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Simply upload a photo, select a face and let iFoto generate realistic AI faces for you. Now you can generate completely unique, lifelike human faces instantly.

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Create Realistic AI Human Faces In Seconds

Select a new face with different age, gender, skin tone, hair length, and ethnic characteristics and generate.

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How to generate a human face with AI?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo



Begin by uploading a clear, high-quality photo of a human face to the AI face generator.
Ensure that the face is well-lit and centered in the image for best results.
Step 2

Select the Face



Pick from preset faces to replace your face in the photo.
Alternatively, you can upload a reference photo and let AI generate a new face based on it.
Step 3

Generate AI Face



The AI Face Generator will instantly create a realistic face picture for you within seconds.
If you're not satisfied with the generated face photo, simply select another face to generate a new one.

Generate Custom Faces for Your Needs

No need to browse stock photo sites for the perfect face portraits—iFoto's AI face generator lets you create human faces that precisely fit your preferences. Whether you're exploring new hairstyles and colors or customizing head poses and skin tones, iFoto has everything you need. Once you've created your ideal faces, download them in high quality for use in any way you choose.
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Unleash Your Creativity with AI Face Generator

Easily swap faces, ensuring worry-free use with no portrait rights concerns. Transform your brand with AI-powered face swapping and seamless fashion model face replacement for e-commerce images. Each image becomes a unique work of art, helping your products stand out in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Enhance your creativity and accuracy, especially for commercial image creation. Choose your AI face generator carefully for the best results. With the right tool, you can turn simple words into a realistic face of a fictional person. Graphic designers find these apps invaluable for generating concepts and inspiration for complex projects.
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Connect on Social Media with Face AI Generator

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the internet, empowering users to create realistic content using synthetic faces. These AI-generated faces are perfect for individuals who prefer not to reveal their real identities on social media for personal or professional reasons. As long as these images are not used for malicious activities like online scams or propaganda, there are no legal restrictions on using synthetic faces on your social media profiles.
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Create, Edit, and Enhance Faces

iFoto offers more than just an AI face generator. It provides professional-grade tools for enhancing faces. With iFoto, you can improve image resolution, change backgrounds, remove unwanted objects, and much more with a single click. Experience unparalleled face enhancement with AI now.
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Combine Multiple Features to Expand the Range of Scenarios

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