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AI Fashion Models

Experience AI-generated lifelike virtual fashion models. Instant transformation from single clothing images on fashion mannequins to a variety of on-model professional looks.

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Generate Diverse AI Try-on Models

With just a few clicks, create a series of stunning, lifelike AI generated models, offering customers an immersive and visually captivating shopping journey.

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AI-Generated Backgrounds

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How to create stunning looks with AI fashion model generator?

Step 1

Upload product photos



Upload images of your fashion garments on either a real person or a mannequin.
Step 2

Pick your AI model



Select the AI fashion model that best represents your brand.
Step 3

On-model photography



Create synthetic fashion photography effortlessly with our AI fashion models.

Changing AI Fashion Models for E-commerce

Transforming on-model photography with a 90% cost reduction using AI fashion model generation. Boost retail success efficiently and affordably.

Swap Face Models

Get AI generated models based on gender, ethnicity, age, expression, makeup and more

Change Backgrounds

Remove and change image backgrounds with AI to standardize your store's visuals

Mannequin to Model

Showcase clothing on models without the hassle of going through booking real models

100% Automatically

Enjoy a more streamlined and sustainable AI-powered process from design to wholesale

AI fashion models for E-commerce

Unrestricted Access to Royalty-free Virtual Fashion Models

Discover perfect virtual models in iFoto's diverse AI-generated portfolio, tailored for your E-commerce fashion experience. Enjoy the freedom to choose without licensing restrictions. Showcase outfits on AI-generated male and female models within minutes—effortlessly switch different types of fashion models based on gender, ethnicity, age, expression, makeup, and more. Distinguish your store and reach new audiences with unique, hyper-targeted AI fashion models.

types of ai models
virtual model
Ai generated clothing model
Ai generated girl
Ai girl generator
Ai generated fashion model
ai fashion model
ai generated models
ai models
virtual mode
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Royalty-free AI Virtual Fashion Models

Effortlessly Transform Backgrounds for Striking Lifestyle Photos

Enhance your E-commerce visuals by seamlessly changing photography backdrops. Elevate standard studio shots into captivating editorials using AI background with just a click. This innovative feature ensures a swift and hassle-free process, empowering you to create eye-catching and unique lifestyle photos with fashion backgrounds that resonate with your audience.
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ai generated fashion background

Elevate Everyday Shots to Professional Excellence

Turn your everyday captures into stunning product visuals that resonate with your customers. Empower your E-commerce presence by transforming ordinary snapshots into beautiful, high-quality product images with studio-quality backgrounds, ensuring a visual appeal that captivates and engages your audience.
Embrace the future of AI in fashion and join visionary brands that rely on iFoto’s innovative AI features. Create AI-generated models, change backgrounds, enhance image quality, and more in iFoto.
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Your Questions, Answered.

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For mobile and web

On the web or on the go, create wherever inspiration strikes. It’s flexibility and design power, always at your fingertips.

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