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iFoto Face Swap

Effortlessly Swapping Faces with Celebrities in 1-Click

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When AI technologies are adopted in core algorithms to develop photo editors, creating a funny image or meme with celebrities’ faces swapping has become an effortless job, taking you only a few clicks to complete. No matter for working or entertaining, when you need to generate a photo with faces swapping with celebrities, this post is ready to help.

In the following, you can check the reviews to get the best face swapping AI tools and follow the guide to create eye-catching images with celebrities’ faces in one shot.

How to Select The Best Face Swapping App?

When you go search online, there can be countless online tools and apps listed, claiming to offer you an effortless and professional experience in processing face swapping. Among so many options, how can we sort out those “best” options to create an image or meme with celebrity face swapping? Basically, they ought to meet the following qualifications:

  • Accurate facial detection: When the face swapping tools can accurately detect and track the displayed facial features on an image, they can better deal with face editing and generate seamless face swapping outputs.
  • Uncompressed image resolving ability: While resolving the images, if the tools apply an uncompressed technique to deal with the image synthesis process, the outputs can be maintained at lossless high quality.
  • Rich image customizing functions: If the face swapping tools can provide more editing and adjusting features, or filters, and 3D effects to select, they guarantee more opportunities to generate creative outputs at your wish.
  • Data security: To ensure your data and personal information security, the AI face swapping tools must be equipped with encryption protection systems to safeguard user privacy to prevent the potential danger of data disclosure.

Therefore, based on the above criteria, we have tested and now sort out the 4 face swap apps available to help swap faces with celebrities of high quality effortlessly. Just keep reading.

Best Online Tools & Apps for Swapping Faces with Celebrities

1. Accurate Facial Features Detector – iFoto Face Swap

With the cutting-edge AI technique embedded in its core algorithm, iFoto Face Swap is now ranking as the best face swapping tool available for perfectly mixing celebrities’ faces with your upload human images naturally. It can smartly detect facial features displayed on images even in compressed resolution, which ensures perfect celebrity face swapping outputs for a majority of photos.

iFoto Face Swap is also designed with an intuitive user interface, reducing the learning curve and enabling all users to process celebrity face swapping with only several easy taps. As an online tool, you won’t be required to install third-party software or extensions in extra. Simply uploading both the original and celebrity images onto the platform, it will deal with the swapping in seconds for you. In addition, iFoto is also equipped with both iOS and Android apps, providing much stabler and more professional ways for you to swap celebrity faces across devices with a user-friendly experience.

iFoto Face Swap Benefits

  • Accurate facial recognition ability to ensure perfect celebrity face swapping outputs;
  • Quick resolving speed to integrate celebrity faces onto your photos within only seconds;
  • The intuitive interface is ensured to reduce complicated operations and improve image editing efficiency;
  • Online, iOS, and Adroind versions are all equipped to satisfy cross-platform celebrity face swapping demands;
  • Offer an entire ads-free user interface to guarantee a 100% secure and friendly image editing process.
iFoto Face Swap

2. Free Online Celebrity Face Swapping Platform – Vidnoz AI

Another intuitive online tool offering you the simplest way to swap celebrity faces is Vidnoz AI. This web-based platform offers you an immediate solution to deal with different types of face swapping, including both photo and video patterns. Moreover, one highlight of Vidnoz AI should be its ability to deal with multiple celebrity face swapping at once. However, it won’t take you much effort to operate – you only need to upload both your photo and images with targeted celebrity faces to Vidnoz AI, then you can determine the places with faces you like. Vidnoz AI will also resolve the image integration at a quick speed, facilitating the best efficiency and output swapped image shortly.

Vidnoz AI Benefits

  • Optional swapping modes are provided to swap celebrity faces on both photo and video materials;
  • Offer a built-in celebrity database to let you select celebrity faces for swapping in one click;
  • Quick resolving speed;
  • Compatible with mainstream browsers on all devices.
Vidnoz AI Face Swap Online

3. Rich Face Database for Easier Celebrity Face Swapping – Pica AI

To effortlessly swap celebrity faces, Pica AI is also a trustworthy tool that can help you complete the task in seconds. It offers an online library, with AI fashion models and celebrity images to select (uploading your preferred face is also supported). You only need to upload your photo to the platform, and then browse for selecting the targeted celebrity face you need to change to, Pica AI will do the rest for you.

The flawless fast resolving speed is also the reason attracts many users to try. In addition, it offers a cerain number of free quotas to deal with face swapping tasks each day. You don’t need to pay any hidden fee by using the quotas to swap celebrity faces online.

Pica AI Benefits

  • Fase speed to resolve face swapping;
  • Offer free quotas to swap celebrity faces every day without any cost;
  • Preset and customized AI fashion models for selection conveniently;
  • Equipped with an iOS app to deliver stabler AI face swapping function on iOS devices.
Pica AI Face Swap Online

4. Oriented for Video Face Swapping – Artguru Video Face Swap

Specially designed for video face swapping, Artguru allows you to swap celebrity faces on videos with only one tap. The advanced technique used by Artguru will smartly trace the accurate facial features showing up in the video materials, and replace them with your selected celebrity images to generate AI avatars in one shot. Because Artguru doesn’t require to sign up for an account and will offer free chances every day to deal with face swapping, you only need to open this platform and directly start swapping celebrity faces instantly!

Artguru Benefits

  • Expert in dealing with video face swapping with high accuracy;
  • Support swapping multiple faces on the same video sources within clicks;
  • Perform smoothly on popular browsers across different devices;
  • High video resolution will be retained with the least compression.
Artguru Face Online AI Face Swap

How to Swap Celebrity Faces in One Shot

Generally, the way using online face swapping tool to swap images with celebrity faces are pretty similar. Here will take iFoto Face Swap as an example to guide you how to process celebrity face swing in just one minute (lower shorter)!

Step 1. First, use a web browser to go to iFoto Face Swap online tool.

Step 2. Tap Swap Face Now and upload the original person photo to the online image editor. 

Step 3. Select a celebrity face from the database or upload a targeted one by yourself, then you can Initiate the face swapping process. When iFoto completes the face integration, you can download the edited image office immediately.

Swap with Celebrity Face with iFoto


To swap celebrity faces, you only need several easy clicks to complete the process with the assistance of those reliable online AI face swapping tools. Compared among a majority of web-based platforms and apps, iFoto Face Swap is a superior option with 3 user-ends (online, iOS, and Android), working on almost all devices, and can deliver accurate facial features tracking to output natural images with celebrity faces swapped. Now, try iFoto for free and create awesome image outputs with your favorite celebrities!

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