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Simply upload your WebP files, and the WebP converter will quickly convert them to PNG, maintaining image quality and transparency.





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How to convert WebP to PNG Transparent

Step 1

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Simply upload or drag and drop your Webp file to iFoto's Webp to PNG Converter.
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The transparent PNG converter will automatically convert your WEBP file to PNG within seconds.
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Once the conversion is complete, you can save and download your converted PNG files with ease.

Effortless Webp to PNG Conversion

Convert your WebP files to PNG quickly and easily with our free and fast online converter. Simply upload your Webp file, and our Webp converter will automatically turn them into a high-quality PNG in just a few seconds. Experience the best in image conversion from WEBP to PNG with our efficient and user-friendly tool.
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Get high definition, lossless PNGs

Convert your WEBP images to PNG format effortlessly. Save time searching for the right app or browser to open WebP files. Our WebP to PNG converter produces photos that you can view, edit, and use for any project. Converting your WebP files to PNG makes your images compatible with more devices, browsers, tools, and image viewers. Enjoy vibrant, lossless photo resolution for any application.
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Say farewell to the distracting backgrounds

Our free Background Remover tool allows you to effortlessly remove backgrounds and download your images in PNG format with transparency. This provides you with greater flexibility in how you use your graphics. Use background-free images for your branding materials, create stunning headshots by replacing the backdrop with a solid color, or utilize transparent backgrounds for your print collateral. Our WebP to PNG converter opens up a world of possibilities for your photos.
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Elevate your photo editing skills with iFoto

Convert your WEBP images to PNG and enhance them using our free photo editor. Easily add AI backgrounds, unblur images, change image colors, or generate similar, copyright-free images with our AI-powered features. Make your images stand out and create high-quality, professional graphics for all your design projects.
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What is PNG?

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Can I convert WebP to PNG on a mobile device?

Are there any copyright or licensing issues when converting WebP to PNG?

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