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Effortlessly replace colors in your images online: select specific objects or areas to change colors of image individually.

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Edit your image colors with iFoto's Color Changer for free. No design skills or complex software required. Easily replace and change image colors in just one click.




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How to change color of images online for free?

Step 1

Upload your image



Upload a JPG or PNG image you want to change the color of to iFoto. Utilize our built-in photo editing tools to change the color of your pictures.
Step 2

Select item



Click on the objects or areas of the image you want to recolor. Make sure to be precise to avoid affecting other parts of the image.
Step 3

Apply the new color



Use the color picker to select the new color you want to apply. The tool will automatically apply the new color, and you can download the recolored image.

Transform Product Aesthetics with Color Changer

Color Changer is a photo editing tool that allows you to select specific areas in a photo and change color of image. Easily transform the color of clothing, accessories, sofas, home decor items in your photos with just a few clicks. Our intuitive color editor makes it simple to replace colors, saving you time and effort.You can quickly enhance your images and focus on creating engaging content.
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Effortless Product Presentation

Showcase your products online with iFoto's free AI color changer tool. Transform the color of any part of your image automatically and enhance your online selling experience. iFoto simplifies your workflow and saves you valuable time by creating accurate and consistent color variations for your products. Perfect for e-commerce, iFoto helps you quickly change the color of your products to match their real-world counterparts. Maximize the impact of your product images and streamline your online selling process with the AI cloth recolor tool.
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Create Vibrant Visuals with iFoto's Image Recolor

Adjust your photo colors to suit various contexts and purposes. Additionally, changing the background color is as simple as clicking on the background and using the color buttons in the editor. iFoto helps remove the background of your photo and change the background to any color.
Highlight reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day promotions, add gold and silver tones for elegant invitations, or opt for green hues to align with your eco-conscious brand. Tailor your images with blue for a calming effect, gray for a sophisticated feel, or black for a touch of luxury. Whatever the occasion, iFoto's color replacement helps you create images that resonate with your audience.
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