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Como alterar o plano de fundo no iPhone (2 maneiras)

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With the revamp of lock screen customization in iOS 16, Apple introduced a feature that allows you to select a rotating set of pictures for your wallpaper.

You have the flexibility to choose from available wallpapers, use your photos, experiment with different colors and styles, add a personal touch with emojis, and even integrate widgets. For those with iOS 16 or a newer version, you can elevate your experience by creating an effortlessly switching between diverse wallpaper designs, each with its unique vibe.

Method 1: Change the iPhone Wallpaper to the Lock Screen or Home Screen Directly

  1. Open the Settings app and select Wallpaper.
  2. Choose “Add New Wallpaper“.
  3. Opt for Photos, People, Photo Shuffle, or Live Photo to select your image. Alternatively, you can pick a wallpaper from categories such as Weather & Astronomy, Kaleidoscope, Emoji, Unity, Pride, Collections, or Color.
  4. If desired, you can further customize your wallpaper. Then, tap “Adicionar“.
  5. Select “Set as Wallpaper Pair” to apply your choice to both the Home Screen and Lock Screen. Alternatively, tap “Customize Home Screen” to create a distinct Home Screen wallpaper that you can modify.
Change iPhone Wallpaper

Change the wallpaper from Lock Screen

  1. On the Lock Screen, touch and hold to open your wallpaper gallery.
  2. Swipe left and right to choose from wallpapers you’ve already created.
  3. To add a new wallpaper, simply tap the Add button.

Note: Ensure that you’ve already set up Face ID on your iPhone. To change your wallpaper from the Lock Screen, Face ID needs a clear view of your eyes and the surrounding areas.

Method 2: Use iFoto AI Background Changer to Replace iPhone Background

Trocador de fundo do iFoto is a versatile tool designed to modify and enhance the backgrounds of images. With this application, users can easily change, edit, or replace the background of their photos. The software offers features like adding new backgrounds, adjusting colors, applying filters, and refining the overall composition of the image. iFoto Background Changer is particularly useful for creating visually appealing and customized photos by seamlessly altering the backdrop, providing users with a user-friendly platform for creative photo editing.

3 Steps to Changing Your iPhone Wallpaper

  1. Upload the picture to Trocador de fundo on-line do iFoto
  2. Choose one of the styles of background you like or customize a solid background directly
  3. Download the HD picture to your iPhone

Note: iFoto Support PC、Android e iOS Version.

Easy right?! Certainly! iFoto is a comprehensive photo editing application that offers a range of features to enhance and modify your images. Some of its key functionalities include:

  1. Melhorias de IA: The AI Photo Editor uses intelligent algorithms to automatically enhance and optimize your photos. This includes improvements in color balance, sharpness, and overall image quality.
  2. Remoção de fundo: Using advanced AI algorithms, the editor allows for precise and automatic background removal, giving users the flexibility to replace or modify backgrounds with ease.
  3. Modelo de moda de IA: The application includes a generated fashion model mode that changes the portrait’s facial features, improves skin tones, and creates professional-looking woman or male fashion models through AI-based adjustments.

Whether you’re using the default wallpaper on your Apple iPhone or looking to create high-quality wallpapers with iFoto, you can give it a try. You can even use iFoto to craft a variety of mobile backgrounds, allowing you to change your phone wallpaper every day!

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