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Best Photo to Anime Converters

10 Best Photo to Anime Converters to Unleash your Creativity

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Have you ever wondered how you or your friends would look like as an anime character? Well, now you can find out with these amazing photo to anime converters! These tools use AI-based algorithms to turn any picture into anime illustrations. If you’re a fan of anime, or just want to have some fun, then you should definitely check out these converters.

Top 10 Photo to Anime Converters you must Try

Without much ado, let’s get to know about some of the best photo to anime converters that are available for web and mobile.

#1: Fotor Photos to Anime Converter

Fotor offers an entire image generator studio, with a dedicated tool to convert your photos into anime-style illustrations. Once the photo is uploaded, you can select a preferred AI anime filter to get the needed results.

The best part is that Fotor lets us select an anime style before processing so we can easily customize the illustration. Furthermore, you can also use its native interface to make minor edits to your images.


  • Fotor anime converter is super easy to use.
  • There are different AI filters that you can use choose from.


  • Sometimes, there can be errors in the output photos.
  • To access the editing features of Fotor, you have to pay extra.

Pricing: Free converter and $3.33 per month to access AI editing features

Fotor Photos to Anime Converter

#2: Drawever AI Anime Creator

Drawever has also come up with an anime generator from photo tool that you can access for free online, without installing anything.

You can upload your photos in multiple formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF as input and let the tool convert them to an anime-like illustration. However, you must know that every user only gets 10 credits for free.


  • Easy to use and efficient
  • You can select different filters and layers in advance.


  • The input image can’t be more than 10 MB in size.
  • Only 10 credits are available for free.

Pricing: 10 free credits and $10 per 100 credits afterward

Drawever AI Anime Creator

#3: Anime Filter

This is a freely available photo to anime converter that you can use online. Anime Filter is based on the latest Hugging Face generative AI model that can convert and render images.

To use this AI tool, you can just upload an image, and select its type. You should also select a preferred model in advance to get the desired output and minimize errors.


  • Freely available
  • Easy to use (minimal interface)


  • Wrong selections can lead to errors
  • Results can be blurry at times

Pricing: Free

Anime Filter

#4: Anime Genius

Anime Genuis is another popular photo to anime online tool that you can try. You can get started with Anime Genius for free and can later upgrade to a premium plan (if needed).

The tool offers 40+ different anime styles that you can choose to create personalized portraits. Apart from image-to-image conversation, you can also enter a textual prompt to create anime-style photos.


  • Tons of generative AI features in one place.
  • Other editing features (like swap face and GIF avatars are also offered)


  • Most high-end features are paid.

Pricing: Free trial and $9 per month for a premium plan

Anime Genius

#5: Media.io photo to anime generator

Media.io has come up with a whole suite of generative AI tools and its anime generator is one of them. You can either upload your photo to convert it to an anime-like illustration or simply provide a textual input.

The online photo to anime converter provides a wide range of anime and cartoon-based filters that you can select. There are also multiple options to edit your photos to get customized results, without any designing knowledge.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Provides a wide range of AI-based features


  • Expensive
  • Limited features for free trial users

Pricing: Free trial and $19.99 per month afterward

Media.io photo to anime generator

#6: Snapchat’s AI filter

If you are already a Snapchat user, then you must be familiar with its inbuilt AI anime filter. For this, you don’t have to use any other tool and can just swipe on your Snapchat interface to upload the filter.

Just make sure that your device can capture your face in the right way and the filter will do the rest. Once the results are displayed, you can share your photos with your friends on Snapchat or save them offline.


  • Inbuilt filter in Snapchat, which is super-easy to use.
  • Freely available


  • Limited features
  • No customization is available.

Pricing: Free

Snapchat’s AI filter

#7: AI Anime Filter

Android users can also take the assistance of the AI Anime Filter app to meet their requirements. There are multiple anime themes, AI filters, and art styles that you can select from the app to get customized results.

You can either upload an existing image to the Android app or take real-time selfies as an input. The Android app runs a sophisticated AI-powered algorithm that can instantly convert your photos to anime-like illustrations.


  • Tons of art styles and AI filters to pick from.
  • Basic photo editing features are also included in the app.


  • Most free filters are too cartoonish (and not real).
  • Only limited filters for the free account.

Pricing: Free or $4.99

AI Anime Filter

#8: ZmoAI

The photo to anime generator from ZmoAI is one of the most powerful options in the lot. You can access 30+ different AI styles on the web-based tool to convert your images into different anime styles.

Apart from human figures, you can also upload images of your pets to the AI tool. You can further fine-tune the output by changing its settings or using the editing tools of the platform.


  • Tons of styles and customizable features to pick from.
  • Results are quite accurate and error-free.


  • Its premium version is quite expensive.
  • Only 10 credits are available in the free trial.

Pricing: Free trial and $59 per month afterward


#9: Cartoonize

If you are looking for a multi-purpose anime generator from photo, then you can also try Cartoonize. You can just upload your photos and apply the available AI filters to change their visual appeal.

Not just that – there are also various AI features that you can use like background remover, color corrector, and so on. With its premium version, you can work on unlimited projects.


  • Various AI-powered editing features.
  • Multiple AI filters and styles to pick from.


  • The interface is not that user-friendly.
  • No free version is available.

Pricing: Starts from $4 per month


#10: AI Anime Face Changer App

As the name suggests, this photo to anime app can change your pictures to anime-like images. For this, you must upload a clear photo without much distraction to get better results.

You can either upload an individual photo or a group picture to convert it to an anime-like style. This Android anime converter app is freely available and can meet your basic requirements easily.


  • Freely available
  • Clear and user-friendly interface


  • Limited anime filters are available.
  • Output is not that accurate or realistic.

Pricing: Free

AI Anime Face Changer App

How do I Turn a Picture into an Anime?

You can use either of the above-mentioned photo to anime converters to turn your pictures into anime-like images. Using these AI tools and filters is quite simple. You can just go to the tool, upload your photo, and wait for it to turn into an anime. For some tools, you will be given options to customize the results as well.

That’s it! You can just preview the results of the anime converters and save your modified image on your device.

How do Anime Converters Work?

Mostly, a photo to anime converter uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to transform your photos into anime-style illustrations. They work by analyzing the features and details of your image and then applying a stylized artistic rendering that mimics the distinctive visual elements of anime. This can involve the following steps:

Image pre-processing: The input image is processed to enhance its quality and prepare it for the AI model’s analysis.

Feature extraction: The AI model extracts relevant features from the processed image, such as facial features, hair, clothing, and background.

Stylization: The tool then applies stylization algorithms that impact typical anime-like visual elements to the image.

Rendering: The stylized features are then rendered onto the original image, creating an anime-inspired version of the original photograph.

Post-processing: Lastly, the final output may undergo some editing to improve its visual quality and consistency with anime art styles.

How can I get the Best Results with an Anime-style image converter tool?

To get the best results out of an anime generator from a photo, you can consider using the following tips:

  • Choose an anime image converter that suits your style and quality preferences.
  • Upload high-quality photos with clear facial features and a clean background.
  • Ensure the input image has proper lighting and exposure too.
  • Use a simple background or remove it altogether for better results.
  • Fine-tune the conversion settings of the tool to achieve the desired effect.
  • Experiment with multiple photos to get the best transformation.

Are Photo to Anime Converters Safe to Use?

Yes – most of the online and mobile photo to anime converters are pretty safe to use. Nevertheless, before you try them, consider reading their terms of service first. Make sure that they don’t share your photo with any third-party service. They might use the generated output to train the self-learning AI, which is a standard process. However, you should avoid using the tools that share your photos with other services.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Why not try one of these photo to anime converters and see what you look like as an anime character! From web-based tools to smartphone apps, I have listed all kinds of solutions in this post that can help you ANIME-ate your photos. If you have already tried some of these tools, then let us know about your experience of using them as well!

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