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Remove Glasses from Photo

No More Eyewear Interference: Master the Art of Removing Glasses from Photos Online

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In today’s social media age, we often share photos online, whether it’s personal selfies, travel scenes or photos of special occasion. However, sometimes we may face a problem: should the glasses in the photo be taken off? This problem has caused a lot of discussion and controversy.

If you are looking for a job and decide to choose a picture for your job application. You are wearing a pair of fashionable glasses in the picture. Do you need to think about retouching the photo for a formal occasion? Glasses that are too stylish can prevent an employer or recruiter from seeing you clearly. Your resume also makes you look unprofessional. For example, you may need to take off your glasses on some occasions and for specific photographic needs. In fashion photography, artistic creation, or when eye expressions needs to be highlighted, removing glasses from photos may better show the expression and personal style of the characters.

Remove Glasses from Photo

Thanks to the growing maturity of AI tools, it is easier than ever to delete unwanted objects from photos. Whether a friend’s photo is suddenly filled with passers-by, distracting backgrounds, or ugly object spoils a perfect photo, you can easily erase these unwanted objects with the AI Picture Cleanup Tool. In this article, we will explore 10 online AI tools that are best at deleting unnecessary objects from pictures to help you get the ideal photos.

The Best 10 Tools for You to Remove Unwanted Objects with Ease


iFoto Cleanup Picture is a function in the application of iFoto AI photo studio, and users can easily delete unwanted objects, people, text and defects from photos. iFoto Cleanup Picture is specially designed for e-commerce and provides a series of powerful functions, including object erasure.

iFoto Cleanup Picture

Advantages of iFoto Cleanup Picture

Editing efficiency: iFoto Object Eraser can significantly reduce the time required to obtain professional results.

Cost-effectiveness: Provide powerful editing ability without expensive photography or software.

Diversified AI tools: Providing customized solutions for different types of products.

Disadvantages of iFoto Cleanup Picture

Rely on high-quality source images: In order to get the best results, high-quality source images are needed, which may not always be available.

Device Support: Windows/Mac/iOS/Android


Free trial: users can access iFoto for free for a limited time.

Subscription plan: Provide various tiered plans to meet different user needs and budgets

Fotor Cleanup Picture

Fotor Cleanup Picture is an online photo editing tool. It focuses on helping users remove unwanted objects or imperfections from their photos with ease.

Fotor Object Remover

Advantages of Fotor Cleanup Picture

Advanced Editing Tools: Fotor offers a range of advanced editing tools specifically designed for removing unwanted objects. These tools include the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and Patch Tool, which allow users to seamlessly eliminate distractions from their photos.

One-Click Enhancements: In addition to object removal, Fotor provides one-click enhancements that can improve the overall quality of your images, such as auto-adjustments for exposure, contrast, and color balance.

Retouching Features: Fotor offers retouching tools to help users enhance portraits by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, and reducing wrinkles.

Disadvantages of Fotor Cleanup Picture

Advanced Features Require Payment: While Fotor offers a free version with basic editing features, some advanced features, including certain brushes and filters, may require a paid subscription or in-app purchase.

Learning Curve: Although Fotor has a user-friendly interface, mastering the more advanced editing tools may require some time and practice to achieve optimal results.

Device Support: Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

Fotor offers both free and paid versions. The paid version, called Fotor Pro, provides additional features and is available through a subscription plan. The specific pricing details may vary, so it is recommended to visit the Fotor website or app store for the most up-to-date pricing information.


Pixlr Editor is a popular online photo editing tool that offers the Cleanup Picture feature to help users remove unwanted objects or imperfections from their photos.

Pixlr Editor

Advantages of Pixlr Cleanup Picture

Variety of Tools: Pixlr provides a range of powerful editing tools specifically designed for object removal. These include the Clone Stamp, Healing Brush, and Spot Heal tool, which allow users to seamlessly eliminate distractions and imperfections from their photos.

Layer Support: Pixlr offers layer functionality, enabling users to work on different layers and make non-destructive edits. This allows for greater flexibility and control over the editing process.

Filters and Effects: In addition to object removal, Pixlr offers a wide variety of filters and effects to enhance the overall look and style of your photos.

Disadvantages of Pixlr Cleanup Picture

Advanced Features are Paid: While Pixlr provides a free version with basic editing features, some advanced features and tools may require a subscription to Pixlr Pro, which comes at a cost.

Learning Curve: While Pixlr has a user-friendly interface, mastering the more advanced editing tools and techniques may require some time and practice to achieve optimal results.

Device Support: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Pixlr offers both free and paid versions. The paid version, Pixlr Pro, provides additional features and is available through a subscription plan. The specific pricing details for Pixlr Pro may vary, so it is recommended to visit the Pixlr website or app store for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Canva Magic Edit

Canva Magic Edit is a feature offered by Canva, an online design tool. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically enhance and edit photos with just a few clicks.

Canva Magic Edit

Advantages of Canva Magic Edit

Quick and Easy Photo Enhancement: Canva Magic Edit allows users to enhance their photos instantly with AI-powered algorithms. It automatically adjusts various aspects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness to improve the overall quality of the image.

Time-Saving: With Canva Magic Edit, users can achieve professional-looking edits without spending a lot of time manually adjusting multiple settings. It simplifies the editing process, making it more accessible to users who may not have extensive photo editing experience.

Customization Options: While Canva Magic Edit automatically applies enhancements, users can still fine-tune the adjustments to their preferences. They have the flexibility to adjust the intensity of the enhancements or revert to the original photo if desired.

Disadvantages of Canva Magic Edit

Limited Control: The automated nature of Canva Magic Edit means that users have less control over the specific adjustments made to their photos compared to manual editing. Advanced users who prefer precise control over every aspect of editing may find this limitation restrictive.

Results may vary: Since Canva Magic Edit relies on AI algorithms, the results of the automatic enhancements can vary depending on the photo and the desired outcome. It may not always produce the exact look or effect that users have in mind.

Device Support: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Canva provides both free and paid subscription plans. The specific pricing details for Canva’s subscription plans, including access to advanced features like Magic Edit, can be found on the Canva website. It’s recommended to visit the official Canva website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date pricing information.

BeFunky Object Eraser

The tool of BeFunky Object Eraser is often capable of effectively removing unwanted objects from photos while preserving the background and surrounding elements, resulting in seamless edits.

BeFunky Object Eraser

Advantages of BeFunky Object Eraser

Easy to Use: BeFunky Object Eraser is typically designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to remove unwanted objects from their photos with minimal effort and without the need for advanced editing skills.

Online Accessibility: Being an online tool, BeFunky Object Eraser is accessible from any device with an internet connection and a compatible web browser, allowing users to edit photos on the go.

Integration: BeFunky Object Eraser is typically integrated into the larger BeFunky photo editing platform, which offers a range of other editing tools and features, providing users with a comprehensive editing solution.

Disadvantages of BeFunky Object Eraser

Limited Precision: While effective for basic object removal tasks, BeFunky Object Eraser may lack the precision and control offered by more advanced photo editing software, making it less suitable for complex editing projects.

Subscription Model: Some features of BeFunky, including advanced tools like Object Eraser, may be locked behind a subscription paywall, requiring users to purchase a premium subscription to access them.

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS


The pricing for BeFunky Object Eraser may vary depending on the subscription plan chosen. BeFunky typically offers subscription plans ranging from monthly to yearly payments, with prices varying accordingly. For exact pricing information, it’s best to visit the official BeFunky website or contact their customer support.

Lunapic Object Removal

Lunapic Object Removal is a powerful online tool designed to simplify photo editing. It offers an intuitive interface that allows users to easily remove unwanted elements from their photos. Whether it’s watermarks, text, or other distractions, Lunapic can intelligently fill in the gaps left by the removed objects. Moreover, this feature of Lunapic is not only completely free but also requires no downloads or installations, enabling users to operate directly on the web page, which is highly convenient.

Lunapic Object Removal

Advantages of Lunapic Object Removal

Free to use: No need to register, log in, or install anything.

Smart repair: It offers a smart repair service that can easily remove objects, text, watermarks, defects, tattoos, or obstructions from photos.

Disadvantages of Lunapic Object Removal

For complex or large watermarks, a more precise selection and multiple processing may be needed.

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac


Regarding the price, Lunapic Object Removal is completely free. You can use this feature directly on the website without any cost.


Photopea is an advanced online photo editor, supporting multiple formats like PSD and XCF. It’s free, works in your browser, and requires no installation. Perfect for image editing and graphic design tasks.


Advantages of Photopea

Free: the basic version is free, supported by advertisements.

Supported formats: Can open and edit a variety of file formats, including PSD, PDF, AI, XD, Sketch and XCF files, as well as RAW photos and standard GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF and SVG files.

Disadvantages of Photopea

Advertisements: Advertisements in the free version may be annoying.

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS


As for the price, Photopea offers a free version and a paid version without advertisements, and the price is $5 per month.

In addition, there are pricing plans ranging from $9 to $100 for a single user and up to 50 users, which provide fast email support in addition to eliminating advertisements.


Remove.bg is an innovative online tool that uses AI to remove backgrounds from photos with precision. It’s fast, efficient, and requires no manual editing. Ideal for designers, photographers, and marketers, it offers various pricing plans, including a free tier, making it accessible for all users.

Remove.bg Magic Brush

Advantages of Remove.bg

Rapid Processing: Quick background removal, saving valuable time.

High-Quality Results: Professional-grade outcomes that are visually appealing.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Photoshop Extension: Integrates with Photoshop for a streamlined workflow.

Disadvantages of Remove.bg

Confusing Pricing: The structure of subscription plans can be unclear.

Limited Editing Features: Focuses mainly on background removal, with few other editing options.

No Drag-and-Drop Editor: Lacks this feature which some users might expect.

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS


Free Account: Offers limited features for personal use and evaluation.

Subscription Plans: Start at $9/month, with various tiers based on the number of credits needed.

Pay-as-you-go: Credits start at $1.99, with prices decreasing as you buy more.

InPixio Photo Editor

InPixio Photo Editor is a versatile editing software that offers a range of features for enhancing and retouching your photos. It’s user-friendly, supports one-click adjustments, and provides creative effects to transform your images into works of art. Ideal for both beginners and professionals.

InPixio Photo Editor

Advantages of InPixio Photo Editor

AI Tools: Simplifies tasks like background removal and object erasure.

Performance: Efficient processing for quick edits.

Extensive Tools: A wide range of editing options available.

Disadvantages of InPixio Photo Editor

Basic Parameters: Some users may find it lacks certain advanced editing parameters

Supported Devices: Windows & Mac


The software offers a freemium model, with the option to upgrade to more advanced features.

Starting from $49.99/year for the subscription model.

A free trial is available to test its features before committing to a purchase.

Picwish Object Removal

Picwish Object Removal is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to swiftly and precisely eliminate unwanted elements from photos. It’s ideal for cleaning up images by removing watermarks, logos, or passersby, enhancing their overall presentation with minimal effort.

PicWish Object Removal

Image name: picwish-object-removal

Image alt: PicWish Object Removal

Advantages of Picwish Object Removal

AI Efficiency: Quickly removes unwanted objects with precision

Versatility: Suitable for various image-processing tasks

Quality Enhancement: Improves image quality by unblurring and enhancing resolution

Bulk Processing: Capable of handling multiple images at once, saving time

Disadvantages of InPixio Photo Editor

Cost: Some users find the pricing a bit high

Free Version Limitations: The free version may not offer 4k quality downloads

Supported Devices: Windows/Mac/Android/iOS


Monthly Subscription: Starts at $5.99/month for 50 credits

Pay As You Go: Begins at $14.99/month for 300 credits

Annual Plan: PicWish Pro costs $29.99 per year

ProductProsConsPriceDevice SupportRecommended
iFotoOffers a wide range of editing tools and filters– User interface may not be intuitiveAvailable with subscriptionWindows, Mac, iOS,AndroidHigh
FotorUser-friendly interface and rich editing tools– Advanced features may require paid upgradeFree and paid versions availableWindows, Mac, iOSModerate
PixlrProvides online and mobile apps with powerful editing tools and layer functionality– Online version may require a stable internet connectionFree and paid versions availableOnline, iOS, AndroidHigh
CanvaMulti-functional online design tool with a vast collection of templates and assets– Advanced features may require paymentFree and paid versions availableOnline, iOS, AndroidHigh
BeFunkyOffers various editing tools and effects, supports one-click background removal– Free version includes ads, some advanced features require paymentFree and paid versions availableOnline, iOS, AndroidModerate
LunaPicProvides simple repair and cutout tools– Relatively simple user interface, limited functionalityFree and paid versions availableOnlineLow
PhotopeaPowerful functionality, similar to Adobe Photoshop– Online editing may require a fast internet connectionFreeOnlineHigh
Remove.bgFocuses on removing backgrounds from photos, simple and easy to use– Free version has limitations, high-quality output requires paymentFree and paid versions availableOnlineModerate
InPixio Photo EditorOffers various editing tools and effects, supports background removal feature– Free version has limited functionality, some advanced features require paymentFree and paid versions availableWindows, MacModerate
PicwishProvides various filters and effects, supports one-click background removal– User interface may not be intuitive, some advanced features require paymentFree and paid versions availableiOS, AndroidModerate

How to Remove Glasses from Photo in iFoto?

You can try adapting these steps to the features and tools available in iFoto:

Open the image: Launch iFoto and open the image you want to edit.

Add Photo to iFoto Cleanup Pictures

Duplicate the layer: Look for an option to duplicate the layer or create a copy of the image. This will allow you to work on a separate layer while preserving the original.

Select the glass area: Use the Brush Size in iFoto to carefully select the area around the glasses. This may include the frame and any reflections on the lenses. Ensure that your selection is as accurate as possible.

iFoto Brush Size

Remove the selected area: Once you have the glass area selected, search for an option or tool that allows you to remove or delete the selected portion of the image. This should eliminate the glasses from the photo.

Refine the image: Use any available tools in iFoto to refine the edited area. Pay attention to details like skin texture, color, and lighting to ensure a seamless result. You may need to use tools like cloning or healing brushes to blend the edited area with the surrounding regions.

Save the edited image: Once you are satisfied with the result, save the edited image in your desired format.


iFoto offers a seamless solution for removing glasses from photos, providing users with the ability to enhance their images effortlessly. Whether for personal use or professional projects, iFoto’s intuitive interface and advanced features make it a valuable tool for achieving desired results with ease. By leveraging iFoto‘s capabilities, users can transform their photos and achieve the desired look they envision. Say goodbye to unwanted glasses in your photos and hello to iFoto cleanup Picture, more polished image with iFoto.

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