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12 Best Virtual Try On Tools

12 Best Virtual Try On Tools That Are Setting up eCommerce Trends of the Future

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Artificial intelligence has certainly changed how we shop, making it far better and more convenient. For instance, customers no longer have to guess how a product would look on them. With the evolution of virtual try on tools, they can easily get a realistic estimate of the product, its appearance, fit, and more online. Here, I will let you know about some of the best virtual AI-powered try-on tools that you can try as well!

What are Virtual Try On Tools?

As the name suggests, virtual try on tools let us try any product, makeup, hair color, and so on – virtually. These tools are based on augmented reality and can be integrated with the output of your device’s camera. Users can either upload their existing photos/videos or use their device’s camera to try any product.

These tools are powered by artificial intelligence that can detect the human face and will add a layer of the product. This is done so smartly that it yields a realistic output. In this way, the user can judge how they would look in a dress, glasses, jewelry, makeup, etc. before buying it.

What are Virtual Try On Tools?

What are the Benefits of Virtual Try-ons?

With the help of virtual tools that let users try products, eCommerce store owners and customers can reap the following benefits.


By virtually looking at how a product would look on them, customers can easily decide whether they want to buy it or not. They can even share the virtual image with friends to get their opinions in advance.

Better fit

The eCommerce industry is currently suffering from excessive returns due to issues in sizing. This can drastically be reduced as customers can check in advance whether the product will fit them or not.


Online store owners can include different products during the try-on experience, which can help in cross-selling. For instance, if the customer is shopping for a jacket, you can also club a shirt with it to cross-sell it.

For fun

Lastly, these augmented reality tools can make your platform more fun and social. This can naturally attract more prospective leads who would love to experience the AR tool.

Real-life Use Cases and Examples of Virtual Try-ons

In the last few years, virtual try on tools have become extremely popular with more and more brands integrating them into their native platforms.

Clothing: This is the most common industry in which AR is already being integrated. Clothing companies like Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Prada already offer virtual try-on features on their websites.

Accessories: Users can also try different accessories like bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. For example, with the Nike Virtual View, users can see how a pair of shoes from Nike will fit them.

Examples of Virtual Try-ons

Sunglasses: Almost every major sunglass and eyecare brand is offering AR features now. You can explore virtual glasses try on options on websites like Lenskart, Eyeconic, Sunglass Hut, Glasses, etc.

Makeup: Before buying a makeup product, users can check how it would look on their skin before. Maybelline is one of the first leading brands which has integrated the virtual makeup try on experience on its website.

virtual makeup try on

Hair color: Yes – you can even check how a hair color shade would look on you in advance. Global companies like Garnier and L’Oréal Paris have already integrated this on their websites.

Best AI Models to Showcase your Products

If you want to come up with a visually stunning catalog to showcase your products, then consider trying an AI fashion model tool. With these solutions, you can instantly place your products on AI models and make them more appealing.

#1: iFoto AI Fashion Models

AI Fashion Models is a dedicated tool offered by iFoto that lets us turn product or mannequin photos into stunning model shots. The AI-powered platform is super-easy to use, and you can try it for free to create realistic model shots.

  • On iFoto, you can select models based on their age, gender, size, ethnicity, etc. to create unique shots.
  • With the help of iFoto, you can quickly come up with a diverse catalog on a budget.
  • The iFoto Studio also offers other features that can help you change the background of your images or the color of your products.
  • There are multiple options to customize AI models so that you can showcase your product in the best way.
  • iFoto is available for free and its generated images can be used without any licensing issues.
iFoto AI fashion models

#2: StyleAI AI Fashion Studio

StyleAI has also come up with a dedicated fashion studio that you can leverage for your eCommerce store. Using StyleAI, you can generate AI fashion models to showcase your products like a pro.

  • On StyleAI, you can customize your fashion model for parameters like ethnicity, hairstyle, size, and so on.
  • With its free version, you can generate one image at a time, but you can generate multiple images simultaneously with its pro version.
  • It supports realistic output of images in up to 2K HD resolution.
  • You can access other features of the Studio to edit your images.
StyleAI AI Fashion Studio

#3: VMake

VMake provides a wide range of creative, eCommerce-driven AI solutions in one place. You can access the web or mobile app of VMake for creating AI fashion models or editing your images.

  • With VMake, you can place your products on AI fashion models in a hassle-free way.
  • There are multiple options to customize your model’s overall appearance and look.
  • Apart from models, you can also come up with visually appealing product placements.
  • The VMake studio lets us use AI to enhance an image or remove watermarks.
VMake AI models

Virtual Glasses Try On Platforms

If you are planning to buy new glasses online, then you can explore virtual glasses try on tools. With these platforms, you can virtually check how any pair of eyewear would look on you.

#1: Glasses

Glasses is one of the most popular online stores from where you can buy stylish sunglasses or optical glasses. The tool also supports an AR feature on which you can virtually try any product.

  • You can simply use the camera of your phone or laptop to try glasses on a real-time basis.
  • With its Virtual Mirror feature, you can try multiple glasses and compare them as well.
  • Glasses also let us come up with collections and save our favorite products.
Glasses Virtual Glasses Try On

#2: Warby Parker

Warby Parker has come up with an interactive mobile app, which is filled with AR features. Using the app’s virtual sunglasses try on option, you can try any product on your face online.

  • Warby Parker has built its native AR tool that can provide personalized measurements for your products.
  • The AI tool can automatically measure your pupillary distance based on the real-time video.
  • You can instantly switch between multiple eyewear products and check if they fit you or not.
Warby Parker Virtual Glasses Try On

#3: DeepAR

DeepAR provides augmented reality solutions for other businesses that want to include AI features on the platform. The B2B company can help you integrate the virtual sunglasses try on option on your platform easily.

  • DeepAR uses its proprietary tech that can integrate the AR feature on any website.
  • The virtual feature will let customers try your glasses or any other product virtually.
  • Apart from sunglasses, it also provides virtual AR services for makeup, hair color, jewelry etc.
virtual sunglasses try on

Virtual Hair Color Try On Platforms

Just like glasses, you can also try any hair color shades online. Several global brands have come up with dedicated AR features to try hair colors.

#1: L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris is one of the biggest beauty brands out there, which frequently leverages AI tools on its platform. You can just go to its online tool to upload your picture and select a desired hair color from its wide range.

  • The AR tool will automatically detect your face and hairstyle to provide an optimal experience.
  • You can select hair color shades from L’Oreal that are listed under multiple categories.
  • There is an option to get a real-time preview of the look with the device’s camera or you can upload any existing picture.
L'Oréal Paris Virtual Hair Color Try On

#2: Garnier

Garnier has also come up with a user-friendly virtual hair color try on solution that you can access online. The AR tool can be accessed by visiting Garnier’s website or via its mobile app.

  • The AR tool by Garnier will carefully examine your face, hairstyle, texture, etc. while analyzing the input.
  • You can just upload your image and select any preferred hair color that is offered by Garnier.
  • There is an option to instantly switch between different shades and share the results with others.
Garnier Virtual Hair Color Try On

#3: Matrix

Matrix is also known for having one of the widest lines of hair color shades out there. Now, you can try all of them virtually by visiting its virtual hair color try on platform online.

  • You can just upload your headshot, let the AR tool analyze it, and select any hair color from its catalog.
  • To make things easier for you, Matrix has already listed its entire catalog under different shades.
  • You can also make the shade lighter or darker by up to 5-tone to get perfect results.
Matrix Virtual Hair Color Try On

Virtual Makeup Try On Platforms

There are also multiple platforms where you can try makeup products online. This is certainly one of the best ways to find the right shade for your skin tone without the hassle of returns.

#1: MakeupAR

MakeupAR is a reputed B2B platform that can help you integrate this AR feature into your eCommerce store. There are multiple pricing options that small, medium, or big eCommerce store owners can explore.

  • MakeupAR provides dedicated AR solutions for trying blushes, lip balms, eyeliners, lip colors, and so on.
  • It runs a true-to-life AR technology to produce perfect results for different skin tones.
  • You can integrate MakeupAR into your store and try it for free for up to 30 days.
MakeupAR Virtual Makeup Try On

#2: Maybelline

Maybelline hosts a highly advanced virtual makeup try on feature on its website. You can either use your camera’s live feed or upload your headshot to access its AR options.

  • The AR tool by Maybelline will let you find the perfect blush and foundation based on your skin tone.
  • There are options to try an extensive range of products including eyeliners, lip colors, etc.
  • You can instantly save the AR image from Maybelline’s website/app and share it with your friends.
Maybelline Virtual Makeup Try On

#3: NYX Makeup

The virtual try on experience provided by NYX Makeup on its website is definitely worth a try. You can access this AR feature on NYX Makeup’s mobile app and use the camera to get a real-time preview of its products.

  • Using the AR feature of NYX Makeup is extremely easy and can be accessed via its app.
  • The NYC Makeup app will let you find the perfect products that are best suited for your skin tone.
  • You can share the results with others and even save the AR videos offline to replay them.
NYX Makeup Virtual Try On

Final thoughts

With the right virtual try on solution, you can make your online store so much better! It can make the entire shopping experience more immersive for your customers and they can easily find the right product. Not just that – these AR tools can also help you optimize the return rate of products and improve their overall sales. Feel free to explore these tools and give iFoto Studio a try to come up with realistic AI models for your store in seconds!

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