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Cross-Border E-commerce Graphics

1 Image Doubles Sales! How to Create Explosive Cross-Border E-commerce Graphics?

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A successful cross-border seller once said, what are you really selling when you sell a product? You’re selling an image.

It’s easy to understand the significance of images in e-commerce operations: product design requires images, detailed displays need images, social media promotion relies on images – they are the key to efficient communication and attracting traffic.

Many sellers have learned the hard way about the pitfalls of using images—searching online and using whatever is found. This approach is an absolute no-go because most of these images are copyrighted and cannot be used.

So, where can you find high-quality images? How can you avoid copyright infringement? How do you create explosive images with high clicks and conversions?

Here are 10 recommended high-quality image library websites, each with a distinct style catering to different audiences. It’s advised to bookmark these sites. (Note: Some websites may require a VPN for access) (Content is for recommendation purposes only; evaluate cautiously for commercial use)

1. Unsplash

A highly renowned library with high-quality images covering natural landscapes, portraits, food, architecture, and more. Besides image downloads, Unsplash also provides an API for developers to integrate their image library into applications.

2. Pixabay

Offers a vast collection of high-quality images, including illustrations, vector graphics, photography, and design. The quantity is substantial, with millions of images available for free use.

3. Pexels

Similar to Pixabay, it provides visually stunning high-quality images. Each image is impactful, and it supports English searches.

4. Burst

A free image library created by the Shopify team. While the number of images is limited, it’s relatively niche, making it less prone to overuse. It allows direct downloads without the need for login or registration.

5. Foodiesfeed

Specializes in food-themed images, all in high definition and free to use.

6. Little Visuals

Created by photographer Ryan McGuire, this image-sharing website includes high-resolution images of landscapes, architecture, and people. Although it no longer updates, past works remain available for viewing and use.

7. New Old Stock

This website compiles a large collection of vintage photos from public archives, museums, private collections, etc. Covering various eras and themes, including but not limited to people, cityscapes, transportation, and culture, these images are copyright-free and available for free use. Ideal for history enthusiasts, designers, and creative professionals.

8. Flaticon

A site containing various formats of vector icons, including cute emojis and stickers.

9. Stockvault

A photo community website with contributions from photographers worldwide, featuring over 120,000 photos. This site allows downloads without registration, but it’s crucial to pay attention to the license – if it’s labeled as non-commercial, it cannot be used for business purposes.

10. GratisPhotography

Known for its unique and diverse images, including quirky and fantastical content. Rich in material, it’s a website with a distinctive personality.

  • WIPO Brand DatabaseThe operation is simple; just search for keywords related to the image. Any images found on this website are copyrighted and cannot be used.
Tips: If you don’t know the image’s name, use reverse image search to find keywords associated with the image before checking on the detection website.

AI Drawing

Original designs are undoubtedly the best way to avoid image copyright infringement. However, not all sellers have the ability to create original designs. In recent years, the rise of AI drawing tools has assisted sellers in overcoming this challenge. Here are a few reliable AI drawing tools:


Currently the most prominent and powerful AI drawing tool on the market. It can generate images based on text provided by users. Midjourney produces natural-looking images in various styles such as portraits, cartoon, realistic, and conceptual scenes.


A background generator that creates backgrounds based on uploaded images, adding shadows and lighting to enhance image quality. Suitable for creating product main images.

iFoto offers the ability to reimagine any image found on the internet, transforming it into a unique version of your own at no cost. Effortlessly generate comparable, copyright-free images using the power of AI.


How to Create High-Converting Explosive Designs?

With a limited number of products in the market, the only way to stand out is through different design patterns. The ability to create unique designs is the core competitive advantage for sellers.

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