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How to change image background to blue for free

Step 1

Upload Image



Choose the image you wish to apply a blue background to. Opt for an image with clearly defined edges for best results.
Step 2

Add Blue Background



The iFoto online photo editor helps to automatically delete the background color and replace it with blue. In addition, users can also choose to customize the background color.
Step 3

Download and Share



Download the image with the original blue background, and then save, share or continue optimizing the editing process within iFoto. Further adjustments may include changing the backgrounds or improving the overall image quality.

Changing Portrait Image Background to Blue for Free

Blue backgrounds are commonly required for official documentation, ensuring compliance with certain standards. From the visual point of view, blue provides a quiet and professional quality, which attracts people's attention to the theme while conveying credibility. It's also a favored hue for corporate branding, aligning with a company's visual identity and enhancing brand consistency. Moreover, a blue backdrop can eliminate distractions, keeping the viewer's focus squarely on the portrait's subject. No matter for practical reasons or visual harmony, changing background color to blue can significantly improve the effect of portrait photos.
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Enhancing the Visual Appeal of Store Products.

Changing the background of product images in e-commerce to blue has several advantages. Blue backgrounds creates a clean and professional appearance and enhances the appearance of the products. Blue is associated with trust, which can cultivate the confidence of buyers. Consistent blue background in the images maintains the brand consistency. Blue background helps products stand out, attract customers and promote sales.
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Experience the simplicity of iFoto, your go-to for quick photo edits. Abandon the complexity of Photoshop, and do simple color adjustments and artificial intelligence background customization. iFoto brings a relaxed editing experience and enjoys a unique experience with users around the world!
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