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Google Unveils Major Product Update: Bard Generates Images; Text to Music Platform

Google Unveils Major Product Update: Bard Generates Images; Text to Music Platform, and 5 New Free Features

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Google has initiated a significant update to its generative AI products on its official website, introducing noteworthy features such as Bard, a ChatGPT-like chat assistant capable of generating images from text prompts.

The all-new Text to Music platform, MusicFX; the fresh Text to Image platform, ImageFX; a new text expansion platform, TextFX; and the incorporation of generative AI capabilities into Google Maps for swift text-based searches of routes, stores, and more.

It’s important to mention that all five features are currently available for free. Among them, the ImageFX platform stands out with its powerful capabilities, supporting visual control of “key elements” in text prompts.

Currently, both Midjourney and DALL·E 3 lack this capability (they can only use text and not visual control), which is immensely helpful for generating highly accurate images and creating comics!

Bard Supports Text to Images

Multimodal functionalities for generating images and music are not groundbreaking for today’s large models, but Google continues to keep pace with OpenAI. Now, Bard can finally generate images from text, thanks to Google’s self-developed Imagen 2 model.

As per the actual experiences shared by the AIGC Open Community, users can effortlessly generate 3D, anime, sketch, punk, realistic, and oil painting-style images with just a text prompt, achieving impressive results.

Creating an image of a chaotic alchemist’s studio, filled with bubbling flasks, glowing crystals, and a tiny luminous world rotating inside a bottle.

MusicFX, ImageFX, and TextFX

Since Google launched MusicFX in 2023, global users have created over 10 million pieces of music using the product. Now, Google has extensively optimized the platform.

Users can create 70-second music pieces, with three times more music samples than before, and the product is currently free to use.

For example, generating a strongly rhythmic jazz music piece from the 90s. MusicFX can generate four similar music pieces at once, allowing users to choose the best one.


ImageFX is a pure generative image platform released by Google, also supported by the Imagen 2 model. Its usage and effects are similar to Bard and OpenAI’s DALL-3.

For example, creating an image of a Husky running on Mars, wearing a spacesuit, smiling happily, with a 3D effect, 4K resolution, and realistic textures.


ImageFX stands out by allowing users to selectively modify prompts for all key elements.

Using the above prompt as an example, users can directly change “smiling” to “dejected” without altering other aspects, creating image content without changing the environment, among other conditions.


Text Expansion Platform, TextFX

Still grappling with a lack of inspiration for writing text content? Google, in collaboration with Lancaster Fiasco, has launched the TextFX expansion platform. Users only need to provide a sentence or even a set of words to quickly complete text expansion.

For example, on a quiet night, I walked alone on the deserted street. TextFX can quickly help you complete the story content.

Google Maps Supports Generative AI Search

To assist users in quickly searching for addresses, restaurants, gyms, and more, Google Maps has introduced generative AI capabilities.

Supported by Google’s large language model and fine-tuned with 250 million real geographical data points, users can swiftly complete map searches through natural text queries.

For example, recommending nearby vegetarian restaurants or finding a gym with a rating exceeding 4 stars; Google Maps can quickly list stores that meet the criteria.

Additionally, users can pose tourism and photography-related questions to Google, such as, “I want to take a series of vintage wedding photos, what are some buildings and streets in the San Francisco area with a strong vintage atmosphere?”

Currently, this feature is in the testing phase on Google Maps, and Google is optimistic about its potential applications and commercial value.

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