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AI Image Upscaler

How to Unleash your Creativity with the best AI Image Upscaler in 2024?

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The urge to increase the quality of one’s work is reasonable for photographers, both amateurs and pros. Furthermore, good outcomes can only be attained by continuous improvement. These days, images play a crucial role in our daily lives. The quality of the information must be maintained because digital photographs are used heavily in branding and website designs. But what happens if your pictures are of poor quality?

Fortunately, improving the quality of your image without recapturing it is simple. Technologies such as AI image upscaler online are useful in this situation. 

By reading this blog, you can discover some of the best resources for fast and effective enhancing photographs online.

What Is an AI Image Upscaler?

Before venturing into top AI image upscaling software, we must identify our objectives and determine this program’s necessity in contemporary photography.

Thus, a complex software or tool that leverages the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms is referred to as an artificial intelligence upgrade. Its main objective is to examine, analyze, and improve photographs automatically. AI image upscale uses its computing power to increase image quality with astonishing precision without constant human intervention, unlike standard photo editing software requiring manual tweaks. 

AI upscalers are made to comprehend an image’s minute nuances at the pixel level. The greatest artificial intelligence-based picture upscalers use intricate mathematical formulas to generate extra pixels by extrapolation, raising the image’s resolution.

This procedure improves the image’s sharpness, color brightness, and general clarity, among other qualities. Put another way, AI upscale revitalizes your images by bringing to light details that could have otherwise stayed unnoticed.

Top AI Image Upscalers in 2024

Discovering the Top 11 AI Image Upscalers that Bring Out the Best in Your Photos:


iFoto employs cutting-edge AI detection to effectively eliminate various types of blurriness in images, ensuring sharp and detailed visuals. iFoto can recognize and correct lens blur caused by an unfocused camera, as well as address motion blur resulting from subject movement, surroundings, or camera shake. Even if you’re unsure about the type of blur affecting your image, iFoto’s AI tool can efficiently rectify it with minimal effort.


  • Advanced Image Upscaling: iFoto excels in enhancing image resolution, ensuring your visuals appear sharper and more refined.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The tool features a straightforward and intuitive design, making it accessible to users of all experience levels.
  • Efficient Processing: IFoto employs efficient algorithms, delivering quick and reliable results in image upscaling.
  • Customization Options: Users have the flexibility to customize the upscaling process according to their preferences, allowing for tailored results.
  • Versatility: iFoto supports a variety of image formats, providing a versatile solution for different user needs.


  • Dependent on AI: While AI-driven features are powerful, reliance on them may lead to occasional misinterpretations or inaccuracies.

Price: You can utilize the iFoto AI Unblur Image tool, which allows you to enjoy daily restoring old photos without any cost.

Photo Enhance on Amazon


ImgUpscaler upscales and enhances photos online using deep learning methods. The program helps consumers and organizations increase image resolution or size without losing details and features.

This application can help graphic designers, photographers, and marketers create high-quality images for presentations, ads, and social media posts. ImgUpscaler’s AI engine can upscale photographs in seconds, making it a fast and convenient image improvement alternative.

This AI image upscaler is ideal for anime, manga, and low-resolution anime photo editors. A 480p anime photo becomes a super HD one with a few mouse clicks.  


  • Online image upscaling available  up to 4x
  • JPEG artifact removal after compression
  • Deblurring images
  • Helpful AI upscaler
  • Processing in batches


  • Editing tools are limited.


Although this is not an entirely free AI image upscaler,  ImgUpscaler’s free version processes allow you to process 10 photos every week. Everyone can use the tool without registering. A premium plan lets you enhance as many photos as you need.

  • Day Plans cost $9. All services are limitless and you can enhance unlimited photos every day. No subscription needed.
  • Monthly Plans cost $19. Monthly renewal is required. This is an ad-free solution. You can cancel subscriptions anytime.
  • All Monthly Plan options are included in the $69 Yearly Plan. It’s renewed annually.


Upscale.media automatically upscales photos in seconds using AI. Their bulk AI design tools help people, agencies, and e-commerce firms worldwide enhance productivity and revenue.

Upscale.media is an AI upscale image tool that automatically upscales and enhances photographs in seconds, increasing detail and resolution by 400%.

Whether you’re an artist, e-commerce store owner, freelance photographer, or real estate agent, change low-quality photographs into high-quality ones with one click to make a good first impression.

Their smart AI algorithms are capable of identifying and effectively improving even the most difficult conditions present in an image.  


  • You may enhance image resolution by 4x without losing details.
  • It can process paintings, portraits, digital art, landscapes, product catalogue photos, logos, etc.
  • It handles platform-specific high-resolution needs to streamline workflow.
  • It may boost low-quality social networking photographs by 400%.


  • Image uploads are limited to 1500 ×1500 px.
  • AI requires an internet connection.
  • Some subtle details or textures may be lost.
  • It may not upscale blurry or noisy photos.


Upscale.media offers 3 free credits and 3 free downloads on signup. However, their stating plan is from $29 on which you get 300 credits.    


Pixelcut picture editor and graphic designer quickly create outstanding images. The all-in-one editor AI image upscaler leverages AI to make image creation easy. Pixelcut makes artful product photographs with AI-generated backgrounds as easy as taking a picture.

AI-powered editing features make phone photo editing easy with this online tool. Pixelcut lets users easily eliminate backgrounds and objects from photos, creating professional-looking photographs.

This magic eraser speeds up photo editing.  Pixelcut’s image upscaler makes product photographs sharp and appealing regardless of resolution.


  • Pixelcut’s automated and manual backdrop removal options make it a superb tool.
  • Pixelcut is useful for social media marketers who need high-quality campaign photos.
  • Pixelcut can crop, resize, modify colors, and add text to images.


  • It has less functionality than other image editors.


  • There is a free version available on the App Store. Additionally, there are in-app purchases, including Pixelcut Pro Membership for $9.99 and Remove Background Pro for $59.99.


Icons8 is a popular platform with high-quality icons, graphics, images, and creative materials. Icons8 serves designers, developers, and creatives across sectors with over 160,000 icons in various styles and formats.Icons8 also offers graphics, photographs, music, and Lunacy, a design editor. These extras make Icons8 a one-stop shop for designers seeking assets. The platform also offers icon packs for major design applications, making it easier for designers to use Icons8 files.


  • Lunacy was Icons8’s groundbreaking design software. The craziness is a terrific Sketch substitute. Lunacy is a wonderful tool for designing mobile apps and website templates due to its easy UI.
  • It supports Sketch and Figma files and doesn’t require expertise to produce remarkable results.


  • Each style has few illustrations.
  •  Lacking advanced prototyping.


  • Includes a free trial and three pricing variants from $0 to $21.


Zyro‘s ai image upscaler analyzes an image’s information and automatically adds details and sharpness to create a higher-resolution version using advanced AI algorithms. Designers, photographers, and anybody trying to increase image quality can benefit from this AI upscale image tool.

Users of various skill levels can easily upscale images with Zyro’s user-friendly interface. Upload photographs directly to the site and upscale them with a few clicks.


  • Zyro’s GPU-heavy upscaler produces high-quality photos, according to users.
  • The free Ai image upscaler is easy to use, allowing non-technical people to upscale photographs with a few clicks.
  • Zyro improves image resolution without sacrificing quality, making it an efficient and effective upscaling solution.


  • Users have complained that the application doesn’t give much control over image quality, which may be a negative for those who want more customization.
  • Although free, the application may take 2 minutes to upscale photographs, which some users may find slow compared to other upscaling programs.
  • Zyro’s supports JPEG and PNG images up to 5MB and 750x750px, which may limit users with larger photos.


  • This is a free AI image upscaler with certain limitations.


LetsEnhance.io uses AI to upscale images up to 16x and improve quality. Not just for eCommerce, but it works great for small businesses processing fewer than 500 photos each month. For listings and marketing, LetsEnhance.io makes high-resolution product photos straightforward.


  • Let’s Enhance’s upscaled photographs feature outstanding resolution, sharpness, and clarity, according to users.
  • The AI image upscale tool is easy to use, allowing non-technical people to upscale photographs with a few clicks.
  • Users can test Let’s Enhance’s capabilities by enhancing up to 10 photographs for free before signing up.
  • The tool offers adjustable presets for e-commerce, social networking, and printing images, allowing users to upscale images as needed.
  • For larger or higher-resolution photographs, Let’s Enhance supports up to 512 megapixels.


  • Some users have complained that Let’s Enhance lacks advanced features for editing complex photographs, such as precise background removal.
  • For users with extensive image enhancement demands, Let’s Enhance’s credit-based system may limit their image enhancement credits.


Let’s Enhance AI image upscaling tool offers customized pricing. Pay as you go or Subscription plans are available. An initial $9 payment gets 100 picture processing credits with the Pay as you go option. However, subscription plans start at $9 per month (paid annually) and include 100 picture processing credits, with the option to rollover unused credits. After signing up, customers receive 10 free image processing credits to upscale and enhance photographs.


Waifu2x upscales images for free and open-source. It was designed to double anime images but can handle other images. Image upgrading and noise reduction are done with deep convolutional neural networks.


  • Free, open-source, suitable for budget-conscious organizations.
  • Noise is reduced while upscaling.
  • Batch-processable.
  • It has platform-specific variations.
  • It is an AI image upscaler free.  


  • Some may find the interface outdated and difficult to use.
  • A powerful computer is needed for speed and performance.
  • Image upscaling is limited to 2X.
  • Some customers experience frequent upscaling issues.

Pricing: It is a free tool.


Depositphotos Image Upscaler improves low-quality photographs with one click for free. Any picture up to 15MB can be doubled. The program uses AI to quickly modify images, improving resolution and quality while maintaining important features.


  • AI-powered instant upscaling.
  • Interface of this AI image upscaler is user-friendly.
  • Works on any device and supports drag-and-drop file uploads.
  • Images are erased after 3 hours and not saved on servers.


  • Editing is limited to upscaling.
  • Supports just JPG.
  • No API/batch processing

Pricing: Free tool.

Adobe Super Resolution

Adobe‘s Creative Cloud’s integrated Super Resolution boosts image resolution. This free AI image upscaler increases linear resolution, quadruples pixel count, and maintains fine details. It efficiently processes a batch of photographs and supports multiple file formats, making it ideal for image quality improvement.


  • Processes numerous files simultaneously.
  • Rapid upscaling.
  • Integrated with Photoshop.
  • Easy to use with a clear process.
  • This AI image upscaler free tool maintains image quality with a precise algorithm.


  • Upscaled photos are typically huge.
  • Unsuitable for small and compressed images.
  • Files must be converted to DNG; PNG is not supported.
  • High-end PC with strong GPU is needed for efficient processing due to substantial system resources.
  • Non-optimized for product photos and printing.
  • Inadequate API support and picture processing automation.

Pricing: No extra charge for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers.


Remini is an AI-powered photo and video enhancement tool that revives aged or substandard images. While frequently used for personal usage, this AI image upscaler can help eCommerce sites improve product images.


  • Expert in restoring and upgrading vintage images and videos for high-quality results. 
  • Realistic skin texture enhancement.
  • Restores damaged images, deblurs fuzzy photos, and adjusts color.
  • The user-friendly interface makes navigation easy for newcomers.
  • Premium version offers extra tools and capabilities.


  • Only premium subscriptions offer full capabilities and high-quality output.
  • Some users have experienced technical difficulties and subscription issues.
  • Limited usefulness of “Enhance+” function.
  • Users may experience slower app loading times.
  • In-app ads can be intrusive, even for subscribers.

Pricing:  Downloading and using the app is free.

Comparison table

NamePricingBest For
Imgupscaler$69  annuallyeCommerce companies requiring fast image upscaling
Upscale.media$29Enterprises seeking an easy way to improve small, low-quality photographs online.
Pixelcut$59.99Businesses seeking an easy way to resize photographs, especially anime-style imagery, without sacrificing quality.
icons8$21 (free plan also available)eCommerce firms that need a design asset library and online multi-image upscaling.
ZYROFreeEssential use.
Letsenhance.io$9 monthlySmall eCommerce shops want imaginative marketing and effective image upscaling.
Waifu2xFreemicrobusinesses on a budget who require a simple, free AI image upscaling solution.
DepositphotosFreePhotography, marketing, blogging, design, and content makers who need a simple image-quality tool.
Adobe Super ResolutionNo extra charge for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribersUsers of Adobe Creative Cloud who must upgrade high-quality raw files.
ReminiFreeVintage/used products businesses need mobile picture quality apps.

What is the Best AI Image Upscaler?

The best paid AI image upscaler would be Pixelcut, ideal for businesses seeking an easy way to resize photographs, particularly anime-style imagery, without sacrificing quality.

For a free AI image upscalerWaifu2x would be a suitable choice, especially for micro businesses on a budget that requires a simple and cost-effective solution for image upscaling.

What Do 4k and 1080p Mean?

4K” and “1080p” are used to refer to various resolutions that are frequently connected to display or video formats. A resolution of roughly 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically, or 8.3 million total pixels, is called 4K. A resolution of 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically is called 1080p or Full HD. Compared to 1080p, 4K offers a significantly greater resolution and sharper visual quality. More clarity and detail means a more engaging visual experience, particularly when watching content closely or on larger screens. It is important to remember that 4K content prepared or optimized for this resolution yields the best visual benefits.


Simply put, anyone seeking to raise the caliber of their photos will benefit from these AI image upscale and enhancer solutions. Its sophisticated algorithms and user-friendly interfaces enable users to accomplish remarkable outcomes with little effort.

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