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iFoto Face Swap

 8 Best Free AI Face Swap Tools You Can Use in 2024

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Today, when the number AI-powered online editors are sharply increasing, it becomes a more easier job to swap faces compared with the past. No matter if you want to create a funny meme or edit photos for commercial purposes, there are plenty of free face swapping tools that can help you complete the task even without an application installed – you can even complete the face swapping online!

Therefore, in the following review, the 8 best free AI face swap tools are collected to help you swap faces only by clicks! Now, pick any of them and directly proceed with the photo editing instantly!

How to Choose the Right AI Face Swap Tool?

Before heading down to the review list, you’d better keep in mind what qualifications you should consider while selecting a proper AI face swapping app for yourself. Generally, you can consider the following aspects:

Face recognition accuracy: if the tool can more accurately recognize face and extract it, better quality can be retained with dealing with face swapping with it.

Possibility of dealing with face details: for photos of high complexity or more details like the human hair, if the face swapping app can better resolve them, the more natural outcomes you will get.

Customized editing toolkit: when the platform offers more customized editing features to adjust the output effects of the photos with face swapped, you are able to have full control over the visual effects before outputting the edited images.

Real-time preview: having the ability to see a live preview can be useful for verifying the outcome of face swapping before committing to the final image or video.

Privacy protection: it is important to ensure that the tool can protect user privacy by not improperly utilizing or retaining personal facial data without explicit permission.

Preview of the 8 Best Free Face Swap Apps

Online Tools/AppsSupported PlatformsFace Swapping QualityResolving SpeedOverall Rating
iFoto Face SwapOnlineHighFast4.8/5 
Pica AI Face SwapperOnlineMediumFast4.6/5
Remaker Swap FaceOnlineMediumMedium4.4/5
B612Android, iOSHighMedium4.5/5

8 Best Free AI Face Swap Tools of 2024

Based on the above basic criteria, the following 8 best free AI-powered face swapping tools are sorted out through detailed tests. Now, check the reviews and select your preferred option to proceed with the face swapping immediately!

#1. iFoto Face Swap

iFoto is a leading brand with powerful AI techniques applied in its image editing and resolving functions. Referring to the iFoto Face Swap feature, the benefits of this online image editor can even better revealed. This web-based and open-source face swapping tool is equipped with a powerful face recognition ability, which can accurately locate human details and precisely replace the face with another one only by one click. With smart replacement ability, the swapped face will better fit the original photo, and overall give you a natural output even without noticing that the face has already been changed!

The AI-powered image-resolving ability is also revealed in its acceleration speed to deal with the image face swapping – it only takes one second to complete the whole task! As iFoto Face Swap is also compatible with all mainstream web browsers, you are able to deal with the face-changing task on all devices no matter you are using a mobile phone or a laptop! It is also equipped with both Android and iOS applications, offering stabler and more friendly image editing features to mobile users. You can directly install the app from both App Store and Google Play Store entirely for free!

iFoto Face Swap

#2. Artguru

For those with limited phone storage, Artguru’s Face Swap capability provides a free way to experiment with face swapping as it also doesn’t require you to install an application on device at all. This web-based tool gives access to over 100 model faces (including both female and male options), allowing you to change your own photos as movie characters or your customized human faces. Its operations are also simple to learn – it only requires uploading a photo, choosing a desired face image, and enables this AI-powered feature to seamlessly blend the faces into new photo and create a natural output in seconds with good quality!

Artguru Face Swap

#3. Pica AI Face Swapper

Pica AI Face Swapper is a user-friendly face swapping tool that leverages advanced AI technique to guarantee accurate human face recognization and produce high-quality face swapping results. Combining simplicity with the capabilities of AI and also a rich library for selecting AI models, it offers an effortless process that can meet the needs of personal and professional users alike, empowering users of all technical skill levels to efficiently and effectively swap faces in images only by one tap!

Pica AI Face Swap

#4. Remaker Swap Face

Remaker Swap Face is a complimentary tool that utilizes AI technology to provide an enjoyable and accurate face swapping experience for its users. Emphasizing convenience, it offers a quick and straightforward process for face swapping that produces high-quality results, requiring no prior editing abilities or technical expertise from the user. This makes Remaker Swap Face an ideal option for those seeking a simple, entertaining face swapping solution.

Remaker Face Swap

#5. Faceswapper

Faceswapper enables users to swap their face with model images through a simple, user-friendly process without installing any application or going through complicated editing process. Before committing to a purchase, you can experiment with three provided model templates for face swap testing. New users are granted 6 free credits initially. Additionally, this web-based tool now offers an Animated Face Swap feature, providing 6 animation templates to create humorous, meme-styled face-swapped GIF files from your photos only by several easy taps!


#6. B612

Among the leading AI face swap applications for Android and iOS devices, B612 is of great popularity for its handy and accurate face swapping capability to enhance visual appeal of selfies and portraits. It is also equipped with a sticker library to help you customize your face-swapped photos in one shot. There are also many beautiful and cute real-time filters for taking selfies. Over years, B612 has accumulated a large amount of users who loving taking selfies and sharing their lives on social media platforms.


#7. Faceover

The Faceover app goes beyond basic face swapping by allowing you to give every person in a photo a different face. It enables you to cut out, rotate, and flip faces. Even for photos of several people appearing, it allows you to deal with the face swapping and editing without hassle. With its realistic results, you can prank your friends and followers by editing baby pictures or applying the same face across your entire friend group. The possibilities for creative face manipulations are endless with this powerful app. However, as this app is only available on iOS system, you will need an alternative if you are an Android user.


#8. Cupace

Designed for Android users, Cupace’s face swapping feature utilizes a unique approach dedicated solely to that purpose. The process begins by selecting a photo and cropping the face area. Next, you choose a second photo and cut out the desired face to be swapped in. For the final step, you take the initially cropped photo and overlay it onto the second photo, effectively swapping the faces between the two images. The accuracy of Capace can guaranteed you a natural image output without noticing a bit!


Final Words

Face swapping opens up a realm of amusement and artistic expression. Utilizing the appropriate tool can elevate the experience, injecting more delight into the creative face swapping process. Among all these solutions, iFoto Face Swap delivers the most efficient and natural quality in dealing with face swapping. You can instantly get started with it for free now!

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