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ai object removal

AI Object Removal Tools You Should Try Out

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Not all images are what you want, and you are probably in search of a solution to this issue you are facing. AI object removal tools spring up as your solution, but what exactly are they, and how do they give you results?

Well, AI object removal tools are exactly what you think they are: AI-based tools for removing objects from images. They help you remove objects you want from images, improving your editing quality and reducing time consumption. The question now is how exactly do AI object removal apps work, and why should you consider using them?

ai object removal

We bring you all the answers as we take you through the details of what these tools have to offer. So hop on the AI train, and let’s get into the business.

How AI Object Removal Tools Work

If you are wondering how AI object removal tools get the job done during your editing, then here are the details. It’s not complicated, as these tools use algorithms that scan your images for sections that seem out of place. After they do this, these tools will mark these sections and extract them from your image for a clean removal process.

Now you wonder, how does it accurately get the object removed so perfectly without any issues? Well, what happens in this process is that the AI picks out all the object pixels, matches them together, and marks them. It then removes the object based on the marked pixels to give an image without that object. Now that you understand the process let’s learn the benefits.

Benefits of AI Object Removal Tools

Some might think AI object removal tools might not do a good job, but that seems to not be the case. There are several benefits that you can enjoy if you use an AI-based image object remover for editing. One of these benefits stands to be the ease and convenience you experience during the process.

You get to have your object removed even when you have little to no experience with image editing. If you think that is great, then wait to be surprised because it gets better with the perk of automating the removal process. AI object remover tools are especially helpful when working on an image with multiple objects in a short time.


ai object removal: iFoto

If you are looking for a convenient, time-shortening AI object remover for your edits, then iFoto is the one to pick. iFoto comes with several mind-blowing features in addition to an object remover that serves your needs. The iFoto cleanup pictures feature helps you remove objects from images with just a tap of a button.

It gets better as you can choose to use the web version or the mobile app for your edits. The best news? The pricing is affordable and divided into three packages costing $10, $13, and $80. For weekly, monthly, and yearly packages.

Retouch AI

ai object removal: Retouch AI

Another AI image object remover you should consider trying out, especially if you use an Apple device, is Retouch AI. It’s an AI-powered object remover app that you can use to edit your image right from your mobile phone. Retouch AI doesn’t have a web version, but it compensates for its features and affordable subscription plans.

You get to choose between a weekly, monthly, or yearly plan costing $3, $6, and $25, respectively. So, if you have been looking for a good AI-based object remover for your iPhone, then you shouldn’t miss out on this tool.

Touch Retouch

ai object removal: touch retouch

If you can’t seem to get the retouch AI remover tool above since you use an Android, then one you can get is Touch Retouch. The AI object remover app takes convenience to another level by giving you its services on your mobile device. You also get a clean object removal experience in less time when you edit images with this tool.

Touch Retouch boasts different removal techniques to match your needs, making it more versatile and tailored. Some of the available techniques aside from object removal are line, blemish, and mesh removal. The object removal app also offers you more features to push your editing further.

Photo Director

Photo Director AI object removal tool

Photo Director AI object removal tool rises above the rest with its multi-platform support and versatility, serving you optimally. It’s an AI-based application that is available for both Android and Apple devices, giving you little to no restrictions. You get to enjoy the object removal feature that does what you want it to do and much more in less time.

The app also gives you various subscription plans to choose from and also the option of using the desktop software. Subscription packages go from $3 monthly to $7 monthly for a quarterly premium plan.

Luminar AI

ai object removal: luminar ai

Skylum is speeding at you with their very own AI-powered editing app called Luminar AI to help with your object removal needs. Luminar AI brings the beauty and features of image editing and merges them with AI to give you accurate and quality results. It also brings forward an object removal feature to serve you with what you need in regard to image editing.

Luminar AI gives you the traditional image editing interface to help you better control your object removal operations. Its pricing is also affordable and divided into three packages: monthly, annual, and bi-annual. These packages cost $8, $50, and $80, respectively, and come with additional discounts the higher the package you purchase.

PicWish AI Photo Editor

ai object removal: picwish ai photo editor

Many prefer to edit on their PCs, and the Pic Wish AI photo editor supports everyone interested. Pic Wish AI photo editor works as a web app and desktop software for your object removal needs. It is also easy and convenient to use as you only need to upload your image, mark out the unwanted areas, and remove them.

The object remover app gets better as it also comes with more than just that feature to spice up your experience. However, it uses a credit point system for pricing, so you will need to purchase some to use the app after a while.

Photo Eraser

ai object removal - photo eraser

Another good choice for you if your preference is an AI object removal tool that works on mobile is the Photo Eraser. It’s a tool that works just as the name suggests to erase objects and sections you dont want in your image. A photo eraser is available on both PC and mobile, letting you remove your object from anywhere at any time.

Using it is pretty convenient as you only need to upload your image in the provided section and remove objects with an eraser. The better news is that the tool is free to use, so you dont need to worry about subscriptions.

Photo Editor AI

ai object removal - photo editor AI

If you are searching for a tool that doesn’t require payments or card details, then opting for Photo Editor AI is a good choice. Photo Editor AI is an object removal tool that gives you what you are searching for a fast and easy-to-use object removal operation. The tool gets more versatile as you can use it on a desktop and your mobile device, making it a great option.

The cleanup feature makes your images less distracting as you remove unwanted objects from them. If zero costs, less operation time, and convenience don’t sound great to you, then what can?

BG Eraser

ai object removal: bg eraser

Running down, close to the last number on this list, is the BG Eraser with its simple and easy-to-use features. BG eraser brings you a one-tap feature to remove unwanted objects and sections from your pictures. It also offers you affordable pricing with a free plan at $0 and three other plans for you to choose from.

The three plans available on BG Eraser are monthly, yearly, and enterprise, priced at $7, $59, and $980, respectively. You will also need to register before using the tool, but nothing beats an easy and convenient one-click interface, right?

Remove BG

ai object removal: Remove BG

The last contender on the list of AI object removal tools is the Remove BG AI tool, which helps with your edit. Unlike many others, it’s more effective in removing backgrounds from images, which makes it slightly less effective. However, it is a tool that gives you this service at close to zero cost, making it a great tool to have at your disposal.

If you have images that need object removal, especially in the background, then this tool will be more than enough. On the other hand, it doesn’t give you as much edit freedom as the other options, so keep that in mind.

How to Use AI Object Removal Tools

It’s not enough to know the best AI object removal tools that are out there and which you should pick. You need to know how to use them when you want to remove any object from your image. So here are some of the steps that you should follow to do that:

Step 1: Launch Your AI Tool

The first step to performing your edit is to launch your AI object removal tool. Select iFoto from the list we have provided above. After that, you need to open and sign up if necessary.

Step 2: Upload Your Image

Once you have prepared your tool, the next step is to upload your image to the AI object removal tool. Tap the upload button and select the file you want to edit from your device directory. You will then find yourself in the editor section of the tool to apply the object removal edit you want.

Step 3: Select and Remove Object

Your upload is done, and now it is time to remove the unwanted object in the picture you selected. So, gently mark out the edges of the object in question to help the tool note the pixels for it. On the other hand, if your tool doesn’t have that feature, you can just tap remove, as it works easily for automatic removers.

Step 4: Save and Download

Lastly, you finalize your edits by checking the image preview to see if it suits your tastes. Once that is confirmed, you can then save it and download it.

Tips And Tricks for Achieving the Best Results

Sometimes, you might get results that seem to be different from what you are looking for in terms of quality. It probably isn’t due to a wrong procedure but might be due to other factors that you might have skipped. So here are some tips to help you get the best results when removing objects from images with AI removal tools:

Pick a Less Complicated Tool

Some AI removal tools can give you more edit freedom to control the object removal process better. However, it means that the process will get a bit more complicated for basic tasks, especially if you are a newbie. So, it’s best to go for a tool that supports less freedom without too many manual features in the AI remover.

Use Clear Images

Prioritizing the use of clear images is also important to give you the best results when using AI for object removal. AI analyses the images based on pixels, and a clear image will show the contrasts properly. Once these two factors are set in stone, the tool will be able to accurately mark out the object and remove it efficiently.

Preview before Download

The last tip we have for you is to always preview your image edit before saving or downloading them. Previews help you see the changes you have made to the image before the permanent version is created. That means if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can still alter the image before it becomes permanent.

Comparison of AI Object Removal Tools

Object Remover ToolPricingEffectivenessEase of Use (Difficulty)
Touch RetouchFree/Paid7/10Newbies/Experts
Retouch AIFree/Paid7/10Newbies/Experts
Photo DirectorPaid8/10Experts
Luminar AIPaid7.5/10Experts
Pic Wish AI Photo EditorFree/Paid6/10Newbies
Photo EraserFree5.8/10Newbies
Photo Editor AIFree/Paid7.5/10Experts
BG EraserFree7/10Newbies
Remove BGFree/Paid6/10Newbies

Limitations of AI Object Removal Tools

AI object removal tools are great, but they also have their limitations, which create some special use cases. For example, the removal tools need to be trained like other AI models to ensure they perform correctly. That means you might get an inaccurate result if you come up with an image type that the AI remover still needs to be trained with.

Another instance that shows the limitations of these tools is when they remove sections of the image that should be maintained. Sometimes, these tools mistake pixels that are not part of the object and remove them along with the target object.

Future of AI Object Removal Tools

Discussions about the progression of AI object removal tools and what to expect from them have come up several. AI has more to offer and will be better defined in terms of features like object removal with future improvements. Object removal will become easier, faster, and more accurate, reducing errors that we experience today.

Improvements in AI will make image editing more convenient and accessible to everyone while producing quality results. So, if you have issues with image editing right now, the chances are you will find it easier with future improvements. The concept of an unwanted image remover online will even make its way to offline devices for easier access.


There you have it. The details you should know about AI object removal tools and how they serve your image editing needs. So what next? Well, you have a good list of options that we have organized for you to choose from. You just have to pick one that matches your needs and get your object removal task done.

Remember to let us know about your experience with our AI object remover recommendations, so we know it helped you. Also, remember to watch out for more of our guides as we bring you resources with life-changing solutions.

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