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Elevate Your E-Commerce with Our AI Photo Editor

iFoto E-commerce Cost-cutting Tool: How to Use iFoto AI-based Virtual Models and Clothing Try-On

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iFoto 3.0 is released, offering features like product image generation, editing, image enlargement, and virtual model creation! We are dedicated to providing e-commerce sellers a one-stop solution, making it easy to design product images.

What is iFoto?

Elevate Your E-Commerce with Our AI Photo Editor

How to Use iFoto

Let’s walk through how to use the iFoto functionalities!

1: AI Fashion Models

Log in with your Google account, choose the AI Fashion Model function (currently for full-body and half-body fashion models only), and upload an image of a plus-size model from a fashion brand’s website.

AI fashion models

The system automatically recognizes clothing parts.

Automatically recognizes clothing parts

For inaccuracies, use the editing button to manually adjust. Green adds unselected parts, red removes unnecessary accessories. Save the current style after adjustments.

Green adds unselected parts, red removes unnecessary accessories

Choose a plus-size model on the left and start synthesizing images! iFoto generates two images each time. Compare the original and generated images to see the effects.

Select a model with an average body, and the overall effect is still impressive!

Select a model

Upload a sports T-shirt, use iFoto’s virtual try-on, and observe from multiple generated images—the effect rivals a real model!

iFoto's virtual try-on

Test child clothing try-on, choosing models of different genders. The results are excellent for direct use on e-commerce platforms!

child clothing try-on

Finally, upload an image of men’s model clothing to iFoto. Use models of different skin tones and ages to complete image synthesis. Preview the effects!

upload an image of men's clothing to iFoto

2: AI Background for Models

After generating try-on images, add a background for a more realistic look. iFoto provides various templates—solid colors, natural landscapes, and indoor scenes. Click to apply!

AI Background for Models

For example, set a summer beach scene for a swimsuit model, and for a down jacket, use a winter setting to complete image synthesis.

summer beach background

3: Recolor Clothes

This recolor feature enables one-click color replacement, improving efficiency for e-commerce sellers!

Recolor Clothes

4: AI Background for Products

Suitable for automatically matching product backgrounds, generating professional images. For instance, upload a perfume product image, choose a template as a background, and preview the high-quality, ready-to-use ad image!

AI Background for Products

Or upload an image of basketball shoes, add different backgrounds, and iFoto automatically adds shadows and reflections for a realistic effect!

an image of basketball shoes

5: Free Background Remover

This tool accurately completes image cut-outs, achieving one-click background removal!

Free Background Remover

6: Cleanup Pictures

Remove unwanted objects and elements from images. Select the brush size, mask the area to remove—smart elimination accomplished!

Cleanup Pictures

7: Face Swap

Replace a model’s facial features to save costs for e-commerce sellers! Upload a reference image, choose a model on the left — face swapping completed! Following this method, create models of any skin color and age, generating diverse effect images.

Face Swap

AI tools cleverly circumvent copyright and portrait rights issues. iFoto’s Recopyright function reproduces images based on a reference, altering logos and facial features while preserving clothing styles.


Ideal for budget-conscious small to medium-sized e-commerce sellers, minimizing model hiring costs.

small to medium-sized e-commerce sellers

9: Photo Enhancer

After designing product images, use the enlargement tool to repair and enhance image resolution. Upload a model image to achieve 2K resolution enhancement!

Photo Enhancer

iFoto Subscription Prices

iFoto offers a free version and a subscription-based Pro version. The free version lacks some Pro features like Recopyright and Enhance, and generated images carry the iFoto watermark. The Pro subscription is reasonably priced at $12.99 per month, or even more affordable for an annual plan.

iFoto Subscription Prices

In summary, iFoto is a practical tool, perfect for cross-border e-commerce sellers!

Happy editing.

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