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iFoto Face Swap Meme

How to Create Face Swap Memes and Where to Find Funny Memes

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Regardless of chatting with friends on social media platforms or editing a long post to post to the public, sometimes you will want to create and add funny memes in order to attract attention and better express your emotions.

Today, when AI-powered face swapping function is equipped in many image editing tools, it will no longer be a troublesome task to face swap memes and generate ridiculous funny outputs for sharing. In the following post, let’s see what face swap meme apps that can help, and even where can we discover more memes to directly use on social media platforms. 

Now, let’s dive in.

Why Face Swap Memes Become A Trend?

More people feel like sharing face swap memes, especially while chatting or interacting with others on forums. To conclude, the following reasons can explain why such memes can become a trend in modern life:

  • Better express emotions: instead of typing words, using a meme with corresponding facial expressions can better help you express your feelings, especially when we are heavily relying on the Internet to interact with each other today.
  • Easier to share: face swap memes can be transcoded in pattern of an image, GIFs, or even videos, which are flexible for sharing across the Internet.
  • Quick and easy to get: there are lots of free and easy-to-use face swap apps available to create funny memes just by several easy clicks, and you can change faces with different people as you wish. In addition, some online resource platforms also provide endless creative memes to directly download and use!

How to Create Funny Face Swap Memes By One Click

There are actually countless helpful face swap meme tools available to create funny memes only by uploading pictures and proceeding with the face swapping. Even with AI techniques integrated, the efficiency and output quality can both be guaranteed. In the following, let’s go through some helpful face swap meme platforms that can offer you effortless help.

Create Face Swap Memes with iFoto Face Swap

The leading online image editor, iFoto, has integrated advanced AI techniques to its face swapping application, giving you a favor in generating face swap memes only by clicks. Its powerful facial recognition ability can precisely detect human faces, and let you replace them with other uploaded photos in one shot. iFoto also delivers more editing functions like text or annotation editing to create funny memes with ease. Simply follow the guide below and you can iFoto Face Swap to generate memes:

Step 1. Open iFoto Face Swap in a web browser.

Step 2. Upload the image you need to swap face in it and create a funny meme.

Step 3. Upload the target human image you need to replace the original photo.

Step 4. Complete the face swapping and edit the image in preferences.

Step 5. Download the well-edited meme offline.

iFoto Face Swap Meme

Features of iFoto Face Swap

  • High accuracy in detecting human faces and precisely replacing them;
  • Ultra-fast image resolving speed to improve efficiency;
  • Comprehensive editing features equipped to customize memes before outputting;
  • High security ensured with advanced data encryption techniques;
  • Cross-platform supported (equipped with online, iOS and Android applications).

Face Swap to Create Memes on Vidnoz Face Swapper

Another top-rating face swap meme tool you can try is Vidnoz Face Swapper. This web-based platform is also equipped with advanced AI algorithms to precisely alter human faces with your uploaded photos in one shot. It takes no learning burner to get started, and is 100% free to try. Simply follow 3 steps below to complete the face swapping task and generate funny memes instantly:

Step 1. Navigate to Vidnoz Face Swapper and upload a photo or GIF to the platform.

Step 2. Next, also import the face you are planning to swap the original one.

Step 3. Complete the face swapping. Once the editing is also completed, you can download this meme and use it immediately!

Vidnoz Face Swap

Generate Funny Face Swap Memes via Faceove

Developed for iOS users, Faceover delivers a more effortless process to let you change your face in photos to different ones according to the pictures you upload. Its ability to deal with face detection and quick replacement guarantees a natural output. Once you get the well-edited face swap memes, you can directly export them and upload to any social media platform for sharing with others. Faceover facilitates a more convenient path to generate memes without spending much time and effort!

The brief guide here will also guide you on how to create face swap memes with Faceover on iOS devices:

Step 1. Once installing Faceover on your iOS device, launch the app and upload a meme to get ready for face swapping.

Step 2. Select or upload the targeted faces you want to replace the original ones. Faceover will automatically extract them for you.

Step 3. Move the imported faces to the correct places, then you can simply rotate or adjust to fit the original faces better.

Step 4. Save all editings and then export the meme to use instantly!


FAQ: Where to find and Download Memes for Face Swapping?

Instead of using your own photos, you can also head to some meme collection websites to download resources and face swap them to create your own versions! Therefore, this part has collected several places with rich meme libraries provided to let you freely download and use. Let’s see who are them:

#1. Know Your Meme

Know Your Meme has collected a large amount of memes covering different categories. All these resources are completelu free to download. Once you get your favorite options, you are able to face swap memes and generate your own ones using those powerful face swapping tools like iFoto Face Swap. 

Know Your Meme

#2. Memebase

Another resources hub with free meme resources provided can be Memebase. You are able to discover a blend of funny memes in patterns of an image and GIF, then download them to swap faces and generate other creative options for sharing. Memebase’s meme library will keep updating, which can help you discover more resources to use continuously!


#3. Imgur

On Imgur, you can also access lots of memes categorized into different tags and quickly sort out those you like for further editing. Its timeline will keep updating all the time, making it easier for you to grasp the trending contents and download your favorite materials to generate face swap memes for entertaining. 



Generating a funny meme is no longer a trouble when there are so many powerful AI-enhanced applications such as iFoto Face Swap to help. If you are chatting with friends and wish to quickly create a humorous meme to express your emotion and share with others, the blog has clearly guided you how to process it. Now, create your own memes immediately!

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