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Add Christmas Backdrops to Photos

Add Christmas Backdrops to Photos Instantly with These Power Apps

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Can you hear the bells jingling – as the holiday season is just around the corner? This year, why not send Christmas wishes to everyone or post those perfect holiday shots online. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do a photo shoot just for Christmas. Here’s a secret – you can instantly add Christmas backdrops to any image and make it perfect for the holiday season. Don’t believe us? Here are the top 5 apps that can help you add a flawless Christmas background aesthetic to your photos!

5 Tools to Add Christmas Background to your Photos

From freely available online tools to smartphone apps, there are multiple ways to add a Christmas background to your photos. After trying these tools on my own before, I have listed my top 5 picks:

#1: iFoto AI Background for Models

AI Background for Models is a perfect online tool by iFoto that can seamlessly change the background of model images. The tool is powered by a powerful AI, letting you add Christmas photography backdrops to your model shoots with zero editing.

Using the iFoto tool to add Christmas backdrops to model images is super easy too. Just upload the image, select the Xmas background of your choice, and download the edited image. Apart from holiday seasons and festivals, you can add global backgrounds to your photos for beaches, streets, and so on.


  • The iFoto tool is available online and can easily be accessed on any device of your choice.
  • You can start using iFoto for free to change the background of model images.
  • It is extremely easy to use and offers a wide range of backgrounds for different occasions and settings.
  • No licensing worries as you can use the edited images however you like.


  • Its free credits can get exhausted after changing the backdrops of multiple images.

Pricing: Free trial and $29.99 per month afterward

AI Background for Models to add christmas backdrops

#2: iFoto AI Background for Products

Similar to model photos, iFoto also offers an effective tool to change Xmas backdrops for products. For this, you can just use the AI Background for Products by the iFoto Studio. The AI-powered tool can instantly detect your product, remove its background, and let you add new backgrounds to it.

You can use it to apply Christmas background for pictures instantly – without any designing or technical hassle. Since you would own the license of the modified image, you can later use it however you like!


The iFoto Studio can add a Christmas tree background or any other festive background to your product images instantly.

  • You can also browse a wide list of other background types like solid colors, beaches, streets, and more.
  • You can use the free credit of iFoto and edit a few images without paying anything.


  • No bulk editing feature is supported as of now.

Pricing: Free trial and $29.99 per month afterward

Change Xmas backdrops for products

#3: Christmas Background Changer

As the name suggests, this is a dedicated christmas background changer app that offers an extensive range of Christmas backdrops. From Christmas trees to reindeer and Santa to snowfall – the app features tons of cute Christmas backgrounds. You can just upload any image, browse the list of backgrounds, and apply the backdrop of your choice.



  • It has backgrounds related to Christmas only (and no other festival or occasion).
  • Its results are not that impressive, and others can detect that you have used an artificial background.

Pricing: Free

Christmas Background Changer

#4: Apowersoft Auto Background Changer

If you are looking for a diverse tool that can run on multiple platforms to apply a Merry Christmas background, then give Apowersoft a try. The application hosts a wide range of backgrounds to pick from – including dedicated Christmas backdrops. You can first remove the existing background from your image and then apply any relevant backdrop of your choice in seconds.


  • Offers hundreds of different background options to pick from.
  • Not just Christmas, you can apply backgrounds related to multiple other occasions.


  • Not available for free
  • It doesn’t support the bulk editing feature.

Pricing: $0.25 to $0.029 per image

Apowersoft Auto Background Changer merry christmas background

#5: Christmas Photo Frames

This is one of the best iOS apps where you can find tons of Christmas backdrops in one place. You can find Christmas-themed stickers, 3D effects, Christmas tree background, and so much more. While some backgrounds and effects are freely available, several premium effects are paid.


  • The iOS app is quite effective and produces realistic AI-powered effects.
  • Besides backgrounds, you can also find stickers and 3D effects in the app.


  • Most of the aesthetically appealing Christmas effects are paid.
  • Only available for iOS devices

Pricing: Free, $3.99 for the Pro account, and $14.99 for a monthly pass

best iOS apps to add christmas backdrops

How to Add a Christmas Backdrop to a Photo with iFoto?

As you can see, there are so many online and mobile apps to add Christmas backdrops to your pictures. Out of them, my favorite is the iFoto Studio as it is super easy to use and offers AI-powered dynamic features.

Here’s how you can also use iFoto to add Christmas photography backdrops to your product or model images:

Step 1: Go to iFoto and upload your photo

Firstly, just head to the official website of iFoto and set up your account. Now, go to your dashboard and access either the Model Backgrounds or the Product Backgrounds feature, based on your requirements. Afterward, you can just drag-and-drop your image to the interface or browse it on your system to load it.

upload photo to add christmas background

Step 2: Select Christmas backdrops on iFoto

Once your photo is loaded, iFoto will automatically process it, getting rid of its background. Now, you can just browse the extensive list of available backgrounds on the left panel and click on the desired option.

Click on the “Christmas” option here, which will automatically add a Christmas background aesthetic to your image. You can choose different AI-generated backgrounds here and preview their results on the right.

Select Christmas backdrops on iFoto

Step 3: Download the modified image

That’s it! Once you are satisfied with the results and have added a Christmas background to your photo, you can save it. Just click on the “Download” button on the top and let iFoto save the modified image on your system in a JPEG format.

Download the modified image with christmas backdrop

Is there any Reliable App to Get Christmas Backgrounds?

Yes – you can use the iFoto Background app on your smartphone to quickly add Christmas backdrops to your product or model images on the go.

Just like its web-based version, the iFoto app is also powered by the best-in-class AI that can instantly detect products or models in your images. Later, it can let you replace the original background with a new one – be it a global background like a beach or a festive background for Christmas.

Why use the iFoto Studio app?

The iFoto Studio is quite easy to use and will let you add different types of Christmas backdrops to your photos without any technical hassle. The best part is that you can further use these modified images without any licensing issues as well.

Final Thoughts

By now, you can easily learn how to add Christmas backdrops to your images in seconds. For your convenience, I have listed web and mobile-based solutions that can help you add the perfect Christmas background aesthetic to your pictures. Out of all the listed solutions, the iFoto Studio is a tried-and-tested option. You can access it on any platform and use its AI-powered features to add multiple cute Christmas backgrounds to your images in seconds.

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