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Midjourney Alternatives

10 Tested and Proven Midjourney Alternatives Available Today

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As a creative, it’s important that you not only publish text-based content but also visuals. They help spice up the content and make it relatable.

But what do you do if you don’t have the skills to create art from scratch? For many years, professionals like you and me relied heavily on graphic designers to create pictures and other art forms. Not anymore.

Midjourney, an AI-powered tool, leveled the playing field by allowing users to create amazing images from prompts. All you have to do is submit a comprehensive prompt of the kind of image you want, and the tool will do the heavy lifting for you.

You don’t need artistic skills or prior experience to generate images using Midjourney. You can refine the images produced to your liking by changing the size, style, contrast, and more.

However, Midjourney has a few drawbacks that are concerning. The AI-generated images are public and only available through the Discord server, and it’s expensive.

Luckily, there are other tools that are equally effective in creating HD images using artificial intelligence. We spent the last 4 weeks researching, and here is our list of the top 10 Midjourney Alternatives

10 Best Midjourney AI Art Generator Alternatives [Free and paid]

The human brain is wired to process visuals faster and more efficiently than blocks of text. The beauty of the internet is that you are not limited to one tool, the free Midjourney AI Art generator.

There are many AI art generator tools you can use to make your content more appealing and easy to digest for your audience.

Let’s get straight into it.

1: Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI tool that you can use to create photorealistic images using text descriptions. You can use it to create different images, from landscape images, illustrations, and art to sci-fi characters, in just one click.

Stable Diffusion

It’s powered by Stable Diffusion XL, which enables it to interpret text prompts and generate images rapidly and accurately. There is no limit on the kind of art or images you can generate, and no personal information is collected or used. The robust privacy policy is impressive.

Stable Diffusion is available in three packages:

  • Basic – $29 per month
  • Standard – $49 per month
  • Premium – $149 per month


  • Can generate static and dynamic images
  • Allows users to enhance specific features and areas of the image before downloading
  • Can create high-quality images from low-quality sources, like low-resolution images
  • Can improve stability and quality of images generated


  • The quality of the image depends on the quality of the text prompt and network parameters
  • Unsuitable for complex image editing projects

Official Website URL: https://stablediffusionweb.com/

2: DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is another free AI tool that you can use to generate realistic images using text prompts. This tool relies on different concepts, styles, and attributes to create images that match the user’s text description. You can also use it to improve the lighting, aesthetics, and colors of the image.

DALL-E 2 free midjourney alternative

You can use DALL- E 2 one-month trial version to test its features. During this period, you will get 50 free credits. Thereafter, you will need to purchase more credits, $15 for 115 credits.


  • It’s user-friendly, making it ideal for both novice and professional art creators/designers
  • You can use the images generated for personal and commercial purposes – no copyright restriction
  • Has a free and paid package.


  • The tool’s language model only understands English
  • Possible ethical and legal issues may arise because the images are scrapped from online databases accessible to the tool.

Official website: https://openai.com/dall-e-2

3: Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an invaluable tool for content creators who need to create visuals for their blogs, websites, and marketing campaigns. The images generated are based on the text description or keywords you submit.

Jasper Art

It’s easy to use and quickly generates visuals and photo-realistic images, saving time and money. You can also specify the style and medium type, like watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal.

Jasper Art has three pricing plans.

  • Creator Plan – $49 per month
  • Teams – $125 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing


  • Offers multiple style and medium customization options
  • You can use keywords to create images, not just text descriptions
  • Generates images in under 5 seconds
  • Past projects are saved in your dashboard
  • A like and dislike button for submitting feedback


  • Images generated are copyrighted. Meaning other people can use them.
  • Risk of infringing a person or artist’s copyrights, especially when you generate celebrity images
  • Results are not always 100% accurate

Official Website URL: https://www.jasper.ai/art

4: Craiyon

Craiyon is a free Midjourney alternative that you can use to leverage the power of AI to generate images. Submit a text prompt detailing the kind of image you want, and watch the tool generate several images to choose from.

Craiyon free midjourney alternative

It’s powered by DALL-E technology, and you can use the images online and offline. Unlike other Midjourney alternatives we’ve reviewed above, Crayon is 100% free.


  • Generates images in seconds
  • The website has a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Average quality images
  • You can download and print the images for use as decor or on t-shirts


  • Images generated are not saved since users are not required to create an account
  • Interface littered with ads
  • No templates and style sets for customization
  • It doesn’t run on the latest AI technology

Official Website URL: https://www.craiyon.com/

5: Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is another top contender for the best Midjourney alternative title. It uses the latest deep-learning technology and advanced AI artistry to create images based on user text prompts.

free midjourney Bing Image Creator

It is powered by DALL-E 3 and was developed by OpenAI. You don’t need to pay to use Bing Image Creator; as long as you have a Microsoft Account, you can generate impressive visuals for free.


  • It’s accessible to everyone with a Microsoft account
  • Uses advanced image generation and deep-learning technology to generate highly visual images
  • Offers additional customization options
  • 100% free


  • Concerns about the creation and selling of deep fakes at art auctions
  • Doesn’t always accurately interpret the text
  • Some images have distorted features

Official Website URL: https://www.bing.com/create

6: Leonardo.AI

Leonardo.AI is another Midjourney alternative that you can use to create up to 150 images for free per day before being prompted to subscribe. Unlike Craiyon, you need to create and verify your account to get started.

free midjourney Leonardo.AI

Use it to create conceptual art by submitting a text prompt detailing the kind of image you want. Game developers can leverage it to create concept art and visuals. On your dashboard, you will see 10+ models that you can use to create images.

It’s available in three paid plans, billed yearly.

  • Apprentice plan – $12 per month
  • Artisan plan – $30 per month
  • Maestro plan – $60 per month


  • Super easy to use
  • Users have access to a community of creators for inspiration
  • Offers multiple models for different image creation projects
  • Creates realistic images fast
  • Allows customization


  • Features not easy to find for new users
  • Lots of NSFW content
  • Expensive

Official Website URL: https://leonardo.ai/

7: StarryAI

Most experts consider StarryAI a game-changer in the art creation scene. Is it true, or is it just hype? How does it compare to Midjourney? We tried it and were impressed by the 1000 different styles of art it offers.

StarryAI midjourney alternative

Choose a style that best matches your project, then submit a text prompt to get it started. Other features that make StarryAI one of the best Midjourney alternatives are the prompt builder, upscaling, evolving, and other customization features for fine-tuning the generated images.

You can use the website to generate the images or download the iOS or Android app. Both platforms are powered by two AI models, Orion and Altair. In particular, the Altair model has two components, the VQGAN and CLIP.

The two work in tandem. VQGAN generates the images based on the prompt, while CLIP confirms that the image generated matches the text description.

The free plan comes with only 5 credits, after which you have to subscribe to either of the three plans:

  • Starter plan – $8.99 per month
  • Unlimited Pro – $31.99 per month
  • Unlimited Pro Max – $63.99 per month


  • Clean and simple website and mobile app user interface
  • Offers an array of different styles, models, and aspect ratios for customization
  • You have full ownership of the created images
  • Its AI models and styles are regularly updated


  • Compared to other Midjourney alternatives, StarryAI’s customization and editing options may not be enough for complex projects

Official Website URL: https://starryai.com/

8: Adobe Firefly

If you’re looking for a free Midjourney alternative, Adobe Firefly is a good option. You can use the free plan to experiment with the different image creation and customization options, then upgrade to the paid plan for $4.99 monthly. Free accounts get 25 credits, while pain accounts get 100 credits.

Adobe Firefly midjourney alternative

Like other Midjourney alternatives reviewed, Adobe Firefly runs on an AI model that allows users to generate images using text prompts. One of its highlights is that you don’t need a Discord account to access this tool.

Adobe Firefly AI model was recently updated to Adobe Firefly Image 2, which has better text interpretation capability. Generative Match is another great feature that enables users to create images using custom and user-specified styles.


  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Provides multiple design options and styles
  • Ideal for experienced and new AI and machine learning users


  • Limited customization features
  • It doesn’t autosave created images

Official Website URL: https://www.adobe.com/sensei/generative-ai/firefly.html

9: Nightcafe

Nightcafe is an image art generator that uses AI learning models. It interprets the text prompt and uses its deep-learning capability to generate images. Unlike other Midjourney free alternative tools, you can use it to not only create images but also edit original photos.

Another highlight is the five AI generator modes and artistic styles you can use to create and customize the images. Use it to generate fantasy-themed images, abstract images, photo realistic images, and more.

Nightcafe midjourney free alternative

You can either prompt it to generate an image based on a text description or submit a base image as a guide.

Nightcafe has a free plan and four paid plans:

  • AI Beginner – $6 per month
  • AI Hobbist -$10 per month
  • AI Enthusiast – $20 per month
  • AI Artis – $50

Official Website URL: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

10: Lexica

Lexica is a robust AI image generator that is best known for generating high-quality visuals in seconds. It runs on multiple AI algorithms that enable it to interpret user prompts and generate images that match the description.

Lexica midjourney free alternative

There are different art styles, like art, drawing, and photography. You can edit the generated image using its auto-painting and image-to-image editing features.

Lexica is available in three paid plans:

  • Starter – $8 per month/1,000 images
  • Pro – $24 per month/3000 images
  • Max – $48 per month/7000


  • Excellent user interface
  • AI art models are not used in any other Midjourney AI art generator
  • Advanced image editing features


  • You can only create 4 images at once
  • Limited model and style options
  • Most generated images are color-saturated

Official Website URL: https://lexica.art/

Comparison of 10 Best Midjourney Alternatives

AlternativePriceBest Known For
Stable Diffusion
  • Free
  • Basic – $29 per month
  • Standard – $49 per month
  • Premium – $149 per month
Producing photorealistic images
DALL-E 2115 credits for $15Generating realistic images using text prompts
Jasper Art
  • Creator Plan – $49 per month
  • Teams – $125 per month
  • Business – Custom pricing
Generating lots of images for websites and digital marketing campaigns
CraiyonFreeNo image required
Bing Image CreatorFreeOnly a Microsoft account required
  • Apprentice plan – $12 per month
  • Artisan plan – $30 per month
  • Maestro plan – $60 per month
Multiple models for different image creation projects
  • Starter plan – $8.99 per month
  • Unlimited Pro – $31.99 per month
  • Unlimited Pro Max – $63.99 per month
1000 different styles of art to choose from and advanced customization features
Adobe Firefly$4.99 per monthYou don’t need Discord account to access this tool. 
  • AI Beginner – $6 per month
  • AI Hobbist -$10 per month
  • AI Enthusiast – $20 per month
  • AI Artis – $50
You can create images but also edit original photos
  • Starter – $8 per month/1,000 images
  • Pro – $24 per month/3000 images
  • Max – $48 per month/7000 
Runs on multiple AI algorithms

Other AI Tools

While Midjourney and similar platforms focus on turning text prompts into engaging graphics, design project management platforms like iFoto offer a more comprehensive set of AI photo editor features which streamline your creative workflow, improve collaboration, and boost overall productivity of e-commerce.

We are a cutting-edge AI image tool company with a mission to serve as your ultimate E-commerce AI assistant.

iFoto’s AI Fashion Models, which offers a brand-new way to create professional product photos from scratch. Without needing actual models, you can effortlessly generate lifelike model photos, saving costs and time.

Final Thoughts

As AI technology advances, expect to see more Midjourney alternatives that will be more efficient, functional, and reliable.

New  companies like iFoto.ai are set to enter the market, promising innovative AI tools focused on e-commerce image production. Their suite of products aims to revolutionize the creation of professional-grade images for small and medium-sized businesses, catering to the specific demands of the e-commerce industry.

Each of the above paid and free Midjourney AI Art generator alternatives has district features and capabilities. We recommend that you compare and contrast the features to identify a tool that best suits your project and personal preferences.

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