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AI Art Generator

AI Art Generator — Creating the Art of the Future

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Text-to-image AI art generation is an epic trendsetter and one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. With a market valuation of over $213 million, it’s no surprise that most global companies have invested in the technology, giving a surge to its popularity. Let’s start with what an AI art generator is, and there’s a lot more waiting in the queue!

What is an AI Art Generator?

As it describes itself, an AI art generator converts the text or the prompt you make into a visual graphic or image. The developers optimize AI algorithms to read billions of image-text pairs, making them understand the prompt and generate the matching image.

Undoubtedly, AI art generators rely on Artificial Intelligence as a primary technology, but they also utilize Machine Learning (ML) and a productive set of hardware. That means you need a powerful computer with a new-gen CPU and graphics card to get the best results.

Once the AI processes the image, it’s time to render the output and make it usable. AI generators work with Diffusion Models and Generative Adverbial Networks (GANs) to produce realistic outputs. While the Diffusion Models edit noise fields to match the prompt, GANs use their neural networks for authenticity and image generation.

Top 15 AI Art Generators to Encourage the Artist Inside You

As a result, there’s an exclusive range of AI art generators associated with famous ventures in the industry. Whether you’re a regular user or an established business, you might be curious which AI Generator is the best among the whole trivia.

You asked for it, and here we are, uncovering the details of the 15 best AI art generators. In this article, we will help you choose the best AI art generator with an in-depth explanation and comparison.


When it comes to AI art generators, Midjourney AI art generator strikes in the minds of everyone. That’s because of its incredible fanbase of over 18 million members on Discord. Besides this, the official website records an average traffic of 40 million describing its popularity.

So, what makes it so popular? Midjouney got its thrill from the high-quality image generation and ability to handle complex prompts. It’s a machine-learning-based AI art generator that uses its independent model. Instead of generating photographic images, Midjourney is famous for its artistic or painted appearance.

Pricing: $10-$120 per month

AI Models: Midjourney

Midjourney ai art generator


That’s where the game of AI art generation started in 2022! DALL-E2 is an easy-to-use and productive AI image generator associated with OpenAI. Although the tool works with the DALL-E2 model, it includes a Text Encoder, Prior, and an Image Encoder.

When a user enters the prompt, the text encoder encodes the message and maps it to a representation space. After that, the Prior model captures the semantic information and enables the Image Decoder to generate the image.

Pricing: $15 per 115 credits

AI Models: DALL-E2

DALL-E2 ai art generator from text


Developed by WOMBO, Dream AI is an award-winning and free AI art generator holding the first position in Google Play’s 2022 Awards. The app utilized the machine learning algorithm of WOMBO AI and quickly created AI images encoding the prompt.

You can choose from multiple design templates, including Realistic, Expressionism, Fanatical, and Ink. Despite its exciting features, WOMBO Dream is free and supports Web app, iOS, Android, and Discord.

Pricing: Free, Membership starts from $9.99/month




Here comes another gem from the house of OpenAI! DALL-E3, or ChatGPT, is an upgraded version of DALL-E2 with epic control of the instructions and multiple revisions. Unlike most AI art generators, you can send numerous prompts to DALL-E3 and ask for further image additions.

For instance, you forgot to add a boat near the harbor in your prompt for an epic landscape. You can reply with the same command to add the boat without credit restrictions. All you need is the premium version of ChatGPT (ChatGPT Plus), which will also give you access to the GPT-4.

Pricing: $20 per month

AI Models: DALL-E3

DALL-E3 ai art generator

Deep Dream Generator

Developed by Google, Deep Dream Generator falls among the oldest AI art generators. Google designed it as an image enhancer using Google’s DeepDream algorithms. However, the app followed the trend and utilized Stable Diffusion for AI art generation.

Like WOMBO Dream, the Deep Dream Generator also features AI generator modes such as Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, and Deep Dream. It’s no surprise that the tool creates brilliant AI images, but you cannot copyright them, and anyone can use the image you create.

Pricing: 20 Free Images, $19/month onwards for Advanced plan

AI Models: Custom-Trained Models

Deep Dream Generator


Nightcafe is a comprehensive AI art generator that includes features of DALL-E2 and Stable Diffusion. Indeed, it works with four AI art models: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, and VQGAN-CLIP.

Whether impressionism or expressionism, Nightcafe offers a multi-function environment with various inputs and styles to meet user’s requirements. Besides this, if you use the Nightcafe, you become part of an exclusive community of AI artists and get access to the Discord server and gallery.

Pricing: $6/month for 100 credits

AI Models: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN-CLIP

Nightcafe generate AI art from text

Bing Image Creator

As we know, Bing belongs to Microsoft, and so does the Bing Image Creator. Microsoft has enrolled in a partnership with OpenAI to introduce this app for AI art generation. Not to mention, it works with the DALL-E3 art model and features similar functionality.

Though Microsoft conducted some modifications to the default styles, you still enjoy the controlled prompts and multiple revisions. The best part is Bing Image Creator comes up as a free AI art generator with DALL-E3 features.

Pricing: Free

AI Models: DALL-E3

Bing Image Creator

Jasper AI Art

Jasper AI holds a reputation as an incredible AI writing tool with professional templates and quality writeups. If you’re one of the Jasper users, you can access the AI art generator in the Art section and enter prompts for images.

However, it may be costly for new users as they need to buy a complete subscription of $39 per month. Despite working on Stable Diffusion, Jasper Art is a basic AI art generator and may need to be more worthwhile for professionals.

Pricing: $39 per month

AI Models: Stable Diffusion

Jasper AI Art


If you want to have some fun with AI images and are looking for a free AI art generator, Craiyon can be a perfect option. It’s the former DALL-E Mini based on the first-gen DALL-E model, featuring a basic set of specifications to play around with.

As it works on an old model, expect something other than the modern features in the latest AI art generators. Instead, you get a basic text-to-speech functionality and a decent output, goodaired of a free AI art generator.

Pricing: Free, $6 per month to remove watermark

AI Models: DALL-E

Craiyon free AI art generator


We wonder how developers still use old technologies like VQGAN-CLIP and CLIP-Guided Diffusion. StarryAI is the best example of it! It’s an essential tool with beginner image generative models optimized for a decent output.

Fortunately, StarryAI offers multi-platform access and supports Web, iOS, and Android. The app is initially free for up to five credits per day, but you must pay $11.99 monthly for further image generation.  

Pricing: 5 credits per day (Free), 50 credits per day ($11.99 per month)

AI Models: VQGAN-CLIP, CLIP-Guided Diffusion



Want to transform your thoughts into brilliant AI comics? DeepAI got the drill! It’s a super easy and free AI art generator leveraging your AI art creation process. However, the developers have restricted the free subscription to their web app only.

If you want to use it as an API with full features, you must buy the paid plan and sign up. DeepAI’s paid subscription gives you access to custom AI styles and API for website integration.

Pricing: Free, $5 per month (500 images)

AI Models: Custom Models

DeepAI art generator


We have discussed Stable Diffusion often throughout the article, but DreamStudio is the official AI art generator based on this model. Interestingly, it’s the first customizable AI art generator with random seeds and entries such as Negative Prompt.

The tool primarily generates 1:1 AI images, but you can easily change the aspect ratio in a few clicks. Although some features need technical know-how, anyone can develop AI images using DreamStudio.

Pricing: Free 25 Credits, $10 for 1000 credits afterward

AI Models: Stable Diffusion


Adobe Firefly

If we explore the best AI art generators, Adobe Firefly is a worthy inclusion. That’s because Adobe has been investing in artificial intelligence in the past two decades. Adobe Firefly is a custom AI art generator from the company based on its own art model.

Whether you want to use its web app or the API, the versatility of this app won’t disappoint you. Besides this, it supports custom text effects and image styles to deliver the expected AI image output for your prompt.

Pricing: Free 25 credits per month, $5 per month for 100 credits

AI Models: Firefly

Adobe Firefly ai image generator


Picsart is another image editor on the list with some juice of artificial intelligence. Based on Stable Diffusion, Picsart AI is available for integration with the primary editor, making it more productive. From text to stickers, it gives you access to a glut of AI-generated elements and allows you to create a custom AI image.

Not only does it work as a web app, but you can also use its application on your iOS and Android devices. Like the Picsart editor, the AI is partially free, but you must buy the subscription to remove the watermark and access premium features.

Pricing: Free, $13 per month

AI Models: Stable Diffusion

Picsart ai art generator from text free


OpenArt is concluding our list of best AI art generators as an open-source AI art generator. Interestingly, the tool works on both Stable Diffusion and DALL-E2, featuring combined functionalities. The OpenArt further added additional features that enable you to use open-source models and generate more specific images.

Thanks to the exclusive customizations, the app possesses additional options such as sketch-to-image and stock art transformer. The best part: 50 trial credits are for free, and you can buy 5000 credits for just $10 per month.

Pricing: Free (50 credits), $10 per month (5000 credits)

AI Models: Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2

OpenArt AI generators

What is the Best AI Art Generator?

Undoubtedly, all AI art generators possess unique specifications justifying their price. But the best AI art generator is the one that serves your purpose and offers value for your investment. Henceforth, we consider DALL-E3 or ChatGPT the best AI art generator from text.

OpenAI’s DALL-E3 has a trustworthy AI model and controlled prompts with multiple revisions. Whether you want an artistic or photographic AI image, DALL-E3 is your right companion. Not to mention, it comes at a worthwhile price of $20 per month, which also includes the GPT-4 access.

Meanwhile, for users who want an AI art generator from text free of cost for fun, Adobe Firefly is a great option. With customizable elements and cross-platform support, the free AI art generator can fulfill all your image generation needs.

What are the Disadvantages of AI Art Generator?

Copyright Issues

As AI is a complex technology, copyrighting and protecting the copyright of AI images can be challenging. There’s no specific law that can completely cover the copyright. We have encountered cases like GitHub Copilot Litigation on Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI sued for creators’ content violation.

Lack of Creativity

Besides the copyright, AI art generators always need more creativity and create something out of the box. That’s because it only takes inspiration from the existing art and develops the images according to your prompt. On the other hand, a human artist can collaborate their thoughts and draw a unique piece of art.

Unethical Conduct

As discussed above, AI art generators take inspiration from existing images from the artists. Do they compensate anything to them? The answer is NO. They neither ask for the artist’s permission to modify their copyrighted art nor give any credit after the image generation. However, StarryAI mentioned some artists like Banksy and Llya Kuvshinov in the image options. 

Can AI Art be Copyrighted?

No, you cannot copyright an AI-generated art and give an attribute to a person for it. According to The Guardian, a US federal judge rejected the copyright claim of AI-generated art on 18 August 2023. It also happened in 2018 with Stephan Thaler of Imagination Engines when the US Register of Copyright denied the application of AI art copyright.

History speaks, and lawmakers are not involved in crafting copyright for AI-generated images. While you cannot officially copyright the art, you can use AI art generators for content creation, SEO, and entertainment. 

Final Thoughts on AI Art Generators

Conclusively, AI art generators are brilliant tools to convert your creative ideas into an AI image. Thanks to big ventures investing in technology, AI art generation is setting new trends in the content creation industry.

While you cannot copyright your AI art for now, an AI art generator from photo can help you with eye-catching images following your commands. Even if you’re a large-scale business, you can utilize this technology as an API for your website, application, and social media.

Try out the best AI art generator today and be part of an emerging AI market expected to reach $2 trillion by 2030!

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