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How to edit photo background to black?

Step 1

Upload an Image



Select the image you wish to enhance with a black background by clicking "Upload Image".
Both PNG and JPG formats are supported.
Step 2

Remove Background



iFoto effortlessly removes the background, transforming it into a sleek black backdrop.
Opt for "Pro Edit" to change colors or add an AI-generated background.
Step 3

Download PNG



Download your enhanced image with a plain black background in PNG format.
Consider creating an iFoto account for storage and pro black background photo editing features.

Instant Black Background Addition with AI

Easily remove photo backgrounds using iFoto's one-click AI feature. Select a black backdrop, save it as PNG effortlessly. Enhance visual appeal with contrast, depth, and sophistication. iFoto's editor offers plain black backgrounds for a seamless, elevated image editing experience.
Black Background Photo Editor
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Download HD Black Background Images for Free

Craft your unique black backgrounds at no cost! Effortlessly remove photo backgrounds and replace them with black for free downloads. Ideal for social media graphics, web design, and print materials, our top-notch black background photos cater to both personal and commercial projects. Explore and discover the perfect black backgrounds for your creative endeavors.
Black Background Photo Editor
black background download

Edit Black Backgrounds for Stunning Designs

A dark backdrop enhances contrast and detail, boosting product photography for increased online sales. iFoto's online editor lets you create captivating designs with black backgrounds. Edit, generate, enhance black background pictures, and unleash your creativity with iFoto's user-friendly design tools. Elevate your visuals effortlessly.
Black Background Photo Editor
Edit Black Backgrounds

Your Questions, Answered.

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Do I need an iFoto account to use the plain black background tool?

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