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How to change photo background to white

Step 1

Upload Image



First, select the image you want to add a white background to.
An image with well-defined edges is recommended.
Step 2

Add White Background



iFoto online photo editor helps you remove and change the background color to white automatically.
Step 3




Download the picture with a pure white background.
Save, share, or continue editing in iFoto to further change backgrounds or enhance image quality.

AI Change the Background Color to White

iFoto is a robust photo editor utilizing advanced algorithms and AI technology, ensuring a swift and seamless background changer. This tool will automatically detect and delete the background of the photo. iFoto also simplifies the process of adding a white background, which can be completed in seconds.
White Background Photo Editor
change photo background to white

Plain White Background is Best For Ecommerce

Discover the power of a plain white background for optimal e-commerce performance. Elevate your product images with iFoto, effortlessly integrating a pure white background in seconds. This solution is specially tailored for e-commerce image design, which enhances its attraction and sales potential.
White Background Photo Editor
white background best for ecommerce

Boost Sales with HD White Backgrounds

Elevate your online presence by seamlessly transitioning photo backgrounds to white, providing customers with a professional and captivating viewing experience. Boost sales with the simplicity and effectiveness of an HD white background for your product visuals.
White Background Photo Editor
plain white background HD

More Than A White Background Editor.

Discover the ease of use of iFoto, which is an excellent alternative to complex Photoshop. iFoto, which is trusted all over the world, is your solution for seamless photo editing. Use our built-in changer to further edit solid colors or customize the AI background. Experience the difference today!
White Background Photo Editor
white background editor

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