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Top 10 4K Upscalers for Images You can Use Online [Free]

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Do you have an image of low quality and you want to convert it to high resolution to use it professionally? If your answer is “yes” then you can easily meet your requirements by using a reliable 4K upscaler tool. Yes, there are plenty of tools out there that can improve the quality of your image for free! In this post, I will help you upscale photos to 4K for free and list the 10 best tools that can help you do the same.

free 4K upscalers

What is 4K Resolution and Why You Might Want to Upscale your Image?

Before you try any image upscaler 4K free solution, let’s cover some basics. Ideally, 4K resolution refers to an image with a horizontal pixel count of around 4,000 pixels. It offers four times the detail and clarity of standard high-definition (HD) images. This means sharper, more detailed pictures with vibrant colors and better overall quality.

4K Resolution

You might want to upscale a photo to 4K due to the following reasons:

  • It can enhance details in your image as it provides four times more pixels than standard HD.
  • Images upscaled to 4K look crisper and more vibrant, leading to a better viewing experience.
  • Upscaled images can appear more professional and polished, especially for presentations, portfolios, or marketing materials.
  • High-quality visuals grab attention and engage viewers more effectively.
  • Many modern devices and platforms support 4K resolution, making upscaled images compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Using 4K images can set your content apart from competitors by offering superior visual quality.

Can you Upscale an Image to 4K Resolution?

The short answer is – yes, you can easily upscale your images to 4K resolution by using a dedicated AI-powered tool.

An advanced 4K image upscaler is typically based on deep learning neural networks. These algorithms analyze the low-resolution image to understand its features and patterns. Then, they generate additional pixels to increase the image’s resolution while preserving details and reducing distortion.

Top 10 4K Image Upscaler Tools You can Use

Now that you know how a 4K upscaler AI tool works, let’s get to know about 10 of these best solutions.

#1: iFoto Photo Enhancer

The best image upscaler 4K free solution that you can try is iFoto Photo Enhancer. It is a part of the iFoto studio that lets us instantly improve the resolution of our images while preserving their quality.

  • You can simply upload your low-quality images to iFoto Photo Enhancer and upscale them to 2K or 4K resolution.
  • Apart from upscaling, iFoto can also improve the quality of the image by reducing noise and fixing other issues (related to brightness, contrast, etc.)
  • iFoto uses a highly sophisticated AI algorithm to turn your low-quality images into high-quality.
  • With the iFoto studio, you can do several other things as well like removing backgrounds, changing color of clothes, generating AI models, etc.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • It also improves the overall quality of the image drastically
  • Produces excellent results for landscape, product images, portraits, etc.


  • Batch processing is not supported as of now
image upscaler 4K free

#2: PixelCut Image Upscaler

PixelCut has come up with an online 4K image upscaler that you can use to improve the quality of your photos. You can either upload a simple image or use its batch processing to improve the quality of multiple images.

  • PixelCut is based on an advanced AI algorithm for image upscaling, needing no manual intervention.
  • It will upgrade the resolution of the image to 4K while improving the overall quality.
  • The tool can also get rid of blemishes, ailments, or any other issue in your model images.


  • Reliable results
  • Also supports batch processing


  • The free version will leave a watermark on images
4K image upscaler

#3: Img Upscaler

As the name suggests, Img Upscaler is a dedicated 4K upscaler tool that can help you improve the resolution of your images. As of now, it supports images in PNG and JPG formats only.

  • You can upload any image on Img Upscaler and select a preferred 2K or 4K resolution for output.
  • It provides dedicated AI tools to upscale animated or human portraits.
  • While it supports batch processing, the image size can’t exceed 5MB.


  • Supports batch processing
  • Excellent results for upscaling portraits


  • Results can be better for product photos
  • For the free version, only 20 credits are given monthly
4K upscaler

If you are looking for a powerful 4K image upscaler tool, then you can try this solution by Media.io.

  • You can try the Media.io image upscaler tool online or by installing its desktop application.
  • Users can upload a single image or do batch processing by uploading multiple images.
  • It can automatically erase any ailments in your images and upscale them to 4K while improving their quality.


  • Excellent results
  • Can be installed on the system to access offline


  • Limited features for free users
Media.io Image Upscaler

#5: Spyne Image Upscaler

Powered by Spyne AI, this is a powerful online tool that can upscale your images to up to 8K – and that too without compromising on the quality.

  • Once the image is uploaded on Spyne AI, you can select its desired output resolution (2K, 4K, or 8K).
  • You can simply upload a single image or do batch processing of upscaling as well.
  • As of now, Spyne 4K upscaler can be used online or via its mobile apps.


  • Effective results
  • Easy to use


  • Only supports JPG and PNG formats
Spyne Image Upscaler

#6: Vance AI Image Upscaler

Vance AI has also come up with an entire suite of AI tools, including a solution to upscale photos to 4K. On its online tool, you can upscale one image at a time or use its batch processing on its desktop application.

  • Once the image is uploaded, Vance AI will undertake its process, and upscales the image to 4K resolution.
  • You can also use Vance AI on a Windows PC to upscale multiple images at the same time.
  • Unlike normal upscaling, this will ensure that the overall quality of the images is also enhanced.


  • Produces high-quality results
  • Available on the web and as a desktop application


  • Not available for free
upscale photos to 4K

#7: Upscale Image by ILoveIMG

If you are looking for a lightweight yet effective image upscaler 4K free solution, then you can try this online tool by iLoveIMG.

  • You can just upload any JPG or PNG image to the online tool, and it will upscale it.
  • It gives us an option to directly upload the image from the system or from Google Drive/Dropbox.
  • Once the image is upscaled, you can preview the results and directly download it.


  • Fast processing
  • Freely available


  • Results are not that efficient
image upscaler 4K free

#8: Upscales AI Image Enhancer

This is another dedicated 4K upscaler tool that you can access online for free. Apart from its web version, the intuitive AI solution is also available on its iOS/Android app.

  • By following a simple 3-step process, you can easily upscale your images using Upscales AI.
  • You can also compare the before and after results of the image-enhancing operation before saving the output.
  • While it doesn’t support videos as of now, you can use it to enhance the quality of your GIFs.


  • Available as mobile apps as well
  • Can be used for free


  • Don’t support video enhancement
AI Image Enhancer

#9: Let’s Enhance Image Upscaler

Let’s Enhance is one of the most reliable online tools that can help you upscale photos to 4K. As of now, you can use this online 4K upscaler tool to enhance up to 10 images for free.

  • You can just drag and drop any image to Let’s Enhance to upscale it to up to 4K resolution.
  • The online tool will also get rid of noise from your image and increase its overall DPI.
  • Let’s Enhance also provides an API so that you can integrate its features with other tools of your choice.


  • Effective results
  • Also supports the upscaling of images in bulk


  • Only 10 images can be upscaled for free
upscale photos to 4K

#10: Cutout Pro Image Upscaler

The last 4K upscaler for images that I recommend using is from Cutout Pro. It has one of the most advanced AI algorithms that can instantly make your images look better.

  • You can easily increase the resolution of your images from 720p to up to 4K resolution.
  • The AI tool can also make your images sharper, brighter, and get rid of noise from portraits.
  • It also provides a dedication option to restore old photos by denoising them.


  • Provides a wide range of AI-based options
  • Its mobile app is also available


  • Only 5 credits are given for a free account
Cutout Pro Image Upscaler

How to Upscale your Images to 4K for Free?

Out of all the listed options, iFoto Photo Enhancer is the best 4K upscaler solution for images that you can try. Let’s consider its example and learn how you can also upscale a photo to 4K in seconds:

Step 1: Upload the photo to upscale

To start with, you can just visit the website or app of iFoto Photo Enhancer and log-in to your account. Now, you can simply drag and drop the photo to enhance or browse it manually.

How to Upscale your Images to 4K for Free?

Step 2: Enhance the uploaded photo

Once the photo is uploaded on iFoto, you can get its preview. If you have made a mistake, then you can reupload the image from here as well.

Upscale your Images to 4K

Now, just go to the sidebar, select the preferred resolution, and click on the “Upscale” button.

Afterward, just wait for a few seconds as iFoto detects the uploaded image and processes its upscaling algorithm.

4K upscaling algorithm

Step 3: Check the results and download the image

That’s it! Once the upscaling process is completed, you can check the before and after results on iFoto. You can now click on the download icon to save the upscaled photo offline.

upscaling process


By upscaling your low-quality images to 4K resolution, you can certainly make your photos more interesting and compelling. Thankfully, you can easily do the same by using any reliable 4K upscaler that I have listed above. Out of all these solutions, I  recommend using a tried-and-tested 4K image upscaler like iFoto Photo Enhancer. The AI tool is extremely easy to use and produces highly reliable results for free. Go ahead and use its web or mobile tool to upscale photos to 4K in seconds!

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