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how to make a picture clearer

How to Make a Picture Clearer? — Top 5 Apps to Enhance Clarity

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Have you ever taken a picture of a particular moment on your phone and found the image blurry or unclear? It can be very frustrating when you want to share beautiful photographs or keep memories alive. Thank goodness there’s always a way to fix a problem in the world of technology.

This comprehensive article will talk about the top 5 best AI photo editing apps that make blurry pictures clear and turn your ordinary blurry photos into beautiful works of art that are bright and clear. These apps use complex algorithms and image-improving methods to provide an easy and helpful answer to the age-old issue of pictures that are not clear. 

Keep reading this post to learn how to make a picture clearer via the app. Also, we will talk about the features and benefits of these apps so you can take clear images of your moments and treasure them forever.

how to make a picture clearer

Why Do You Need Clear Images?

Looks Great

Clear images make things look better, which makes them more appealing and exciting to people who see them. Whether using them for personal reasons, to promote your business, or on social media, high-quality images make a good impression. They grab people’s attention, make you look professional, and improve the general look of your content.

Perfect for Posting Online

Clear pictures are essential for websites, blogs, and social media sites. They get people’s attention, get them involved, and convey your idea or brand identity clearly. Good visuals improve the user experience and encourage people to connect and share online.

Brand Reputation

Clear and good-quality images improve a brand’s image and name. They show that you are skilled, pay attention to detail, and care about quality. This makes customers and other stakeholders trust and believe in your brand. Presenting clear, visually appealing images regularly boosts a brand’s trustworthiness and authenticity.

SEO Rankings

When it comes to SERPs and search engine optimization (SEO), clear pictures are essential. Search engines like good pictures, and adding relevant keywords and descriptive alt text to your images can help your site show up higher in search results. Clear, well-optimized pictures improve user experience and help your e-commerce website rank higher, which brings more free traffic.

High Engagement for E-Commerce Businesses

In e-commerce, you need clear pictures to show off your goods properly. High-quality visuals give customers accurate and detailed views of products, which helps them make smart buying choices. Clear images of products improve the user experience, build trust in your e-commerce brand, and lead to better engagement and sales. This is why they are so important for the success of e-commerce businesses.

Factors that Can Contribute to a Photo Being Blur

Camera Shake

A common reason pictures are blurry is that the camera is shaking. This happens when the camera moves during the exposure, making the image blurry. Hand movement, windy weather, or putting too much pressure on the shutter button are all things that can cause the camera to shake. Using a tripod, speeding up the shutter, or using the camera’s image stabilizer features are all ways to stabilize the camera and make it less likely to shake.

Inappropriate Lighting

Poor lighting conditions can lead to blurry photographs since the camera requires extended exposure periods in low light. Motion blur happens because the camera shakes or the subject moves. You can fix this by adding more light sources, raising the ISO sensitivity, or opening the lens wider to let more light into the camera. Changing these settings can help your photos stay sharp and clear.

Poor Focus

Images can be blurry if the focus is off, especially when the subject is moving. The picture won’t be sharp if the camera focuses on the wrong spot or doesn’t change focus fast enough. To avoid this, ensure your camera is in the correct focus mode, use continuous autofocus for moving objects, and adjust the focus by hand if needed. Using the right focusing methods will help your photos stay clear and full of details.

Wrong Camera Lens

If you choose the wrong lens for your desired shot, the pictures might be blurry. Different lenses are suitable for various applications because they have different focal lengths and visual properties. Photos may lose their sharpness and clarity if you use a lens with an incorrect focal length or bad optical quality. To keep your pictures from being blurry, pick the right lens for the subject, the distance you want to shoot from, and the effect you wish to have.

Unprofessional Photographer

An inexperienced photographer may produce blurry photographs due to incorrect focus, shaky hands, or inadequate camera settings. Their inexperience with adjusting exposure, shutter speed, and aperture can result in motion blur or out-of-focus images. Furthermore, poor composition and framing can conceal subjects, adding to visual blurriness. Overall, lacking technical expertise and attention to detail increases the likelihood of capturing blurry images.

Top 5 Amazing Apps to Make Blurry Pictures Clear

iFoto AI

Make Blurry Pictures Clear: iFoto

iFoto AI leads the list as a free online AI photo enhancer designed to automatically improve image quality without compromising the detailing. It can reduce noise from images with high ISO and upgrade the quality of compressed photos. 

Being an AI-powered tool, iFoto AI precisely corrects blurriness and restores the edges for vivid visuals. If you plan to use it for e-commerce purposes, its 100% automated process and high-quality image unblur will make your investment worthwhile.


  • Fast and Accurate
  • AI-Powered Functionality
  • Premium Features Available for Free


  • Required Sign-Up to Download Images
  • Processing Time Could be Better


Free, plan starts from $5 per month

Vance AI

Make Blurry Pictures Clear: Vance AI

It’s likely the most flexible app that lets you make blurry pictures clear with simple steps. You can fix blurry or old photos, clear up fuzzy ones, draw NFTs, and even make your face move. It has more than 10 AI apps that let you change pictures, make copies of them, and share them. 

You can make your program using an API in addition to the auto-tuner. VanceAI Image Enhancer uses its advanced auto human face recognition tool on the Image Sharpener to sharpen images. So, if you share portrait pictures, it will process more explicit photos.


  • AI-driven effects for enhancing digital photos.
  • Distinct AI algorithms for various picture corrections.
  • Able to alter and compress image files.
  • Able to remove and crop the background.
  • Automated human facial recognition


  • Not all features are available in the free edition.
  • It may be slow and clumsy.


You can get a trial account. The package for one month costs $9.99, and the package for a year costs $4.99. It also has a $24.99 pay-as-you-go plan that doesn’t automatically renew.

Fotor Image Unblur

Make Blurry Pictures Clear Fotor

This is another excellent app for users who want to make blurry pictures clear. You don’t have to make a profile to use its excellent picture editing tools. The sharpen tool makes it easy to fix blurry pictures and make other changes to photos. It also has graphic design, photo collage, photo effects, and creative design themes as editing tools.

Fotor has a paid version and a free version. The paid version gives you longer access to more tools and an online group to share photos. The free version is more than enough if you only need to eliminate blur.


  • The Fotor Photo Editor is free.
  •  Offers crisp boosting capabilities—which can simply restore your blurry photographs.
  •  Replace the gritty texture with an artful blur.


  • It contains advertisements, which may only be removed by purchasing the paid version.
  •  Does not support some languages.
  •  Effects may be unexpectedly deleted and only available in the premium version.


The free Basic version is available. The Fotor Pro plan costs $8.99 monthly, while the Fotor Pro+ package costs $19.99. Students with validated IDs are eligible for a 30% discount.


Make Blurry Pictures Clear Pixelied 

Pixelied‘s Sharpen Picture Tool is an online photo editing application that improves the clarity and sharpness of your photos. It repairs blurry pictures while keeping their natural look using complex algorithms.

When you send a picture to this tool, it goes straight to the processing interface. To improve a digital picture, you need to pick either the image sharpener or enhancer tool. You can also use the other tools to add borders, shadows, and effects and change your processed picture.


  • It is accessible over the internet.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers over 500k creative icons.


  • Not available for free


$4.9 a month for Pro and $8.25 a month for Pro+

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Make Blurry Pictures Clear Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a professional app for improving photos that works well with both Android and iOS devices. With AI support, this best picture enhancer can suggest suitable filters for you, so you don’t have to look for them. It comes with over 150 effects and filters, which are enough to make your photos look better.


  • Strong Editing Functionalities
  • Integration of Cloud and Mobile


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Subscription-Based Model.


For $9.99 a month, you get one terabyte of cloud storage, but Photoshop isn’t available on that subscription.

iFoto AI — The Best Tool to Make Blurry Pictures Clear in 2024

If you’re looking for an image unblur software in 2024, iFoto AI can be the best option for you. It’s a feature-rich AI photo enhancer that uses artificial intelligence to make blurry pictures clear. Being an AI tool, the process is 100% automated and designed to save you time and effort. 

Even if you’re using it for e-commerce, this free tool can provide a high-quality image for better customer interactions. Not only will it save you cost, but it also offers various editing tools to make your media more eye-catching. 

How to Make a Picture Clearer Online for Free?

Now, you know the best tool to make blurry pictures clear. Let’s use it in real life and see how it works. We have tested this tool for you and provided the step-by-step process to image unblur using iFoto AI Photo Enhancer. 

Step 1: Visit the iFoto AI Photo Enhancer

Start the image unblur process by visiting the iFoto Unblur Image feature. It’s a free tool featuring a clean UI and easy-to-use dashboard for your convenience. 

不要上传,图片url: https://www.ifoto.ai/blog/wp-content/uploads/ifoto-photo-enhancer-7.png

Best Tool to Make Blurry Pictures Clear

Step 2: Upload the Blurry Images

Once you’re on the dashboard, click the “Upload Image Now” Button and upload the desired image from your device. Also, the web app supports drag-and-drop functionality, so you can pick your blurred photo and drag it to the upload section. 

Step 3: Unblur the Image

iFoto uses an image upscaling feature to unblur images without compromising the quality. Navigate to the “Enhance” tab and click the “Upscale” button in purple. The upscaling is set to 2X for optimal quality and will provide you with the desired unblurring results using AI technology.  

Unblur the Image

Step 4: Review and Download

That’s it! Your blurred image is now converted into an image with crisp resolution thanks to the AI functionality of iFoto AI. Click the “Download” button in purple and save the unblurred photo on your device for further usage. 

save the unblurred photo

How to Make a Picture Clearer in Photoshop?

Step 1: Smart Layer

To make a background layer copy, press Ctrl + J (or Command + J on a Mac). In the menu bar, go to Filter and choose Convert to Smart Filters. This will turn it into a smart filter. After finishing this step, we can change the desired Filter. 

Make a Picture Clearer in Photoshop

Step 2: Smart Sharpen Filter

Using the Smart Sharpen filter in Photoshop to improve capture sharpening and clear up a blurry picture is a great idea. You can try out different settings to see which ones make the best changes to your picture.

This is what makes this effect different from other Photoshop sharpening tools. This tutorial uses the smart sharpen filter to make a picture sharper and more detailed to show its power. Here’s how to use Photoshop’s Smart Sharpen Filter to make your images sharper. Pick out a photo, then go to filter> Sharpen filter.

Smart Sharpen Filter

Step 3: Invert the Mask

To choose the Filter, click that white box. Press Ctrl + I (Command + I) to invert the mask. The filter changes are no longer visible because the top layer covers them. 

Press B on the computer to choose the Brush Tool and make it the right size. Cut the rate down to about 10%. It turns out that the Unsharp Mask in Photoshop is a great way to improve pictures that are too blurry to be helpful. Click on Filter, then Sharpen, and finally Unsharp Mask to turn it on. 

This box will show up after you choose Unsharp Mask. Set the level to 0 and the amount to 150%. After that, change the radius. Raise the circle from one pixel to the top. It’s best to keep increasing the radius until the picture looks sharp enough. The radius might need to be between 1 and 25 pixels, depending on how big and blurry the picture is.

Raise the circle from one pixel to the top

Step 4: Review and Download

Once you’re happy with how the sharpening effect is working, look at the picture at 100% zoom to make sure the improvements in clarity are what you wanted. 

To avoid artifacts or textures that don’t look natural, pay close attention to features and edges and don’t sharpen too much. Save or export the image in the file type you want to ensure it is ready to print or use online.

sharpening effect


Having clear, high-quality pictures these days is essential because taking and sharing photos of moments has become an important part of our lives. This article lists the top 5 apps that can fix pictures that are blurry or have a lot of pixels. 

These apps use complex algorithms and image improvement methods to turn any photo into a clear and full-color masterpiece. Apps are available for PCs and smartphones, so you can find one that fits your needs.

In conclusion, the time of fuzzy and hard-to-understand pictures is over. These are the top 5 apps that make blurry pictures clear so you can take and share beautiful pictures without worrying about losing quality. However, iFoto AI is the best app for elevating your photos to a new level.

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