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adobe background remover

Adobe Background Removal& Top 5 Free Tools for Seamless Editing

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Whether it’s a video or an image, Background is the foundation of every media you plan to upload. A good background can put the cherry on your cake, while an inappropriate background may disturb the whole engagement.

From product photographs to social media posts, every image and video seeks an appropriate background to grab the target audience’s attention. That’s why we consider background removal or alteration as one of the most important elements of image editing.

Now, as we thrive on editing the media, you might have the Adobe Background Remover in your mind. If so, we brought you an exclusive guide to uncover the potential of Adobe BG Remover and travel you through some exciting alternatives.

Let’s make image background removal count!

What is Adobe Background Remover?

Adobe Background Remover is one of the exclusive features of Adobe Express, known for brilliant templates and media editing capabilities. It’s a free BG remover that takes just a few clicks to remove, add, or edit the Background of your image.

When you click ‘Remove Background,’ all you see is a loading process and the final output in a few seconds. But if we look around behind the scenes, technologies like color-based segmentation, thresholding, clipping paths, AI, and Mask R-CNN are the actual players.

Let’s pick AI and Deep Learning algorithms for a better explanation! These algorithms work with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to classify each foreground pixel and differentiate it from the Background pixels. So, you can alter, add, or remove the Background without any noise and duplicate effects.

How do you remove the background with Adobe Background Remover?

As discussed above, Adobe Express is the platform to utilize Adobe Background Remover. It’s an ultimate image editor designed for high-end content creation and editing. Meanwhile, we need one feature, which is the BG remover, so let’s stick to it.

Download Adobe Express on your Desktop, Android, or iPhone, or visit the official website of Adobe Express. Regardless of the platform, it will ask for a quick signup that can be done using your Google, Facebook, Apple, or Adobe ID.

Navigate to Adobe Express

Try a Quick Action

The background feature falls under the quick actions of Adobe Express. Navigate to the “Try a Quick Action” section, where you will see five subsections: Popular, Image, Video, QR Code, and PDF. Keep the navigation bar on the ‘Popular’ tab featuring ‘Remove Background’ as the first option.

If you can’t locate the option, you can effortlessly search it in the search bar on the top right corner. Thanks to an interactive UI, Adobe Express makes everything quite convenient, so it will be easy for you to navigate the options.  

Adobe Background Remover

Upload the Desired Photo

Once you navigate the Remove Background option, click on it and unlock the new portal to upload the image. Adobe Express supports Drag & Drop and Browse on Your Device features for a smoother experience.

Choose the most convenient way for you and upload the best image quality for background removal. If you upload a blurred image, it may not recognize the pixels, resulting in poor edge detection.  

Upload the Desired Photo to Adobe Backbround Remover

Review and Download

All set. You uploaded the image you want to edit, and it’s time to hit the Remove Background button. It may take a few seconds to remove the Background and process your image to its original quality. After that, you can expect and review the output for proper background removal.

If everything is good to go, navigate to the Download button in the Gray color and get the image on your desktop for further use. Besides the Download button, you may see the Customize button in blue, capable of additional optimizations and edits.

remove the background with Adobe Background Remover

Free Alternatives to Adobe Background Remover

Undoubtedly, Adobe Background Remover is a capable option to remove Background and edit images. But it’s not the only option you have! Here’s a quick list of free background removers you can use instead of Adobe Express.

iFoto Free Background Remover

As the technology develops, AI adds precision and convenience to every digital task. iFoto Free Background Remover implies the technology to its best for background removal and edits. Despite being free software, it allows you to erase the background accurately and replace it with a more appealing one.

With industry-leading algorithms, iFoto Snap Background ensures instant isolation and flawless precision. Whether it’s hair or any fussy element, you can expect precise edge detection without compromising the quality.

iFoto free background remover


  • Isolate backgrounds instantly
  • Flawless precision for every type of image
  • Optimized for e-commerce
  • Cross-platform compatibility


  • Require signing in
  • Limited features under the free version

Pricing: Free Trail with 400 credits, $29.99 per month for 5000 credits


Unscreen tails the iFoto AI as one of the best alternatives to Adobe Express Remove Background feature. Not only does it remove backgrounds from the photos, but you can also use it for video and gif background removal.

The software supports formats such as mp4, .webm, .ogg, .ogb, .mov, and .gif; you can even paste the video URL. Surprisingly, Unscreen is 100% free and requires no technical knowledge for expected outcomes.

Unscreen background remover


  • Versatile compatibility with formats
  • Direct recording feature
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Lacks editing features
  • Loading may consume more time than expected
  • Full HD resolution and audio support need a subscription
  • The free version includes a watermark

Pricing: Free, Subscription from $1.7 per minute


Here comes another free alternative to Adobe BG Remover with more features and better algorithms. The Fotor holds pride in being an all-in-one design tool with an AI one-click background removal feature based on remove.bg.

In addition to BG removal, the software features various exclusive image background templates available for further customization. Whether it’s your ID photo or a product image, you can easily alter the Background of your desired image for free.

Fotor bg remover


  • Well-implemented AI algorithms
  • Rich in professional features
  • No signing is required
  • Upgraded Remove.bg


  • Slow image rendering
  • No support for video background removal

Pricing: Free


Despite being cross-platform compatible, most background removers don’t have any official app for iOS. That’s why we brought TouchRetouch software on the list specifically for iOS users. Fortunately, the software is available on the App Store as 2nd best app in the Photo & Video category.

With a 4.8/5 star rating, TouchRetouch is an incredible background remover and image editor. You can erase elements and backgrounds and crop the foreground or main image according to your needs. However, you may experience some ads and in-app purchases in the free version of the software.

TouchRetouch remove background for iPhone


  • Available on the Apple App Store
  • All-in-one image editing software
  • Extraordinary capabilities to erase and edit elements


  • Too many ads and in-app purchases in the free version
  • Restricted features for subscription

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases


Well, we understand that only some are iOS users, and Android users also deserve an ultimate background remover. Although there’s a glut of background removers on the Google Play Store, Erase.bg holds a separate reputation for its AI algorithms and ease of use.

It’s a free image background remover available on the Play Store and App Store and also as a web app for desktops. Unlike most alternatives, Erase.bg offers free credits monthly and allows you to export images of the highest quality without any subscription.



  • AI implementation
  • Supports up to 5000 x 5000px images
  • Multi-platform support
  • High-quality output
  • No sign-in is required


  • Slow image processing
  • Ads in the free version

Pricing: Free, Premium Plans from $0.10 per credit

How to Remove Background with iFoto AI?

In the above list, we have unveiled the features of the top 5 free alternatives to Adobe Background Remover. If we look at the pros, cons, and features, iFoto AI has the most justifying functionality for a free AI background remover. Let’s see how you can remove Background using the software!

Step 1: Visit iFoto AI

Start by visiting the iFoto app using Free Background Remover, which will take you to the BG Remover. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, the web app is highly accessible on every platform.

iFoto free background remover
iFoto free background remover

Step 2: Start Free Trail

As you visit the web app, you will encounter the “Start Free Trail Now” button at the first tab. Click the button, and it will open a signup window for you. Regardless of the type of account, it takes just a few seconds to sign in to Snap Background Remover.

Step 3: Access the Dashboard

Once you complete the sign-in process, you will get access to the exclusive iFoto AI dashboard. The dashboard possesses five different editing modules, including Fashion Models, Models Background, Recolor Clothing, Products Background and Remove Background.

While you can use any of the features, click on the Remove Background tab to access the background remover designed to serve your purpose.

ai background remover: upload image

Step 4: Select a Photo

In the Remove Background tab, you will see the “Upload a photo” button, allowing you to upload the image you want to edit. Not to mention a drag-and-drop feature is also provided for your convenience. Upload the desired image using the method you find more accessible and let it process for better quality. 

Step 5: Review and Download

No more wasting time! It automatically removes the image’s Background and provides you with a high-quality output in a few seconds. It’s your turn to review the output and ensure it meets your requirements. Additionally, iFoto online background changer offers different background options just a click away from you.  

ai background remover

Everything looks good? That’s the power of AI! Just click the Download button on top to get your image in your device storage. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the developers came up with competent tools to make ai background removal hassle-free. You have explored the process of Adobe Background Remover and five different alternatives to it, free of cost.

While Adobe Express is free and capable of BG Remover, you can go for AI-powered tools to generate better results. The best example is iFoto AI, which is designed for flawless precision and high-end background removal without breaking the bank.

No matter which software you use, always look for the value for money and the features before investing. Who knows, you get the best tool for free?

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