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How to Change Color for Variant lmage with iFoto

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To help merchants quickly change color for variant image, we’ve put together a comprehensive video and graphic tutorial on using iFoto. We hope you find it helpful.

Before You Start:

  • Register and log in to your account on the iFoto website or app.
  • Select color-changer function.

Step 1: Upload Image

  • The most critical point is to ensure that the picture is high-definition and meets the photo requirements:
  • Upload the image to iFoto.

Step 2: Edit Clothing Area

After uploading the image, you need to click the choose clothing area to recolor button to select the clothes that need to be changed.

  • Use the editing tool to accurately define the clothing area on the uploaded image.
  • After selecting, click Confirm.

Step 3: Choose the Color

  • Drag the color wheel to select the color you want to change, or select the color by uploading a color card. It also provides contrast drag adjustment for brightness.

Step 4: Optimize Edges

  • After dragging the color on some clothing, there will be a problem that the edge color is not transformed. At this time, you can click the edge optimization button to optimize the color change effect with one click.

Step 5: Download

  • Click the download button to save the output image. To download high-definition images, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription.

How to Take High-Quality Clothing Input Images

To ensure the best results when using iFoto, follow these tips to capture high-quality images of clothing:

  • Good lighting: Use natural light or studio lighting to avoid shadows and highlight the details of the garment.
  • Clear Background: Shoot against a plain background to focus on the clothing.
  • High resolution: Use a high-resolution mobile phone or professional camera to capture clear and detailed images.
  • Stable shooting: Use a tripod to avoid blurry images.
  • Flat Lay Tips: When photographing clothes laid flat, make sure they are smooth and have no wrinkles or twists.

Excellent commercial cases

  • Case 1 –  Change clothing color
  • Case 2 –  Change sofa color
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