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The best deepfake face swap generator. Use AI to seamlessly swap faces in any photo you desire.

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AI Swap Faces in Snap

Just 3 steps to easily complete the photo face swap by leveraging deepfake AI. No matter what photo it is, iFoto will try its best to replace the face with the one you want.
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Deepfake Face Swap

Deepfake Face Swap allows you to experience life as the opposite gender by refacing faces. This lets you explore different physical appearances and gain a new perspective.
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Safe & Free Face Swap

Our user-friendly platform allows you to seamlessly swap faces in any video for free. Your results are fully private and your data secure.
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How to swap face online for free?

Step 1

Upload Your Photo



Begin by uploading the photo you wish to edit as the source image. For optimal results, make sure the image is clear and well-lit.
Step 2

Swap Face with AI



Select an image to use for the face exchange. Pick from preset photos or upload any image to replace your face in the photo.
Step 3

Edit and Download



Generate and change the face online in seconds. Preview the result and save your face-swapped photo with ease.

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