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AI Content Detector Tools

Top 10 AI Content Detector Tools For Individuals and Businesses

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Artificial intelligence is part of our lives now. We use AI tools daily to complete tasks that previously took days. AI tools are a force to reckon with in the modern digital business space, from creating new content to generating visuals for websites and marketing campaigns.

What is AI Content?

Simply put, AI content is text generated by AI tools or software based on the user prompt. Meaning that the tool relies on the prompt to create the content.

Usually, the language learning model scours the internet for information related to the main topic described in the prompt, summarizes it, and presents it as an article, report, or essay. The more detailed and comprehensive the prompt, the better the content output.

Though effective in helping professionals like you and me finish content creation projects faster, the quality of the content is a major concern. One of the main downsides of AI-generated content is that it lacks a human touch. It’s nearly impossible to connect with customers.

Like other modern tools, it is important to use them sparingly and compare the features to know if they suit your business and content creation needs.

What is An AI Content Detector?

To connect deeply with your target audience and generate leads and sales, you must stop taking shortcuts and invest in quality human-written content.

An artificial intelligence detector is a software that is designed to detect whether content is human-written or AI generated. One of the cues of AI content is that it lacks a human touch and creativity.

The sentences and choice of words follow a pattern and trend. Other factors that AI content detector uses to analyze and tell whether the content is human-written include repetition of words and phrases, the inclusion of inaccurate or outdated data, and sentence length

Here is an unbiased review of the top 10 AI content detector tools you can use to know whether your website content is human-written or AI generated content.

10 AI Content Detector Tools That Work On All Content Types

To stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly website ranking penalties from Google and other search engines, you must have a robust AI content detector tool in your content management arsenal.

We spent the last 3 weeks trying different artificial intelligence content detector tools. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you select the right one for your business.



CopyLeaks tops our list as the best AI content detector software today. One of the main highlights that give it an upper hand is the ability to not only detect the AI-generated content but also reveal the AI tool used.

Based on our experience using CopyLeaks to check five blog posts, two were AI-generated, two were human-written, and one was copy-paste from a website, we can confidently say it’s 99.56% accurate.

We were impressed by its ability to detect artificial intelligence-generated content, flag the article for plagiarism, and show the exact website from which we copied the content.


  • 99.56% accurate
  • It processed the content in real-time (2 seconds max)
  • 30+ languages supported
  • Analyzes content word by word, sentence by sentence, to detect patterns
  • Available as a Chrome browser extension
  • It has a plagiarism checker


  • The report is not user-friendly. We had challenges scrolling
  • You cannot upload a file, only copy-paste to the field, making it less convenient for doing quick scans


  • AI + Plagiarism detection – $14.17 per month
  • Plagiarism detector – $9.17 per month
  • AI content detector – $8.33 per month
  • We recommend paying annually instead of monthly to save up to 16%.



Writer AI content detector is another top-rated tool that we tested. One of the things that stood out is that it offers not just AI detection feature but also writing assistant, quality monitoring, and backlink checking.

You don’t need to create an account or subscribe to the packages to use Writer AI content detector. However, you will be prompted to upgrade if you need additional services like writing assistance and content quality monitoring.

The tool grades the content to help you determine the probability of the content being human-written or AI-generated. The higher the score, like 98% human written, the better. It means that only 2% of the content is AI-generated.

Note that writer.com AI content detector can only check 1,500 characters per scan. The scan takes less than 5 seconds. If you need to check bulk content, you can upgrade and add up to 5 team members to check up to 500,000 words per month.


  • Grades the content
  • You don’t need an account
  • The report is easy to understand
  • It is ideal if you are looking for a free AI detector tool


  • You can only scan 1,500 characters of content per scan
  • No free plagiarism checker


  • Team – $18 per month/ up to 5 users
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing



GPTZero is a decent AI content detector that is best suited for scanning short-form content. The accuracy drops significantly when checking 1,500+ word content.

Like other tools, GPTZero analyzes the sentence structure to detect patterns and repetition of words. It also works by reverse engineering the content to determine whether it can generate similar content using a prompt.

Based on the features and our first-hand experience, we feel that this AI content detector is mainly targeting students and tutors. Content agencies can also use it to tell whether content supplied by writers is human-written.


  • Free version available
  • The website is user-friendly and accessible on mobile
  • The batch upload feature allows you to check multiple files at a go
  • Available as a Chrome and Microsoft Word extension
  • Generate an accurate report in seconds.


  • It supports only one language (English)
  • It doesn’t save results


  • Basic Plan – Free/ up to 10,000 per month
  • Essential Plan – $10 per month/ up to 150,000 words per month
  • Premium Plan – $16 per month/up to 300,000 words per month



If you are looking for a free AI detector for essays and articles, ContentDector.AI is an ideal choice.

Like CopyLeaks and other top-rated AI content detectors, ContentDetector.AI analyzes the content to identify AI generated sections and reveals which tool the writer or student used.

The report is a percentage of the probability of the content being AI-generated. The higher the percentage, the higher the likelihood that the content was generated by an AI tool.

Some AI content creation tools we noticed ContentDetector.AI is good at detecting include Chat GPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4.  It’s 100% free, and there is no limit on the number of words and scans you can perform daily – use it as much as you want at zero fee.


  • Free unlimited checks
  • Checks detect the most recent AI language models like GPT-4 Turbo
  • Unlimited word count per document scanned


  • Compared to Copyleaks, the report is not detailed
  • Low accuracy score (36% average)
  • Limited customization for feedback and analysis of content


  • FREE

Content @ Scale

Content @ Scale

As AI content generation tools become sophisticated, you need a robust AI content detector that can accurately differentiate between AI content and human-written content.

Content at Scale AI detector is an advanced tool that you can count on to pinpoint whether content submitted by a writer or student was written from scratch or with the help of an AI tool. It detects the AI-generated text and also shows which tool was used.

We experimented with content generated by Chat GPT 4, Claude, and Bard during our tests.  Its detection accuracy ranged from 84% for long-form content and 93% for short-form content. You can use it to scan essays and blog posts before publishing.

The report has four metrics: Overall, Predictability, Probability, and Pattern. Text detected as AI-generated is highlighted to assist you in editing before publishing.


  • User-friendly and saves time.
  • Provides a visual representation of the fake and real content
  • Free scanning option for up to 2,500 characters


  • Low accuracy
  • It doesn’t detect plagiarism
  • No URL scanning capability


  • Free plan/ 2,500 characters per scan
  • AI detector pro plan- $49 per month/up to 50,000 characters per scan

Winston AI

Winston AI

Winston AI is another popular AI content detector that prides itself on having over 500,000 users across the globe.

One of the notable aspects is that it’s ideal for students and website content developers or owners. It detects content and grades it based on the probability of being machine-generated. It also goes a step further and also detects plagiarism.

Before publishing an article, you can check for AI content and plagiarism.


  • Free sign up
  • It has an additional plagiarism checker feature
  • You can print and share the report
  • You can upload different document formats (MS Word, PDF, and scanned images)
  • It uses optical character recognition technology to detect whether images are AI-generated
  • 97% accuracy


  • No URL scanning option
  • No API access
  • Only supports French and English


  • Free plan – up to 2,000 words per scan
  • Essential plan – $12 per month
  • Advanced plan – $19 per month



Originality.AI prides itself on having one of the most advanced AI content detection capabilities. It runs on the latest OpenAI language model, making it ideal for students, journalists, web designers, publishers, and website flippers.

It has the ability to detect content generated using ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and other AI tools like Jarvis. In 2 out of 3 tests, the Originality.AI report was above 94%. We also noticed that the accuracy dropped below 89% when checking long-form Chat GPT-4 content.


  • Ability to scan an entire website for machine-generated content
  • Available as a Chrome extension
  • User-friendly
  • Also detects plagiarism and provides a readability score


  • Currently, you can only use it to check English text
  • No free trial
  • Low accuracy for content from advanced tools


  • Pay-as-you-go – $30 one-time fee/3,000 credits
  • Base subscription – $14.95 per month/2,000 credits



Sapling is a new artificial intelligence detector tool designed to flag content generated using Chat GPT-3 and ChatGPT.

The tool’s database is continuously improved to enhance its ability to detect content from advanced AI tools. However, we noticed that its accuracy score ranges between 65% -70%This score is quite commendable, considering it’s a new tool.

Sapling checks content for AI using two methods: overall probability and per-sentence analysis. Both methods are refined to detect patterns, unnatural usage of words, use of jargon, and data accuracy.

The detected text is highlighted in different colors based on the probability, with 100% being the highest probability.


  • User-friendly – no prior experience is required to run checks and analyze the reports.
  • Ability to detect specific sentences that are AI-generated
  • Runs on the latest AI language models


  • Low accuracy – its accuracy drops as the length of content increases
  • Only browser-based
  • Low word limit – 200 words


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan – $25 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing



CrossPlag is an AI detector tool that you can use to know whether content is machine-generated or human-generated.

Despite the not-so-good reviews online, we appreciate the fact that CrossPlag can check documents written in 100+ languages. The website states it has access to more than 70 billion website articles and 300 million documents.

It detects AI content by checking the uploaded file against the documents and articles in its database. It also uses the RoBERTa language model to analyze the text and generate a probability percentage score.

Its average accuracy score is 97%. It’s ideal for checking short-form and long-form content.


  • 100+ languages supported
  • High accuracy of 97% average
  • User-friendly and easy-to-understand report


  • Can’t scan URLs or domains
  • It can be manipulated by adding commas, changing punctuation, and intentionally making spelling errors.


  • Free plan – 1,000 words max
  • Premium -$9.99 per month



ZeroGPT is not different from other AI content detector tools reviewed above. One of the highlights is its ability to detect Chat GPT 4-generated content. It can also detect any content generated using tools running on OpenAI language models.

This artificial intelligence detector runs on DeepAnalyze technology, enabling it to differentiate between original and AI-generated text in seconds. The website is user-friendly and supports 50+ languages.


  • Multilingual support (over 50 languages)
  • Accurate detection (98% average)
  • Easy to use
  • Most aggressive AI-detector so far


  • Sometimes, human-generated content is highlighted as AI-generated


  • Free – up to 15,000 characters per detection
  • Pro Plan -$6.99 per month /up to 50,000 characters per detection
  • Zero Compromise Plan – $8.49 per month/up to 100,000 per detection

Tips to Avoid AI Detection

In 2024 and beyond, we expect to see significant improvements on how AI content detectors work. It will be difficult to beat these tools, but not impossible. Here are five proven tips on how to avoid AI detection.

Use Conversational Prompts

AI content detectors use reverse engineering to determine if the content is machine-generated. They use the content generated to analyze sentences and words for patterns and unnaturally punctuation.

You can avoid AI detection by using conversational prompts instead of generic prompts. For example, you can prompt the tool to write the content using a friendly tone, as if it’s giving advice to a friend or colleague. Indicate it should use a conversational writing style and include personalized examples.

The goal is to add a human touch to the content by altering the conventional ways that the AI content tools structure the sentences.

Use AI Writing Tools With AI Detection Capabilities

Unlike before, there are modern tools that you can use to run AI checks on content generated before publishing.

One such tool that is used globally by content creators is Agility Writer. But there are many other options. Compare and contrast the features to find one that best suits your needs. It’s also recommended to check the content generated with other AI content detectors to be sure it’s undetectable.

Use Rewriter Tools

Rewriting content generated by ChatGPT and other similar tools is another way of avoiding detection. Tools like undetectable.ai are effective in turning AI-generated content into human-written content in seconds.  

If you decide to use them, proofread the rewritten copy before publishing to be sure the data is accurate and free of grammar errors.

Write Sections Separately

One of the common mistakes that results in AI detection is using AI tools to write the whole article in one instance. Doing so results in the tool using an easy-to-detect pattern of sentences, words, and flow of ideas.

Get undetectable AI content by prompting the tool to create content in sections. Each section should be created separately and using its own prompt. Add nuances and sentence variations to make it more difficult for AI content detector tools to flag it.

Personalize the Content

As mentioned earlier, one of the main challenges of AI content is that it lacks a human touch, making it difficult for the readers to understand and respond to the content. Personalize your AI content by adding personal experiences and anecdotes.

According to the recent Google content guidelines, E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness), content that has examples ranks better than generic content that offers little value to the readers.

By applying this hack, you will kill two birds with one stone, avoid AI detection, and improve your content ranking on Google.


Which AI content detector is best?

Copyleaks is the most accurate and reliable AI content detector. It is user-friendly, supports more than 30 languages, and has additional features like a plagiarism checker. Its packages are competitively priced to suit your budget.

Can Google detect AI content?

YES. Google has one of the most sophisticated content analysis algorithms. It can detect AI content by analyzing patterns, user behavior, and other statistics.

How effective are AI detectors?

Yes. Different AI detector tools have varying accuracy scores. Copyleaks has the highest accuracy score of 99.56%.

What makes AI content detectable?

Pattern and sentence structure are two main factors that AI content detector uses to determine whether the content is human-written or machine-generated. AI content lacks creativity, is mundane, difficult to understand, and the flow of ideas is not natural.

How how do AI detectors work?

AI detectors use reverse engineering to detect AI content. Based on the content input to the tool, it generates prompts and content to determine patterns.

Is AI content detector accurate?

No, even the best AI content detector, Copyleaks, is not 100% accurate. Compare the accuracy scores to find the best tool. The higher the accuracy score the better.

AI Photo Editor: iFoto

AI Background for Products

iFoto is an AI-powered online photo editor that offers a range of tools for editing and enhancing images. It includes features such as AI fashion models, online background changer, face swap, clothing recolor, and photo enhancer. The platform is designed to help users improve the quality of their images, remove unwanted elements, and generate professional-looking photos for e-commerce purposes. With millions of users and a user-friendly interface, iFoto is a popular choice for creators and businesses.

AI-Powered Photo Editing Tool For E-Commerce And Creative Editing

  • AI-powered photo editing with advanced features
  • Instantly remove backgrounds and generate new ones
  • Tailored for e-commerce and professional product photography

Final Thoughts on AI Content Detectors

In the last two years, AI technology has gained massive traction across the globe. There is literally an AI tool for anything you can think about, from creating websites, content, and even images.

These top 10 AI content detection tools will help you avoid detection and get maximum ROI from AI writing assistants. Go for an AI detector with a high accuracy score, user-friendly, affordable, and secure.

Check reviews posted by other users to get a clear perspective of how it works and use the free plans offered to test it first-hand before upgrading. Good luck!

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