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color changing loungewear

How to Change Color of Loungewear in Seconds: The Most Powerful AI Solution

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has certainly made our life a whole lot easier. For instance, now eCommerce store owners don’t need to do reshoots or hire graphic designers to change the color of their clothing items. With the help of smart, user-friendly AI tools, anyone can change color of loungewear (or any other clothing item) in no time. Simply follow this guide and learn how iFoto can help you change color of clothes without any unwanted hassle.

iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor: Change Loungewear Color Instantly

iFoto Studio is an advanced AI-powered suite that can help you meet all kinds of eCommerce editing needs. The AI Photo Editor has several features but one of its most popular solutions is the Snap Clothing Recolor.

It is an advanced AI-backed solution that can instantly change the color of clothing on any picture. You can just upload the image, select the loungewear (or any other item), and do an instant clothing recolor to any shade of your choice.

  • With the iFoto Snap color changer, users can change the color of any loungewear item to infinite shades.
  • There’s no need to clip out the loungewear item manually – you can just select the item and iFoto will automatically crop it for you.
  • iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor also has an edge optimization feature, which will ensure that the end results look realistic and smooth.
  • You can change color of loungewear of your choice – it can be bottoms, tops, or both. You can either upload a model image or even the product image to get started.

Apart from changing the color of loungewear, iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor can also help you alter the color of any other clothing item. Besides that, you can also browse other AI-powered tools of iFoto to swap faces, generate AI models for product shoots, change the background in any image, and so on.

change color of loungewear

How to change color of Loungewear with iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor

Without any ado, let’s get things started and learn how to change color of loungewear with the help of iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor. Before you proceed, just make sure that you have an active iFoto account. You can create one by visiting the iFoto website or by simply downloading its iOS/Android app.

Once that is done, you can just follow these steps to change color of loungewear by using iFoto:

Step 1: Upload the photo to edit on iFoto

You can start by visiting the website of iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor or launching its iOS/Android app on your device. Afterward, go to the iFoto Studio dashboard and choose the option to change color from the sidebar.

loungewear color changer

This will let you upload any photo to edit by browsing it from your system. You can also just drag and drop the loungewear photo here.

Step 2: Select the loungewear to edit in the picture

As you upload the loungewear photo, iFoto will automatically process it, and provide its preview. Now, you will be asked to simply select the clothing item that you want to recolor.

color changing loungewear

Here comes the important part! You can just click on any clothing item to recolor. For instance, in this picture, I have selected both bottom and top (as it is a loungewear set). Alternatively, you can just select the top loungewear or its bottom (or both as I did).

colour change loungewear

As you select a clothing item, its preview will be provided on the side. If you have made a mistake, then you can also deselect any item and start over. Once you are satisfied, you can click on the “Confirm” button on the side.

Step 3: Change the color of the loungewear item

That’s it! You can now just select any desired color from the extensive range of shades provided on the side. You can click on either of the pre-selected shades, enter the code of the color, or just click on the option of your choice.

As you select the shade from the side palette, it will automatically be reflected on the product/model shoot. If you want to get even better results, you can select the edge optimization feature that will provide a smoother finish.

loungewear color changer

After you have edited the image and changed the color of the loungewear, you can save it by clicking on the download icon.

change color of loungewear


There you go! A quick, easy-to-follow guide on how to change color of a loungewear by using iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor. As you can see, iFoto is one of the best and simplest tools out there that can change the color of any clothing item in seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to doing reshoots or the hassle of using tools like Photoshop. Just create your iFoto account and start diversifying your store catalog in seconds.

Frequently asked questions

How can I change color of loungewear for free?

You can just head to iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor and change the color of loungewear for free. Just upload your loungewear picture, select the clothing item to recolor, and pick any target color of your choice.

Can I use the edited image without copyright issues?

Yes, you own the copyright for the edited image that is processed by iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor. After downloading the edited image, you can use it however you like for your cataloging, marketing, or other needs.

Do I need to have design experience to change loungewear color?

No, you don’t need to have any design or technical experience for using iFoto Snap Clothing Recolor. It is an extremely user-friendly solution to change loungewear color in seconds, without any technical hassle.

How do I change color of loungewear on my phone?

You can download the iFoto app on your iOS or Android device to change color of loungewear on your phone. Just launch the app, upload the image, and select the loungewear to edit. You can now change its color to any option and save the edited image on your phone.

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