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iFoto AI Editing Functions

8 Best Free Online AI Photo Editors [2024 Full Review]

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When AI technologies are spreading to photo editing programs, you no longer need to get familiar with a complicated editing program like Photoshop for beautifying images – it now only takes several simple clicks!

Among countless online AI photo editors, we have tested and sorted out the 8 best free options that can bring you effortless help. Now, head down and grasp them to start a quick photo editing process from today!

Top 1. iFoto

The top-ranking online AI photo editor of great popularity today refers to iFoto. This web-based platform has prepared multiple helpful image editing functions, like the AI background changer, face swap, photo enhancer, background remover, etc. to cater to different editing demands. With the advanced AI techniques integrated, iFoto delivers high-quality and quick image-resolving ability. Especially for functions like background changer, remover, and face swap, it can smartly and precisely detect objects for erasing, and generate natural image outputs without consistency.

iFoto is equipped with an encryption technique, which will strictly protect user data without keeping any uploaded files before getting your permission. Its clear webpages are also free of ads, making it friendly and secure to use online image editing without worrying about threats like viruses attack.

iFoto AI Editing Functions

Despite the online service, iFoto also launched both an Android and iOS application, which will deliver stabber and more convenient image editing functions for mobile users to process image editing in one shot. Overall, iFoto can be a superior online AI photo editor no matter considering from image output quality, editing efficiency, and secure performance.

How to Use iFoto AI Photo Editor?

All functions delivered by iFoto online AI photo editor are quite easy to grasp. Let’s take the Cleanup Pictures function as an example to guide you how to use the tool without hassle:

STEP 1. Firstly, open iFoto Cleanup Pictures in a web browser, and upload an image you desire to edit to the online editor.

STEP 2. In the editing window, all editing functions are provided on the left panel for you to select. Simply choose any of them to complete the image editing and customization in your preferences.

STEP 3. Once the image editing is completed, simply click on the Download button to export the edited file to your desktop local folder in no time.

iFoto Online AI Photo Editor

Top 2. Canva

For graphic designers, you must be familiar with Canva. Replacing of providing complicated editing features, Canva is also designed with a user-friendly interface and offers intuitive functions for image creation. With the AI techniques applied to its web-based editor, you will discover that its resolving speed and accuracy are both enhanced to a higher level. Like one of its features called Magic Edit, which allows you to describe the changes you want to make to an image, and then use a brush to select the specific areas of the image you want to modify. The output images will be resolved at natural conditions, which better guarantee higher resolutions to help you get high-quality outputs without hassle! 


Top 3. Adobe Express

Many of you must know about Adobe Photoshop, but have you ever tried its online AI photo editor with simplified functions to help edit images in high quality but a quick process? This web-based version is named Adobe Express, which harnesses the power of Photoshop through its web and mobile applications, allowing users to take this capability with them anywhere.

Adobe has recently updated Express with a wide range of useful AI-powered features, including generative AI for creating images from text prompts, one-click text effects, and smart object removal and replacement. During testing, Adobe Express’s AI tools proved to be among the best and easiest to use, a rare combination.

Express has also expanded its video editing capabilities by introducing animation options. Even for those new to animation, it is easy to select a layer and apply animation effects with just a few clicks in the side menu. Users can set the animation to loop, export it as a GIF, and have a great asset for social media posts or to be used within longer video content.

Adobe Express

Top 4. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi’s AI Photo Editor revolutionizes the photo enhancement process, making it a breeze to transform your images with minimal effort. At the heart of this innovative tool lies the AI-powered color correction feature, which allows you to enhance your photos and create stunning, cinematic-style photos with just very simple clicks.

But that’s not all – this online AI photo editor also possesses the remarkable ability to repair old and damaged photos. With its powerful restoration capabilities, cherished memories can be revived, ensuring that your precious moments remain vibrant and vivid. Movavi Photo Editor also offers a comprehensive suite of basic and advanced photo-editing tools, catering to all your editing needs to get perfect image outputs as you like!

Movavi AI Photo Editor

Top 5. Autoenhance.ai

Another efficient online photo editor bringing bringing seamless solution to edit images without hassle can be Autoenhance.ai. This innovative tool harnesses the power of AIto streamline the photo editing process, providing three core features that can elevate your images with minimal effort. You only need to upload an image, and the AI will automatically edit it for you, taking care of the intricate details. You even have the option to enable HDR editing for your images, further enhancing their visual impact.

However, it is noted that Autoenhance.ai is only offers 15 free quotas to edit images (including the API). But it also offers flexible payment options for those with greater needs. You can choose a pay-as-you-go model or opt for one of the available bundles, tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Top 6. Hotpot Tools

Another AI-powered online photo editor that is able to bring effortless help on image editing refers to Hotpot Tools. This cutting-edge online AI image editor provides exceptional editing and graphic design services, making it a must-have for anyone seeking professional-grade results. Also, the advanced AI-powered subject detection ability also make its object removal and damaged photos repairing functions perfect to use – the accuracy in extracting objects and erasing as well as refining the images will be well handled by the tool! With Hotpot Tools, you can definitely get a remarkable image editing experience.

Hotpot Tools

Top 7. Photopea

For pro users who are wishing a professional online image editor like Photoshop, Photopea can be the best option you should consider. It is equipped with a Photoshop-inspired layout, but moving all its functions to the web browser – you are able to access the platform and use its online editing functions without installing a third-party programs at all! However, compared with other AI-powered online photo editors, Photopea chooses to sacrifices efficiency but tries to guarantee a better output with high image quality. If you pay attention to professional image editing and is desire to output images in high resolutions, Photopea can definitely bring you help.


Top 8. Pixlr

The final recommended online AI photo editor can be Pixlr, which is also a versatile and comprehensive option that provides a wide array of photo editing capabilities to cater to all your needs. With Pixlr, you can unleash your creativity by making animations, removing backgrounds from images, creating visually stunning collages, adding decorative stickers, and exploring many more exciting features. Its user-friendly interface empowers you to edit photos like a professional, all within a matter of seconds.

Pixlr is an ideal choice for beginners, as it offers a guided experience, walking you through both minor and major edits, ensuring that you achieve high-quality results effortlessly. In addition to its online version, Pixlr also provides a mobile app, allowing you to harness the power of this AI photo editor on the go, whether you’re working online or through the app.


Final Words

When AI empowers photo editors to deliver a more automatic image editing process, you will find it no longer be a time-wasting task even if you have batches of photos to edit at once. Among the above 8 best online AI free photo editors, iFoto delivers the best performance, high-quality image outputs, and also efficient resolving ability to you. As it is free to get started, directly navigate to its webpage and 

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