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Free deepfake maker to swap faces in videos online to anyone you like!

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AI Face Swap Online for Videos

Virtually insert yourself and others into your favorite characters, superheroes, or even erotic stars by using AI face swap in movies, TV shows, anime, or video clips to create your own unique film.
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GIF Face Swap Online Free

Face swap GIFs have become the latest trend in digital expression, adding a humorous twist to the ever-popular GIF memes. These face swapped GIFs offer a fun and creative way to reimagine classic memes, entertain your friends, and liven up your chats.
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Become Sexy Icon in Videos

Experience the thrill of seeing yourself in bikinis, alluring outfits, or even as your favorite celebrities and influencers - all without leaving your home. AI Face Swap video tool allows you to create stunning deepfakes and endless virtual try-ons.
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How to face swap a video online for free?

Step 1

Upload A Video or Clip



Upload a video or clip as the target video.
Step 2

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Upload a photo of the face you want to swap into the target video.
Step 3

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Preview the video or clip and share it with the world!

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