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iFoto Watermark Remover

How to Remove Logo from Photo? 【Easy & Effective Methods】

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Watermark is a way of protecting copyright. Sometimes you may want to use the original image for a different purpose, but you have added a watermark to it. Then it is necessary to remove watermarks in the photos. At present, the methods and complexity of removing photo watermarks are also different due to watermarks.

Have you ever taken a perfect picture, only to find that an unnecessary logo or watermark ruined the beauty of the picture? Whether it is the company logo, a copyright symbol or any other unnecessary logo, removing it can significantly enhance the visual appeal and usability of the image. We will show you some common tools and online AI photo editors, application scenarios, and some suggestions on how to remove watermarks from photos.

iFoto Watermark Remover

There are several ways to cleanup picture and remove logos from photos, from manual retouching technology to using professional software and online tools.

Using Photoshop to Remove Logo from Image Step by Step

1. Open the Image

•  Launch Adobe Photoshop.

•  Open the image with the logo you wish to remove by going to File > Open and selecting the image.

Adobe Photoshop Watermark Remover

2. Select the Logo

•  Use the Lasso Tool to draw a rough outline around the logo.

•  For a more precise selection, you can use the Pen Tool to create a path around the logo, then convert the path to a selection.

3. Remove the Logo

•  Once the logo is selected, you can remove it using several methods:

•  Content-Aware Fill: Go to Edit > Fill, choose Content-Aware in the Contents dropdown, and click OK. Photoshop will automatically fill in the selected area with surrounding content.

Clone Stamp Tool

•  Select the Clone Stamp Tool (shortcut S), hold the Alt key to sample a nearby area of the image, and then paint over the logo to clone the sampled area.

•  Spot Healing Brush: Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool, make sure Content-Aware is selected in the options bar, and paint over the logo to remove it.

5. Refine the Edits

•  If there are any imperfections after removing the logo, you can use the Healing Brush Tool for touch-ups.

•  To blend the edited area seamlessly, you may need to adjust the color, brightness, or texture using Adjustment Layers.

6. Save the Image

•  Once you are satisfied with the result, save the edited image by going to File > Save As.

•  Choose the desired format and location to save your image without the logo.

Other Free Logo Removal Tools Online (Support Image & Video)

Online logo removal tools provides a convenient and user-friendly solution for removing logos from photos. These tools automatically detect and delete logos from images by using AI, and usually provide fast and satisfactory results.

Here are more details for each of the watermark removal tools you deserved to own.

iFoto Watermark Remover

iFoto Watermark Remover is an intuitive online tool that efficiently removes watermarks from photos using advanced AI technology.

It supports various image formats, and provides customizable settings to achieve accurate deletion. With its user-friendly interface and no need to download, iFoto can be accessed from any device.

iFoto Watermark Remover Online

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora watermark remover aims at removing watermarks and logos from videos. With its intuitive interface, users can select and delete watermarks easily and seamlessly. This tool provides customizable settings for precise deletion, and allows users to preview the edited contents before saving.

Wondershare Filmora watermark remover is ideal choice for content creators and video lovers, which can ensure the professional appearance of video without distracting watermarks.

Filmora Watermark Remover

VideoProc Converter AI

VideoProc Converter AI logo remover uses AI to remove logos from videos. It provides advanced algorithms to accurately detect and eliminate logos, thus ensuring professional results.

Users can easily upload videos and start removing logo with minimal effort. With its intuitive interface and powerful AI capabilities, VideoProc Converter AI logo remover efficiently removes unwanted logos while preserving video quality.

VideoProc Watermark Remover

EasePaint Watermark Remover

Easepaint Watermark Remover uses advanced algorithms to detect and remove watermarks seamlessly, ensuring high-quality results. Users can easily upload images or videos and apply the deletion tools with only a few clicks.

Easepaint Watermark Remover offers customizable settings for precise removal and gives users the option to preview their edits before saving. With its user-friendly interface and efficient watermark removal function, Easepaint Watermark Remover is ideal choice for anyone who wants to enhance images or videos by removing unnecessary watermarks.

Easepaint Watermark Remover

inPixio Photo Studio Pro 12

inPixio Photo Studio Pro 12 is a multifunctional photo editing software, which is equipped with various tools and functions to enhance images. It provides comprehensive editing functions, from basic adjustments such as clipping to advanced functions such as noise reduction and object deletion.

inPixio Photo Studio Pro 12 was chosen for its powerful features and intuitive design, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers. inPixio Photo Studio Pro 12 can produce amazing effects and simplify the editing process, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enhance photos easily and accurately.

inPixio Watermark Remover

SoftOrbis Watermark Remover

What sets SoftOrbis apart is its intelligent algorithm, which not only detects and removes watermarks with precision but also minimizes any loss of image quality in the process. This is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike who demand pristine results without compromising on visual integrity. Furthermore, SoftOrbis offers a range of customization options, allowing users to fine-tune the watermark removal process to suit their specific needs.

In addition to its technical prowess, SoftOrbis excels in terms of usability. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. This accessibility, combined with its powerful features, makes SoftOrbis Watermark Remover the go-to choice for anyone seeking to elevate their images or videos by removing unwanted watermarks.

SoftOrbis Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover emphasizes customization, allowing users to tailor the watermark removal process according to their own specific preferences and requirements.

In addition, its intuitive interface is suitable for users of all proficiency levels, which is helpful for seamless navigation and maximum work efficiency. This combination of versatility, accuracy and user-friendliness makes paw watermark remover the first choice for those individuals seeking to enhance their creative projects through effective and seamless watermark removal.

HitPaw Watermark Remover


These tools provide a series of functions ranging from basic watermark removal to advanced editing functions. It is very important to choose the tool that meet your specific needs and skill level. Please always make sure that you have the legal right to delete the watermarks from any content you process.

Step-by-step Guide: Removing Logos from Photos in iFoto (PC & iOS & Android)

Follow the step-by-step instructions of iFoto to effectively perform the logo removal process.

1. Upload Your Photo:

Please visit the website of iFoto Watermark Remover. Look for the upload option, which may be a button or a drag-and-drop area. And then select a photo file from the device. The recognized formats usually include JPEG and PNG.

iFoto Water Remover from Image

Once you are selected, your photo will be uploaded to the platform for editing.

2. Mark the Logo

After uploading, the tool will show your photo. Highlight the logo with the provided marking tool. This may include simply clicking on the logo or drawing on it with your cursor.

Then, the AI will use this marking to understand which part of the image to analyze and remove.

Mark the Logo

3. Remove the Logo

With the logo marked, click the ‘Remove ‘button to start the process. iFoto will process the image, removing the marked logo and filling in the space with matching background details. This process is usually fast, but the time may vary according to the complexity of the logo and the background.

Remove the Logo from Image

4. Download the Edited Photo without Logo

You will be able to preview the results once the logo is removed. If you are satisfied with the edited photo, please find the download options. Click to download the photo, which will be saved to your device without logo.

These steps are simple and clear, so that users without professional editing skills can easily delete the logos from photos. For the best results, make sure the logo is clear and use high-quality images where the logo is in sharp contrast with the background.


Removing logos from photos is not only for beauty, but also to enhance the universality and practicality of photos on different platforms. Whether it’s social media marketing, product promotion, or personalization, logo-free images convey professionalism and authenticity. However, achieving seamless results requires appropriate tools and technology. Tools like iFoto provide users with the ability to remove logos seamlessly, ensuring that the final image maintains its integrity and is more suitable for various applications. This process is not just about removing an element; It’s about turning an image into a multifunctional asset that effectively conveys its information and makes it stand out in a crowded digital environment.

People Also Ask

Can I remove logos from photos without compromising image quality?

Yes, by using iFoto Watermark Remover, you can remove logos while preserving image quality.

Is it legal to remove logos from photos?

The legality of logo removal depends on the context and the rights associated with the logo. It’s essential to consider copyright laws and permissions before removing logos from photos.

Can I remove logos from photos on my smartphone?

Yes, iFoto App available for both iOS and Android devices that allow users to remove logos from photos directly on their smartphones.

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