs.

Advertising photography

The primary goal of advertising photography is to capture images for commercials. This is aimed at assisting businesses in presenting their brand, product, or service in a way that grabs the attention of prospective customers.  

The main goal of an Advertising photographer is to capture persuasive and compelling images and using them as a powerful selling and identity tool.

Who is a Commercial Photographer?

A commercial photographer captures images for commercial or selling purposes. For his or her client or business to drive sales or increase engagement. Such photographers may work alone or as part of a team. They may hone skills in advertising, marketing, or eCommerce.

Commercial photographers use their creative and technical skills to produce compelling snaps. This helps in visual communication with the audience. That image has the potential to tell the whole story and create a positive impression of a product, online store, or company.

What is the Difference Between Art Photography and Commercial Photography?

Commercial and art photography are the two broad categories of photography. These genres serve many purposes. Let us examine the differences between them now.

 Art PhotographyCommercial Photography
DefinitionThe main objective of Art photography is creativity and artistic expression.Commercial photography is a practical and business-oriented field.
PurposeArt photography aims to provoke feelings and emotions to stimulate the mind or communicate with the audience with a distinct viewpoint rather than to sell a product or promote a brand.Selling and promoting goods, services, or brands is the primary goal of Commercial photography. The photographers collaborate with clients to produce photos that fulfil advertising and marketing objectives.
ExampleCindy Sherman’s art photography actively engages the audience by allowing them to analyze the pictures and consider the nuanced relationship between appearance and reality.Product photography for e-commerce, fashion shoots for clothing brands, or corporate headshots for building business portfolios to target audiences with specific messages.

Benefits of Commercial Photography

Commercial photography offers a simple and cost-effective approach to boost the growth of any business. But here are some other 5 benefits which help to uplift the presence of a business.

Enhances Visual Identity of Business

Commercial photography has a major role in creating a brand’s face, that has a distinctive and enduring visual appearance.

Know that, engaging information improves brand awareness and leaves a lasting impression. Such as corporate headshots and product photographs enables companies to connect with their audience with stories, core principles, and missions.

This is done through using visuals to communicate a story that builds a stronger bond with the audience.

Increases Online Presence

A website with excellent commercial photography enhances user experience, and encourages website visitors to stay and explore.

Consequently, this will increase social media engagements, attract and hold the attention of the online audience. However, maintaining an online presence requires quality sharing, and consistently too.

Yet, you might have to use paid marketing ads on platforms like Instagram, FB, and Pinterest to get your business running smoothy.

Builds Client Confidence

Building trust is hard but not if you’re good at what you do. With Commercial photography, businesses can easily get an edge over their competition.

This is because the better you can showcase your service or product, the more will the client trust your company. In the end, people believe what they have concrete proof of, such as an image or a commercially shot video.

Stands Out From The Crowd

A skilled commercial photographer helps the company establish a reputation in a crowded market. It gives a unique identity that sets them apart from the crowd by utilizing consistent, well-captured images to creates a cohesive brand image.

Professional Photographers help maintain a range of media and promote brand awareness.

Through a consistent use of colour theme, people start associating those colours with the brand; such a Red is associated with Coca Cola, Red and Black with Redbull.

This helps customers retain information about the brand. However, this is a long process and a money draining one.

Nonetheless, commercial photography guarantees that a company makes a persuasive and competent first impression.

Documents Events For Marketing

Commercial Photography plays a vital role in documenting conferences, product launches, and business events.

This is a big step towards a better public relationship pool and supports future marketing campaigns.

Also, publicizing event photos in press releases and on social media increases brand awareness, promoting authenticity and transparency.   

Best Photo Editor for Commercial Photography

After capturing images a commercial photographer must put extra effort into processing or editing. These enhancement make for a more appealing end product.

For this purpose, many photographers use different tools. However, we found iFoto as the ideal.

iFoto has an unparalleled capacity to boost businesses and optimize e-commerce stores. It has distinctive features as it provides free AI Tools for E-commerce Businesses.

Here’s a list of the five iFoto features:

  • AI Fashion Model
  • AI Background for Models
  • Snap Clothing Recolor
  • AI Background For Products
  • Snap Background Remover

Why is iFoto The Best Pick For You?

In our opinion, three features make the iFoto the best one of all. They include, a responsive website, high-quality snaps, and distinct AI features.

Also, iFoto interface is easy to use and best for editing captured images. Read below to learn more about iFoto’s features in-depth.

Responsive Website + User-Friendly Interface

There is nothing more frustrating than a website crashing mid-edits. How do you avoid that? Use iFoto.

iFoto ensures that your content making goes smoothly, without any loses due to crashes.

Secondly, iFoto is super-easy to use even for beginners. This is done to ensure that everyone can reap the benefits and produce good edits. More often than not, people hire editors even for the simplest tasks, making production of quality commercial images super complicated and expensive.

AI Background for Models:

A single shoot can help replicate the model in many authentic scenes. You can select or change real-life locations from the background to make a perfect capture for your business.

Recolour your snap:

iFoto allows you to recolour the whole outfit of the model by simply clicking at it. You can no shoot for your e-commerce store without spending loads of money on models.

AI Background for Products:

iFoto provides an opportunity to recreate product images with an AI background edit feature. With just a single click, you can remove or add fresh backgrounds to your image.

If you’re a looking for a studio-finish, opt for a single solid colour as the background.


iFoto offers exceptional AI services free of cost upto three-month.

For further assistance, get in touch with their representative to get a custom tailored yearly plan, suitable for your business.

Final Thoughts

Commercial photography may seem complicated at first. But, as a career you will reap many benefits. As a business, your engagement will sky-rocket, and sales will increase multiple folds.

In this article, we went into the definition, types, and our recommendation on the best app for your use. We hope you were able to find what you came looking for.

Know that, commercial photography is all about  presenting visuals to the audience so that they want to see more. It helps communicate a message, uplift brand identities, and capture the essence of products. Good luck!

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