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Top 10 AI music generators- A comprehensive review

Top 10 AI music generators- A comprehensive review

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Have you thought of creating unique soundtracks for videos and podcasts? Do you dream of composing a song? But you do not know the fundamentals of musical instruments and songwriting. Right? Artificial Intelligence technology lets you create music even if you have no basic knowledge. The output will not be like randomly generated musical notes. You will find human-like, harmonious music.

AI-powered music mixing tools have gained popularity. According to a survey, almost 28.66% of music producers have started using those tools. Amateur musicians can take advantage of AI to refine their music creation process. Like other fields, the music industry uses AI music-generating software as a supplemental tool. Many musicians and other experts are looking for new ways to integrate AI into music. So, which AI music generator should you use for your professional needs? Find the list of tools and their features for AI-driven music generation. 

10 AI music generators- Free and paid versions

We have made a list of the most popular tools to let you find the best AI music generator.


Riffusion ai music generator

Riffusion is an innovative AI-driven platform that produces high-quality music depending on the preferences and inputs of users. Integrated with deep learning algorithms, Riffusion analyzes different aspects like structure, harmony, rhythm, and melody of music. So, the musical tone will be customized to your needs. You only need to mention the genre, mood, and tempo for AI-driven music creation.

Overall, the free AI music generator is a suitable choice for beginners, as it has a user-friendly interface. Without any technical skills, you can run the application and use its features. Music composers will find the tool useful. You can also produce music for games and videos. What’s more, Riffusion lets you generate music of different genres like blues, folk, and jazz. Based on sonogram technology, Riffusion visually represents music to get trained on music genres. It helps you produce music with verbal prompts.


  • Produce customized music
  • Consistent and stable music
  • A versatile tool for real-time music 
  • The generated music is sharable


  • A limited number of genres


  • Free


Aiva ai generated music

If you are looking for more feature-rich software for AI-generated music, Aiva is the right solution. Like other applications, Aiva depends on deep learning technology to learn and interpret a vast music database. Data can be generated to produce original music in various styles and genres.

Aiva is not simply an AI song generator because its workstation includes an editor, which works like a Digital Audio Workstation. So, Aiva will present you with a full-fledged track that comprises various instrument tracks. You may also adjust and export the track into a MIDI file. What’s more, you can apply various effects to your track. The most common processing effects are Reverb, Dynamics, Pan, and Delay. Another unique feature of Aiva is that it lets you create and store your generated music.


  • Include video tutorials
  • Quality composition
  • Study and save your preferences
  • Available in both free and premium versions


  • The monthly subscription is slightly costlier
  • Limited creative inputs


If you want to upgrade Aiva to a paid version, you have 2 options.

  • Standard- €11 per month + VAT- (15 downloads in a month and up to 5-minute track duration) Best for social media content developers.
  • Pro- €33 per month + VAT (Best for creating music without copyright issues)


Soundraw ai music generator free

Soundraw is known for its most intuitive interface for AI-driven music generation. There is no risk of having a stock audio. Soundraw is designed to produce several variations of a particular song to meet your needs. Start the AI music creation process by selecting an option, such as theme, genre, or mood. The main parameter can be adjusted at any time. The music is also editable with a few clicks. You just need to have basic knowledge about instruments like piano and guitar. The audio track includes multiple blocks, and each represents a part of the song. The AI music generator with vocals allows you to adjust or remove the block’s intensity.


  • A dark-themed, aesthetic interface
  • A free plan for unlimited song generation
  • Allows bookmarking of songs 


  • Lack an emotional depth


The free plan of Sounddraw has some limitations. If you want music creation for commercial purposes, you can use the premium version. It lets you download 50 songs every day. The monthly charge for the paid version is $16.99.


Soundful ai music generator from text

Soundful is a reliable AI-generated music platform designed for casual listeners, creators, and musicians. Complex algorithms used for this software help you generate quality music. Using Soundful, you can manipulate the composition. Premium members can get copyright privileges and find additional downloads. You can also monetize the sound you have created with Soundful. It allows musicians to make a real-time collaboration with the AI platform during live performances. 

Soundful provides a unique output by leveraging music data from various sources. You can choose from different templates, genres, and the latest tracks.


  • Cost-effective subscription
  • Royalty-free music
  • Provide ownership options
  • Good interface


  • Limited offline capabilities
  • Fewer customization options


As the free version has limitations, you can choose from the subscription plans. Discount is available for the premium plans.

Content Creator- $29.99 per year

  • 100 downloads/month
  • 1 STEM pack
  • Non-exclusive license

Music Creator Plus- $59.99 per year

  • 300 downloads/month
  • 10 STEM pack
  • Exclusive license


Boomy ai-generated music

Boomy is an AI-driven music generator for independent artists, beginners, songwriters, and musicians. Use Boomy to create music and submit the composition to streaming services to earn more money. This software takes only a few seconds to compose songs. Due to the auto-vocal feature, vocals can be added to tracks. Generated songs are customizable according to your needs. Besides, you will be able to choose from various music styles. Boomy gives you an opportunity to join a big community where you can interact with other global artists.


  • Cloud-based platform 
  • Options for licensing
  • Export compositions in any format
  • Share the finished product


  • No native app for mobile and desktop


The AI music generator free lets you save only 25 songs. To find better features, you can buy any premium plan.

  • Creator Plan- Monthly charge- $9.99- Save 500 slots and have 10 MP3 downloads every month.
  • Pro Plan- Monthly charge- $29.99- Edit and save unlimited songs and have 20 downloads every month.


Loudly free ai music generator

As an AI-powered tool, Loudly has streamlined the way to generate and create new music. Select the music length and genre to create your tracks. The curated playlists for Loudly users can be a source of inspiration. Another unique feature of Loudly is that it has an AI Recommender that gives song suggestions depending on your preferences. You will also be able to access a big royalty-free music library for different media projects.


  • iOS and Android-friendly app
  • High-quality output
  • Easy to use
  • Volume and other parameters are adjustable


  • No negative review found


Loudly has a free version with limited features. The premium version has different options

  • Personal- $5.99 per month
  • Pro-$19.99 per month
  • Enterprise- Custom

Amper Music

Amper music generator with vocals

Amper Music is a reliable AI generator designed for producing original songs from pre-recorded music samples. Besides, it comprises musical cues, tempo, instruments, and so on. The software can convert them into genuine audio. Just select a musical genre, and every instrument can be tuned to create the desired musical mood. 


  • Various types of musical instruments
  • A cloud platform for storing music
  • Several tools for better music creation


  • Need better audio quality


There are various licenses at different rates-

  • Personal license at $5
  • Professional license at $25
  • Commercial license at $99
  • Online advertising license at $499



Mubert is an innovative AI music generation tool designed with advanced technology. If you do not prefer the traditional way of music production, you can rely on Mubert. This AI music generator from text creates royalty-free music and tailored music tracks. Using the Mubert API, you can create the best soundtrack and personalized music for games, apps, or other purposes. Besides, Mubert can optimize the playlists according to your preferences. 


  • Easy to set filters and music duration
  • Produce royalty-free music 
  • Blends creativity and technology


  • Does not guarantee high quality


Mubert offers different subscription packages-

  • Ambassador- Free
  • Creator- $14 per month
  • Pro- $39 per month
  • Business- $199 per month


MuseNet ai song maker

OpenAI introduced a deep neural network known as MuseNet. It is designed to create short musical compositions (up to 10 musical instruments. Overall, it is a versatile tool that combines different genres like Beatles and country. It considers blends of various notes to create separate chords. MuseNet is based on GPT-2 and other similar models.


  • Chordwise encoding
  • Human-like AI-produced songs
  • Cost-effective
  • Music of various styles


  • No royalty-free music 
  • Lack of control of the output


  • Free


WavTool music generator from text

If you are looking for a cloud-based AI-driven Digital Audio Workstation, WavTool is the right choice. It helps you generate and mix music with a few clicks. However, you should have some basic knowledge about DAWs for operating this tool. Your task is to insert musical instruments into the track. The software will then provide AI-generated music clips for the chosen instruments. 


  • Flexible signal routing
  • Advanced synthesis
  • Video tutorials provided


  • Not for novices


  • Basic (free)- 8 tracks per project
  • Pro ($20 per month)- No limit on the track length and the number of tracks

A comparison table

Name Free or PremiumPriceBest for
RiffusionFree Novice musicians who want to create music casually
AivaBoth free and premiumStarts from €11Creating music for commercial purposes
SoundrawBoth free and premiumStarts from $16.99.Generating professional-sounding tracks
SoundfulBoth free and premiumStarts from $29.99 per yearCreating sound for monetization
BoomyBoth free and premiumStarts from $9.99Creating and mixing different music
LoudlyBoth free and premiumStarts from $5.99 per monthPodcasts, video production, and websites
Amper Music Both free and premiumStarts from $5Creating and storing music on cloud
MubertBoth free and premiumStarts from $14 per monthPop, electric, and hip-hop music styles
MusenetFree Blending various music styles and genres 
WavToolBoth free and premiumStarts from $20 per monthSuitable for users with DAW knowledge

What are the limitations of AI in music?

Although AI-generated music has become acceptable to musicians and other professionals, there are some limitations.

No creativity

AI tools are designed to recognize patterns and generate the best solutions depending on past data. But, lack of creativity is the biggest issue. It is difficult for AI tools to do creative tasks that need emotional understanding, imagination, and originality. Unlike human beings, AI tools do not have contextual understanding. 

Comparatively higher costs

Although there is a free AI music generator, the premium ones work better. However, amateur musicians who have a small budget may find it difficult to choose premium tools.

Need constant monitoring

The best AI music generator with advanced algorithms has several capabilities. But, it does not work until the user has given the right instructions. Without constant fine-tuning and monitoring, you cannot get the desired results. Besides, the software needs to be recalibrated and updated regularly.

Can music created by AI be copyrighted?

According to the current copyright laws, every creation should be based on human creativity and originality. These legal rules protect creators’ IP rights. The laws also ensure that creators receive compensation and recognition for work. But the laws are now complex with the emergence of AI-generated songs, which involve using Machine Learning technology to provide original work.

Although copyright laws are intended to protect human-created music, they do not ensure strong protection for music developed by AI. So, there is a controversy regarding the copyright protection of this music.

As AI music has become highly popular, industry experts and policymakers want to revise the laws. New licensing rules should ensure fair compensation of music artists for their compositions. It is essential to use the AI song maker responsibly to avoid legal issues. 


AI music generation tools have become highly popular among music artists, music composers, and other professionals. Whether you want classic compositions or pop music, you can use AI tools. Even if you have not music composition skills, the user-friendly applications help you create the desired music for your apps, games, and other purposes. These music generators are available in free and premium versions.

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