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AI Image Extender

iFoto's AI Image Extender uses generative AI to seamlessly expand images and backgrounds, preserving quality and ensuring a perfect fit for any platform. This tool intelligently adds content while maintaining the original elements.

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Expand Images Instantly with AI Outpainting

Easily expand your images online with iFoto's generative AI. This advanced AI outpainting tool understands your image's context, seamlessly blending new content with the original.

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How to expand your photos with the AI image extender?

Step 1

Upload Your Image



Use the tool to upload the photo you want to enlarge using AI technology. Make sure the photo is in a common format like JPEG or PNG.
Step 2

Customize Your Expansion



Choose the enlargement settings. You can select a specific percentage increase or choose from predefined size templates.
Step 3

Download Enlarged Photo



Apply the enlargement settings to your photo. The tool will use AI algorithms to intelligently expand the image automatically without losing quality.

Extend Images with AI Effortlessly

Transforming a portrait into a landscape or resizing a square Instagram post for a story has never been easier. With iFoto's AI Image Extender, you can perform these tasks quickly, easily, and for free. Thanks to advanced and context-aware generative AI, iFoto can understand your image's context and generate new content that seamlessly blends with the original.
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Inpaint and Outpaint with AI Powered Image Expander

Enhance your images with iFoto's AI Image Extender. Inpaint missing pixels and create endless outpaintings for unique and creative results. Adjust aspect ratios effortlessly for various platforms. Perfect for transforming portraits into captivating thumbnails and covers!
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ai powered image expander

Enhanced Visuals for Every Project or Purpose

Expand Promotional Photos with the AI Image Extender and Get Creative with AI Expand for Your Personal Photos. Create out-of-this-world promotional visuals for your products with just your phone camera and your imagination. iFoto's AI Image Extender is also a great tool for personal use, fitting your personal memories into invitations, posters, and Facebook event banners effortlessly.
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Enhanced Visuals

Enhance Your Images with iFoto's AI-Powered Toolkit

Discover a world of image enhancement possibilities with iFoto's advanced AI Image Expander. In addition to basic AI fill-in images, iFoto offers a variety of integrated tools to improve image quality. Explore additional features within iFoto, such as background removal and AI background addition, to unleash your creativity. Take advantage of the powerful capabilities of iFoto's photo enhancer tool to effortlessly elevate your images to new heights of excellence.
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Ai Powered Toolkit

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