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Generador de vídeos con IA: el futuro de la creación de contenidos

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When you watch a video, you watch a clip of a specific duration, like five minutes. But have you ever wondered how much time it took during the production? Video production takes proper scripts, footage, editing, uploading, promotions, and more.

If you also want to produce videos for your business, you may have a time-consuming process in mind. Let’s cheer you up! Fortunately, thanks to intelligent video-generating tools, you can snap your ideas into an informative MP4 video.

This article explores the most productive text-to-video AI tools and helps you choose the best AI video generator for your project. Before we proceed, a quick travel through what AI video maker is will soothe your curiosity. Here you have it!

What is an AI Video Generator?

AI video generators describe themselves as software capable of producing a video using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. Although AI is the primary technology behind the scenes, these tools incorporate other technologies, including Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning.

If we dig deeper into their functionality, AI models work like an engine managing all the processes throughout the video generation. A generator may utilize models like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Variational Autoencoders (VAEs), Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTMs), and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks (3D CNNs) based on its development.

Most video generators work with text-to-video AI functionality, where you can provide prompts and have a video produced. However, some advanced AI tools also accept other input data such as images, short video clips, and audio files to generate the video output.

10 AI Video Generators to Kickstart Your Video Production


When it comes to AI video generation, síntesis leads every list with its versatility and productivity. This text-to-video AI generator features over 60 video templates and 140 AI avatars for an ultimate video production experience.

The AI avatars are customizable and represent your prompts for the video in over 120 languages. Besides the AI avatars, you can access micro gestures to make characters wink, nod, or raise eyebrows according to the scenes. Even if you don’t have a script for your video, the tool offers an in-built AI scriptwriting function to give you a kickstart.


  • Supports extreme customizations
  • Compatible with 30+ integrations
  • Dedicated Synthesia STUDIO for UX/UI optimizations
  • Trusted by 50000 companies like Reuters, BBC and Amazon


  • Only supports 1920 x 1080px videos
  • Restricted pricing plans

Precios: Free Demo Available, $29 per month for starter pack (10 minutes of video)

Synthesia ai video generator


With over 7M users in 190+ countries, Invideo is an award-winning AI video creator designed to streamline your media game. The software has an exclusive range of more than 5000 pre-built templates available for customizations with drag-drop-replace actions.

While the tool allows you to record voiceover for the video, you can also utilize its AI text-to-speech functionality and add custom audio to your video. Invideo is a multi-user compatible software where you can add your video editing team and enable them to work together in one place.


  • Professional video editing elements
  • 5000+ customizable templates
  • Single click shortcuts
  • 8M+ stock media


  • Watermark in the free version
  • HD video exports need a subscription
  • Complicated pricing

Precios: Free, from $15 per month for business plan

ai Invideo generator


Trusted by global leaders like Intel, Hyundai, Accenture, and Proton, Deepbrian AI is an all-in-one video generator. It’s a multi-lingual TTS-supported tool that allows you to create AI videos in over 80 international languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and German.

Furthermore, you get access to a selection of 100+ licensed AI avatars that support 55+ languages and gestures. If you’re looking for a custom avatar, you can consult the sales team and get an enterprise-ready AI avatar based on your project.   


  • Support to 80+ global languages
  • Best-in-class AI avatars
  • Easy to access as no sign in required
  • 3D Digital Metahuman as AI chatbot


  • Too slow and can take up to 5-7 minutes for video generation
  • Very few pre-built templates
  • Lack of customization options

Precios: Gratis

Deepbrain text to video ai

Hour One AI

Hour One AI is a beginner-level AI video generator with an elegant dashboard and straightforward functionality. It’s a self-service video editing and generating platform with 30+ AI characters and supports 19 global languages.

As businesses have custom UI kits, Hour One features a Brand Kit option, enabling the creators to utilize their brand color palette. You can take a free trial of a 3-minute video for free and may proceed with paid plans starting from $30 per month if you like the software.


  • Unique Brand Kit option
  • Scalable plans
  • 27 video templates


  • AI avatars may sound quite robotic
  • No option to change fonts
  • Too many glitches in the editor

Precios: Free for 3 minutes of video, $30 per month for paid Subscription

text to video ai

Steve AI

Here comes another reputed AI tool to convert text to video like it’s a dream! Steve AI is an exclusive software offering end-to-end AI video generation solutions to meet project requirements. Keeping everything aside, text-to-video generation is not the only functionality it has.

Unlike most generators, Steve AI allows you to convert your blogs and audio clips into a comprehensive video using AI. It is also proud to be the only AI video generator with numerous customizable lip-syncing avatars. That’s why Steve AI is the choice of leading brands such as MacDonald’s, Visa, Gsk, and Standard Chartered.


  • 100+ lip-synching AI avatars
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • Support multiple prompts
  • High-quality video generation


  • No free trial
  • Missing multi-lingual support

Precios: From $15 per month for Basic Plan

Steve ai tool to convert text to video


Need to avoid those animated AI avatars in your videos? VEED is a sophisticated AI video maker for professional videos and marketing content. Thanks to features like Auto-Resizing and Subtitles, you can build a video for any platform and publish polished videos every time.  

It’s not just an AI video maker. Instead, VEED is an ultimate videography solution offering screen recording, editing, and customizations. As a result, it is a primary video partner of famous brands such as Meta, Hublot, P&G, and Google.


  • Multiple resizing options
  • Supports images, stickers, annotations, and live collaboration tags
  • Screen recording and editing
  • Supports Auto and Manual subtitles


  • Limited AI avatars
  • Free templates are below-average
  • Complex UI needs some practice to understand
  • Watermark in the free version

Precios: Free, $18 per month per user

VEED ai tool to convert text to video


Team collaboration starts with Kapwing! Kapwing is a fast, responsive, and productive AI video generator known for its real-time multi-user compatibility. Being a versatile video maker, it offers a shared space for your brand assets, such as custom templates and brand kits.

Kapwing utilizes the GPT-4 technology, which takes a quick prompt to generate, edit, and update your video. Whether you want to trim the video or denoise the audio, Kapwing has got you covered! That’s what made it famous among brands like Dyson, Spotify, and NYU.  


  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Efficient text-to-video functionality
  • Shared space for brand assets


  • Lack of pre-loaded templates
  • No multi-lingual support
  • No AI avatars

Precios: Free, PRO plan starts from $16 per month for one member

Kapwing free ai video generator


As we reached this far in searching for a perfect AI video generator, you might wonder how AI made video generation so smooth. Visla continues the legacy as an easy-to-use AI-powered tool that transforms text, blogs, audio files, and images into a comprehensive video.

Like Kapwing, it also integrates GPT-4 to access your prompts and process them for video generation. Even if you don’t have a script for your video, GPT-4 can generate one for you and use it to create the video for your project.


  • Integrated GPT-4
  • AI-powered script writing
  • Accurate video output
  • Supports text, blogs, audio files, and images for video generation


  • Lack of templates
  • No AI avatars are available
  • Lack of customization options

Precios: Free up to 50 minutes of video, Premium plans from $24 per month

Visla free ai video generator

Fliki AI

Presentando Fliki AI as the most versatile AI video generator on the list! Whether you want an e-commerce product explaining video or an Instagram reel, Fliki is worth trying. The credit goes to its multi-lingual compatibility and video resizing options.

How far can you see the capabilities of a video maker? Fliki is beyond every vision as it can convert any idea, blog, PPT, tweet, and avatar into an AI-generated video. Besides this, more than 2000 text-to-speech voices are available in 75+ global languages.


  • Professional video generator and editor
  • Extreme capability to generate AI videos for every platform
  • Convenient script-based editor
  • Millions of stock media


  • No information about pre-loaded templates
  • Missing AI avatars and related customizations
  • Free version only supports low-resolution exports

Precios: Free, Subscription starts from $28 per month

ai video maker


Powered by OpenAI, OpusClip gives a perfect ending to our list with incredible features and video generation capabilities. The software goes with the trend of AI video clips, leading to YouTube Shorts, IG Reels, TikTok, and Snapchat.

As it looks like, it creates short video clips using the complete videos instead of generating full-length content. OpusClip auto resizes the clip to a 9:16 ratio and supports custom brand kits, 1080p exports, and multiple languages for free.


  • Best features in the free version
  • Pro-quality templates
  • Team account available
  • Efficient integration with social media platforms


  • Cannot generate full-length videos
  • Only support a 9:16 ratio for videos

Precios: Free; Plan starts from $19 per month

OpusClip ai video maker

Comparison Table — The Battle of Industry’s Leading Video Generators

NombrePreciosMejor para
síntesisFree Demo Available, $29 per month for starter pack (10 minutes of video)Versatile content creation with custom AI avatars
InvideoFree, from $15 per month for a business planTeam collaboration and informative content creation with multiple languages and engaging elements
Deep brainGratisAI avatar-based videos
Hour OneFree for 3 minutes of video, $30 per month for paid SubscriptionSelf-service video editing and generating
Steve AIFrom $15 per month for Basic PlanAI-powered videos with AI avatars
VEEDFree, $18 per month per userProfessional videos and marketing content
KapwingFree, PRO plan starts from $16 per month for one memberTeam collaboration and AI-generated videos
VisaFree up to 50 minutes of video, Premium plans from $24 per monthProfessional videos with informative elements
Fliki AIFree, Subscription starts from $28 per monthEvery kind of video in any aspect ratio
OpusClipFree, Plan starts from $19 per monthVideo clips for social media

Which is the best free AI video generator?

Deciding on the best AI video generator is challenging when you have incredible tools on the list. Although every software has its pros, cons, and unique functionalities, it would be great to consider a tool that gives you access to modern features for free but without leaving a watermark.

Henceforth, we recommend Deepbrain as the best free AI video generator. It’s a versatile tool that offers numerous AI avatars, multi-lingual support, and a 3D AI chatbot for free. Moreover, you don’t need any sign-in to access the tool and can create videos for your project without any watermark.

One thing you must know is that the UI of Deepbrain sounds overwhelming and may cause glitches during the video creation. Meanwhile, it should be fine if you have a device with powerful hardware and the latest software update.

Final Thoughts — Make AI Art Generator Your Best Friend in Success

From content creators to e-commerce entrepreneurs, an AI video generator can be a perfect companion to success for every person in business. Not only does it save time, but it also allows you to offer unique and more engaging content to your target audience.

The Deepbrain may have won the battle of text-to-video AI generators, but it doesn’t mean other tools are not worth trying. As free alternatives, you also have Fliki AI, OpusClip, Kapwing, and Visla with specific features.

Use the perfect tool that meets the requirements of your project and excites your customers with content they have never seen before!

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