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Add White Background To Photos

Want to Add a White Background to your Photos? Here are our Top 10 Editors

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As a graphic designer, the most common request I get these days is the removal of background from images. After all, an image with a transparent or white background can be used in so many ways, right? The good news is that there are so many AI-powered online tools out there that can instantly make your products pop with a white background aesthetic. Let’s dive in and help you pick the best white background editor from the lot!

white background editor

H2: Why Would You Want to Make Your Photos’ Background White?

Before we explore some of the best solutions to add a white background to photo, let’s look at the common reasons for doing the same:

  • No distractions: A white background can eliminate unwanted distractions and make your product/model the focus instead.
  • Uniformity: By having all images in the same (white) background, you can attain a cohesive appeal on your website or portfolio.
  • Quick editing: Once you have a white background for pictures, you can easily edit them and save time in post-production.
  • Cross-platform sharing: After getting your pictures with a plain background ready, you can directly share them on multiple platforms.
  • Headshots: Apart from product photos, you might want to create your profile pictures or headshots without any distractions.
  • Elegant and versatile: Most importantly, images with a white background are not only timeless but are quite elegant and can be used in different ways.

Top 10 Tools to Make the Background of a Picture White

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get to know about the ten best white background editors in the market.

1. iFoto Free Background Remover [100% Free]

If you are looking for a free, easy-to-use, and effective solution to add a white background to photos, then consider using iFoto’s Free Background Remover. You can access it online by visiting its website and setting up your account.

The tool is powered by cutting-edge AI algorithms that can automatically detect the background of your images. Later, you can even replace the background with any other color, make it white, light blue, gold, or transparent. Also, it is a part of the iFoto photo suite, which offers several other e-commerce AI imagery solutions.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Based on advanced AI algorithms
  • Offers several other useful features (transparent background or solid colors)


  • You have to first create your account on the iFoto website
White background editor - iFoto.ai

2. Remove.bg

This is a widely used online tool that can help you get a white background on any image. Its smart AI-powered system can detect any object, human, pet, graphic, etc. in your photos. You can also use its add-on solutions or apply any other background to your image.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Reliable results
  • Can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop


  • Only one credit is given for free (can be expensive for multiple uses)
  • Limited features for photo editing
White background editor - Remove.bg

3. Adobe Express

Developed by Adobe, Express is a lightweight online tool that you can use to edit your photos. For example, you can use Adobe Express to remove the background of your images and later add any other color (like white). You can also use it to create flyers, logos, social media posts, and so on.


  • No need to download or install anything on your system
  • Comes with other editing features too


  • Express is a bit complicated to use
  • Might not yield the desired results
White background - Adobe Express

4. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is a popular white background editor tool that you can use for free. Simply head to the PhotoRoom website, upload your image, and remove its background (or change it to white). You can also explore other free solutions powered by PhotoRoom if needed.


  • Easy to use
  • No or minimum manual efforts are required


  • Some premium features are not available in the free version of PhotoRoom
  • At times, its results are not accurate
White background - PhotoRoom

5. Slazzer

You can also remove the background from any image instantly by using Slazzer. The online white background remover tool is available for free and is powered by AI, which can automatically detect pets, animals, cars, and other objects.


  • Slazzer is available for free
  • It is easy to use


  • It can only remove the background from popular objects (that are easy to recognize)
  • Sometimes, its results can be faulty
white background aesthetic - Slazzer

6. Removal.AI

Removal.AI is powered by the latest artificial intelligent algorithms that can automatically detect cars, animals, graphics, and more. You can use it to add a white background to a single photo for free but have to buy credits after that.


  • Reliable results
  • Fully automated (no manual efforts needed)


  • Not freely available
  • Expensive for bulk image editing
white background aesthetic - Removal.AI

7. Fotor

Fotor is a powerful online tool that you can use to edit your photos. Apart from being a white background editor, Fotor can also be used to enhance your images, make collages, create designs, and so on. Its background remover tool is quite handy and can make any image’s background transparent or change background to any other color.


  • Tons of image editing options in one place
  • You can also replace the background with another color


  • Not that user-friendly (tough for beginners)
  • Fotor is not freely available
add white background to photo - Fotor

8. Erase.bg

If you are in a hurry, then you can also use Erase.bg to add a white background aesthetic to any image. It supports images of different formats such as JPG, PNG, JPEG, and WEBP – that can be up to 5K-by-5K resolution.


  • It provides reliable and fast editing results
  • You can also add the URL of an image to the editor


  • Free users only get 3 credits and have to buy more credits afterward
  • It can be expensive to edit images in bulk
White background editor - Erase.bg

9. Pixelcut

Pixelcut is a simple, lightweight online tool that you can use to apply a white background to any image. Once the image is analyzed, you can either make the background transparent or add any other color like white, black, and so on.


  • Freely available
  • Easy to use
  • Available online (no need to install anything)


  • Its results are often not that reliable
  • Limited or no editing options
add white background to photo - Pixelcut

10. Magic Eraser

Lastly, you can also consider using Magic Eraser to apply a white background for pictures of your choice. The tool is fast, easy to use, and won’t need you to create an account to remove background from your images. Just upload an image, remove its background, and apply the white background aesthetics before downloading it.


  • Reliable and fast results
  • Freely available


  • Tons of pop-up ads
  • Premium editing features are paid
white background editor - Magic Eraser

How to Add a White Background to Your Photo for Free

Out of all the options we have discussed, the iFoto Free Background Remover is the best, 100% free tool to add a white background for pictures. As the name suggests, it can help you remove the background from your pictures instantly. If you want, you can then replace the background with a solid color, white, or make it transparent. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Upload your image

First, you can just head to iFoto and set up your account. Once you have created your account, go to its dashboard and choose the Background Remover feature. You can now just browse and upload any image of your once.

Add a White Background to Your Photo for Free

Step 2: Remove its background

After the image is uploaded, you can choose to remove its background. Since iFoto is powered by artificial intelligence, it will automatically examine the image and remove its background (without any manual effort).

Step 3: Download the edited image

That’s it! Once the background is removed, you can add a white background to your photos and download it on your system. If you want, you can also replace the background with any other solid color and download the image.


Why is background removal important?

Once you have removed the background of your image, you can easily edit it by getting rid of all distractions. You can save time in post-production and can instantly make the product stand out. It can also help you make your entire portfolio uniform.

How does the background removal work?

Most of the new-age AI background remover tools are based on AI and ML algorithms. This means that these tools can automatically detect any product, human figure, animal, car, etc. on any image. They can instantly splice the image, remove it from the background, and can later change it to any other color.

Is it possible to use a simple background changer for free to turn the background white?

Yes – there are plenty of white background editors out there that you can use for free. For instance, the iFoto
Snap Background Remover is a free, online tool that can erase the background of any image and convert it to white or any other solid color.

Are these background changer apps easy to use for beginners?

Yes – most background editing apps (like the iFoto Free Background Remover) are extremely easy to use for beginners. This is because they are powered by AI and won’t need any manual effort. They can automatically detect the background of any image and remove/replace it.

In these apps to change the background, can I undo changes if I’m not happy with the white background?

Yes – in most background editing apps, you can simply undo the changes (if you are not happy with the changes). Although, this would depend on the app you are using and its interface. If you are not happy with the results, you can always try again, give feedback, or use another solution.

How to change the background of an image?

To change the background of any image, you can try the iFoto AI Product Background tool. Simply upload your photo, select the background of your choice, and download the edited image on your system (with the new background).

Can I use these background changer apps on both Android and iOS devices?

While there are plenty of iOS and Android apps out there, an online solution (like iFoto) can help you. It runs on all leading platforms (including iOS and Android) and can instantly change the background of any photo.


That’s it! As you can see, with the right white background editor, you can easily change the background of your images. While there are plenty of online tools that can help you, the iFoto Free Background Remover is our best pick. It is powered by AI, which means, it can instantly remove the background of any image and replace it with a white aesthetic (or any solid color).

Also, it is available for free, which means you can use it to add a white background to your images without spending anything!

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